Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-10-31 21:55:50
I need to know from Wayde, Za, and Arnae: are you trying to negate an attack or two from the airspeeder through pure speed and reckless driving? Also, will you try to contest the upcoming attack or hope they simply miss?

The rest of you - I gather Mak will be blasting the crap out of the airspeeder when it flies by again. Anyone else?
Dieter 2003-10-31 21:59:55

Quote: from admiralducksauce on 3:55 pm on Oct. 31, 2003
I need to know from Wayde, Za, and Arnae: are you trying to negate an attack or two from the airspeeder through pure speed and reckless driving? Also, will you try to contest the upcoming attack or hope they simply miss?

Question 1: Yes, faster and furiouser
Question 2: Yes, I'll be contesting the attack.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-01 16:05:52
Arnae and Wayde made both their "faster and furiouser" check, as well as the contest vs. the airspeeder. Unfortunately, it managed to hit the landspeeder. Nothing too bad, though - losing one engine out of 3 isn't so bad.
fanchergw 2003-11-01 23:43:14
Jileeza will redline between strafing runs. When the ship comes around she'll slow to something a little more stable so the boys can line up their shots. She'll drive pretty smooth until just before the ship's blasters draw near, at which point she'll carve off suddenly to one side.

[Not sure about that 'contest' stuff, so thought I'd just write it out and let you interpret.]
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-03 21:09:01
Gulgo the Hutt isn't on Rodia, of course - just the hired help meant to take the tibanna from you. Gulgo's "lair" is on Sullust (homeworld of Lando's copilot, Nien Nunb), so paying him a visit would involve getting a new ship. Good thing you're at a starport, albeit a backwater one. :)
Dieter 2003-11-03 21:54:32
I think we're resourceful enough to steal another ship. Hell...we could probably get one at least as decent as the one we just wrecked. ;)
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-04 23:14:53
Speaking of which, what's the plan? Most people don't walk up to you and offer to sell you a starship.

Hurdles in your path:
1. Most captains and crew are loathe to give away their ship.
2. You don't have enough money to outright pay for one, at least not one that you would want.
3. Stealing a ship includes slicing in and modifying or deleting transponder codes/ships records... basically the license plate and registration need to be deleted (untraceable=good, but also means instant suspicion) or changed (best way, but more difficult). "Legitimate" ship transfers would do this without the slicing/hacking. Of course, it doesn't matter if you stay out of places where anyone would -care- that you're flying a stolen ship. Or steal it from someone who themselves would be in trouble if they reported their ship stolen. :)
fanchergw 2003-11-04 23:49:19
I would say, first sell the speeders if they can, including 'Za's damaged one. Then, check around the spaceport to see what ships are there, and get an idea of who's legitimate and who's not. Also get a feel for security, particularly by ship's crews.

Steal a ship from some other space pirates preferably, as they're essentially "competition". Plus, less questions that way. If they have to steal a ship from someone respectible, then wipe the registration first to get off-planet. Once they're gone, they should have time to whip up something that looks reasonable.
Dieter 2003-11-05 01:20:07
1) Let's see how much we can get for our vehicles.
2) See what the going rate is for starships
3) If its too much (which I'm pretty sure it will be), we'll steal from whatever looks the easiest. I highly doubt most tramp freighters would be able to take on seven highly motivated mercenaries. Couple that with Wayde's use of squad tactics, I'd say it won't be that difficult.
Gatac 2003-11-07 16:56:00
I find it interesting that Wayde's able to read Erit that well, considering that Ithorian faces are quite unlike those of your typical humanoid.

Then again, he's a merc. He's got to know it. The question is, have the bar patrons picked it up too ?

Dieter 2003-11-07 16:58:46
Well, ordering water at a bar is the first indication that your purpose for being there isn't just for drinking and wenching. If you don't wanna drink, at least pretend that you do. ;)
punkey 2003-11-07 19:17:48
This place is totally backwards, so I imagine it wouldn't be too terribly difficult to slice in and obtain some ship ID codes. Then again, they could be super-paranoid because they're in the middle of nowhere, so they could have the thing locked down tighter than the NSA.

And as for Reyes, he's naturally paranoid. Comes with the job. :)
Dieter 2003-11-07 19:35:19
Hell, if this place is as backwater as it sounds, we'll probably be able to break into a ship using a pair of pliers and crowbar.

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Dieter 2003-11-10 14:34:34
What's the seating arrangement at the table and who is Zug sitting across from?