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Re: IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2

Gatac updated in IC 2 - Amsterdam - Day 2 on 2017-06-24 06:12:42
While Mason makes a discreet retreat to change out of his courier outfit and Tim gets his own disguise on, Blake's only a short stroll away from the church. Foot traffic is moderate, mostly people from the nearby train station Zuid enjoying the sunshine and checking out the shops in the Amsterdam World Trade Center. By contrast, Thomaskerk is the kind of drab "modern church" building you'd only recognize as a place of worship by the peculiar arrangement of its roof and a small sign outside. Exactly the kind of place where you wouldn't notice a dark blue van parked in one of the spaces across the street.

The van inside is cramped with electronics and Laith's stowed wheelchair in the back; Lucy is chilling on the passenger seat up front and cranes her head over the center console to look at Blake with a kind of nonchalant "Hey, dude" expression, while Laith is in the driver's seat with a laptop on his, well, lap and a headset hooked over his right ear. Blake can't help but notice the discreet tray for a pistol underneath the dashboard, nor the pistol therein.

"Close the door," Laith says as he hooks the Stingray to the laptop and works some magic. "Well, that's 80%."

Blake doesn't have to ask what Laith is talking about, because Laith helpfully goes on to explain it.

"One thing they did right was not put their security system on the house comms network, they've got an internal service network for that," Laith says, rotating the screen so Blake can get a glimpse of a live network scan. "The emergency services line is patched through their POTS, though, I can see the interface - just plain voice line. So we can intercept hardline calls going out, and the Stingray takes care of cell phones, but we can't intercept internal alerts to the front desk - or control the door locks. Check this out, though."

He pulls up a set of what Blake considers increasingly inaccurately named "blueprints", a wireframe model of the tower's base architecture with a wiring overlay. "Fourth floor," Laith says, pointing at a room where an awful lot of wire trunks seem to converge. "Internal server room. If we could get in there, we could control cameras and door locks - including the emergency exits. Fire alarms and elevator controls don't seem to be networked at all, though, they've got their own dedicated systems. Anyway, fat lot of good it does us if we can't get into the server room, right?"

Right. But Laith isn't done pointing.

"Check this out," he says. "Aircon for the servers. The duct isn't nearly big enough for a human, but we don't need to get a human in there, do we."

We don't?

"The black backpack in rack #3," Laith says. Blake retrieves said item, and opens it to find a small Pelican case inside. "You may have heard of those kids playing with homebrew drones based on the Jumper design. Well, CIA has the biggest kids around. That's a ruggedized milspec minidrone. Wired, which might seem like a step back from the commercial stuff, but it means zero EM profile and the battery pack stays with the operator, making for a lighter and nimbler drone. It's got everything on board to climb up the side of a server cabinet, defeat whatever crappy little lock they have at the front, and plug itself into a network or USB port. I can compromise the system from there, and then, bingo, we can get you and Mason into the building without ever showing up at the reception desk."

Sounds great, but -

"The bad news is, well, fourth floor aircon duct," Laith adds. "It doesn't go inside the building, it heads straight out from the server room. So you're gonna need to climb four stories, wedge yourself close to the vent, cut a hole in the metal big enough to fit the drone through, then guide the drone in - and preferably back out. It's got a fry charge that'll melt it to slag if we have to abandon it, but I'd prefer to get to use it more than once."

Laith grins that 'Of course I sit in the van while you climb the building, can't you see I'm missing a leg' grin.

"So," he asks, "think you can handle that?"


Gatac updated in Wiki on 2017-06-24 04:01:09
Hoi Yan Ng
CIA analyst for the South Asia desk. A young professional in all meanings of that word, Hoi Yan colors within the lines, does everything right and is 100% reliable. A bit uncomfortable when thrust into the spotlight and very much a proponent of the by-the-book approach, she nonetheless knows her shit and impresses with how she always seems to be doing what needs to get done.

Waylon Marsh
Often derisively called “the last cowboy” and not particularly well-liked for it, CIA Deputy Director Marsh is a relic, but a useful one. In his tenure in the Clandestine Services, problems were usually solved in the back corners of dive bars, and he prefers “having an understanding” and shaking hands to the cold, military mindset that seems to be infecting the CIA these days. He’s definitely one to keep away from young agents as he’s seen the seedy underbelly, moral compromises and most of all the uncertainties of Cold War espionage up close, but he’s the closest thing to a man with principles you’re liable to meet in this line of work.

