Dieter 2003-11-18 17:03:35
Would any of us (i.e. those on guard duty) have noticed Jileeza getting surprised?
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-18 17:14:59
Indeed - Arnae, Aurelia, and Reyes are out of it for now, but those of you left over either see it out of a porthole or someone comlinks you.
Dieter 2003-11-18 17:34:15
And that's when I shot 'em. ;)

I'll be heading over to help Jileeza, blaster pistol in hand.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-18 19:00:17
Za beat the Gran by a meager 1 point, both to break free and to avoid his followup attack. But, beating is still beating.

Wayde going to try to shoot the guy in the back?
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-18 19:26:11
'Twas a sloppy hit, but the damage more than made up for it. :)

Most of you would know that blaster fire will draw attention that you don't want at this juncture. Just sayin', if you're hanging around just expect someone to come calling and plan accordingly.
punkey 2003-11-19 00:53:02
Nah, we're gone. Anything that we notice that we might want to get working on?
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-19 01:26:44
Nope, that last post was Aurelia's O.K. as far the ship went. I assumed someone's checking the cargo bay too - that's empty as well. In flight, I figure you can go over the thing with a fine-toothed comb but at first and second glances it's ship-shape.
CrazyIvan 2003-11-19 03:34:49
No docking bay doors to worry about, right?

And oh yeah, weapons check! What's this crate armed with?
CuteMotherFucker 2003-11-19 06:47:43
Whatever it is, we can't use them until Reyes gets another slicing kit, right? Better take extra attention avoiding hostiles.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-19 07:02:57
Righty-o - the weapons are offline until someone fixes 'em. You could get them going by your next planetfall; it was designed to be a temporary setback; avoiding people on a belly turret blasting dock security or whatnot.

As for types of weapons, there's a belly turret, a top rear turret, and a light blaster cannon mounted before the "neck" of the ship. The light cannon won't do much against anything larger than a starfighter. Both the other turrets can be manned normally, or fixed to fire forwards, controlled from the cockpit.

Questions for you guys now:
1. What're you going to name it?
2. Where are you hyperspacing to?
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-19 08:15:45
Whatever Punkey makes up for the previous name of the ship is fine with me. :) I can make one up, but I'm kinda... not good at it. You get things like the Golden Womprat and the Flying Tantor.

Noone's making you go get tibanna gas; if you were, however, Bespin/Cloud City is an out-of-the-way tibanna facility. It's still held by the Empire, although chances for bribery are good seeing as it's far removed from the civil war. As you probably know, Bespin is a gas giant whose atmosphere naturally spin-seals tibanna, making production excessively cheap. It's just Cloud City's remoteness that prevents it from being super-lucrative.

Erit and Zug both know of Gamodaan, a mesa-spattered planet whose large flat plateaus are separated by massive tracts of rainforest. It used to be a preserve for the Ithorians until tibanna and such was found in the lower swamps and the Ithorians were run out of power by corporate types and crimelords.

Basically, you've got two choices for tibanna: underworld or Empire.

If you're not going after tibanna, that's fine too. I can make up some planets or find existing ones that'll fit the bill for wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do.

Gulgo the Hutt, I think I said before, has his base of operations on Sullust. Sullust has a dead, poisonous atmosphere (except to Sullustans, I'd wager). Its inhabitants live in great tunnels beneath the surface... kinda like Mars in Total Recall. Sullust is mostly pro-Rebellion, although not as much as places like Mon Calamari.
punkey 2003-11-19 10:09:53
I guess we should go get some gas to make up for the load that we kinda blew up.
Dieter 2003-11-19 14:48:19
I'm in favor of bounty hunters coming after us. Either way, we'd still have to pay off Gulgo so why should we make it easy for him to get his payment?
CuteMotherFucker 2003-11-19 16:06:44
If we were to burn and pillage a town, the incident would be known for years as "The Attack Of The 50 Foot Slug" :)

I opt for not pissing off Gulgo any more than he is already.
fanchergw 2003-11-20 01:35:14
Jileeza has an odd sense of humor. "Illicit" implies "naughty", and she figures most of what they're likely to do falls in that category. Besides, they can always claim to be some kind of "Love Boat" / galactic brothel as a cover, if questioned.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-21 17:47:04
I'm a dumbass. IP, you wrote up Maddock's ship in your background and I've completely ran over it. I guess we can:
1. Forget about the Rusty Dagger
2. Work it in so you've lost it; it becomes another goal besides "get tibanna for Gulgo" or "fry Gulgo's Hutt ass", which I'm still not sure which one, or both, you guys are pursuing. Maybe Gulgo has your ship as part of your particular debt.
3. Do a Wayne's World time travel thing and just say that the Second Chance is actually a Rusty Dagger, and you didn't win it in a card game after all - you stole it from a Gran?
Dieter 2003-11-21 18:02:34

Quote: from admiralducksauce on 11:47 am on Nov. 21, 2003
I'm a dumbass. IP, you wrote up Maddock's ship in your background and I've completely ran over it.

I think "dumbassitude" is an inherant problem with the PbP format. I don't think you can stop it from occuring. It just happens.

It also is good to see I'm not the only GM who has fallen victim to it. ;)