Your "Wildcard" handler. Beyond that, who the hell knows?

Laith Sy
Laith Sy, Lieutenant US Navy (ret.) , was a promising Cryptographic Officer with ambitions on an NSA job when a motorcycle accident led to a compound femur fracture, costing him most of his right leg. Medically retired from the military, Sy was snapped up by the CIA for their Technical Services, where he has since branched out from numbers to bullets.

Laith's therapy dog, adopted from a little old lady who could no longer take care of her. She has a goofy and excitable personality, but above all she is loyal to Laith in a way only dogs seem able to be.

"The Dane"/"Uncle Egon"
"Eccentric" Danish expat and retired safecracker. Though advanced in age and no longer spry enough to actively participate in larceny, the Dane takes pride in his skills and provides all manner of services for gentleman thieves, whether it's equipment rental, training classes or even consulting - for "entertainment purposes only", of course.

Another Expat, though with far murkier origins, "Randall" is a known quantity in certain circles when it comes to investigations of arson and other unsavory incidents, running an independent lab and workshop to investigate politically sensitive matters for the Dutch government and other well-chosen clients.

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

e of pi updated in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2017-06-22 18:41:20
"Copy that, Samal," Luis says. "We're pushing through to keep the pressure on them. Let us know if we need to clear your lanes."

Re: The Kingdom - Born on the Bayou

Gatac posted in The Kingdom - Born on the Bayou on 2017-06-22 12:27:18
Martin looks at Ozzy, and his whiskers droop.

"...I wish I was in the mood for jokes," he says. "But you're right. We've got no time to waste now. We must work swiftly to secure the other piece. Whether it holds a cure or not, it must be destroyed before it wreaks more havoc."


Gatac updated in OOC on 2017-06-22 11:10:24
For summarizing the situation nicely before I had a chance to and creatively throwing shade at Google Translate, I'm granting Ross a 2-point Refresh on a general ability of his choice.

EDIT: Redeemed for Surveillance!


Gatac updated in Wiki on 2017-06-22 11:10:19




  • Architecture 1
  • Human Terrain 2
  • Languages 2
  • Military Science 0/1

  • Bullshit Detector 1
  • Flirt 1
  • Interrogate 1
  • Intimidate 1
  • Reassure 1
  • Streetwise 2
  • Tradecraft 1

  • Chemistry 2
  • Data Recovery 1
  • Electronic Surveillance 1
  • Notice 2
  • Outdoor Survival 1
  • Photography 1
  • Urban Survival 2

3 points in reserve!

  • Athletics 8
  • Conceal 2
  • Cover 10
  • Driving 4
  • Explosive Devices 4/6 (MOS)
  • Hand-to-Hand 8
  • Health 9
  • Infiltration 5
  • Mechanics 0/2
  • Network 15
  • Sense Trouble 9
  • Shooting 5
  • Stability 7
  • Surveillance 6
  • Weapons 5

2 points in reserve!


Drive: Mystery. Why go to all the trouble to set up the bombings? Blake needs to get to the bottom of this, no matter what.
Symbol: Poetry, the only way to express what's behind Blake and what's ahead of him still.
Solace: Mama. Still keeping a light on for the son who's going everywhere but home.
Safety: Tibetan Monastery. One summer in college, Blake found something he didn't even know he was looking for up in Tibet. If he had to run...really run, it seems like the only place it could end.
Trust: Tim 3, Luc 3, Mason 1


skullandscythe posted in OOC on 2017-06-22 10:10:17
Worse, it's Google Translate Dutch! Like Dutch Chocolate, it's not bad, but it doesn't taste like the real thing. ;P

Plan is the same: call girl sets the charge in the toilet, it gets water everywhere, you go in to 'clean up' and steal the briefcase. This going on right now? This is the setup for all that.

Three people on the phone, last I checked: said call girl (important), Laith the Company man with the cute dog (important), and the pothead Mason was just talking to (not very important).

As for what Tim's doing...well, securing some kind of quick exit for yourself would be good, in the (likely) event the op goes pear-shaped with you in harm's way. I'd say using Architecture and 1 point of Preparedness would do that, but I'd consult with Robert on that. There's also probably going to be Chinese agents afoot - you could try looking out for them, even (perhaps!) thwart them.

Hope that helps!