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Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

punkey posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2019-09-18 20:44:13
It’s not a long walk from the docks to the 815 annex, but that doesn’t stop Garrett and Ngawai from taking it at a brisk pace. After all, there’s a few extremely important things waiting there for them.

”Wave hello to your mother and father,” Swims-the-Black purrs to Naloni, gently waving her hand at Garrett and Ngawai as they walk into the briefing room.
“Hey there,” Garrett says as he picks up Naloni in his gauntleted arms. “How are you? Were you good?”
”She slept most of the way here,” Swims replies. ”I am out of milk for her, though, and she will probably want to eat soon.”
“Well, mommy is here now,” Ngawai says, and gives Swims a hug. ”Thanks for looking out for her.”
”It was my pleasure, I assure you,” Swims says, his fur rolling a pleased green. ”She is very cute, and one cub is much easier to care for than three.”
”I know that you were sidelined for a lot of Afghanistan, and I’m sorry about that,” Garrett says.
”Please, I owe you thanks for keeping me out of that Narsai’i pile of scrofa dung,” Swims says. His red and orange fur says the rest. ”Banishing me to spend time with your daughter and avoiding the brunt of the Narsai’i paranoia and stupidity is no punishment, trust me.”
”Still, we’re looking to do some precision kill work coming up, and I figured you’d want in on that,” Garrett says as Ngawai picks up Naloni and gets her started on her finger.
”Anyone in particular?” Swims-the-Black asks.
”Paul and Bello are drawing up target lists and putting together a briefing, but...we were thinking of making a big splash,” Garrett says. ”We need to make a big statement about what the 815 and the rest of this alliance stand for and are capable of. So, probably a dozen targets, simultaneous execution, and...I was thinking, maybe even make a holo to widecast afterwards. Put out there exactly how bad these people were and show us stopping them cold.”
”We never do dream small,” Swims chuffs. ”I’m in, of course.” Swims nods to Naloni, who’s currently trying her best to track the conversation with her eyes as she sucks on Ngawai’s finger. ”And who will be staying back to take care of Naloni?”
“Well, I was thinking I would stay -” Ngawai starts.
“I thought I could coordinate from here -” Garrett says simultaneously.
Swims chuckles. ”It sounds like you should have talked about this beforehand.”

Garrett and Ngawai look at each other for a moment. “There’s no way I could ask you to go out there if you don’t want to,” Garrett says.
“I know you’ve been worried about not being there enough for her, I won’t make you feel like that,” Ngawai adds. “ of us needs to go.”
“You stayed behind for Hedion, it’s only fair that I stay back -” Garrett starts.
“Forget that, I didn’t have a choice in the matter,” Ngawai says. “They need you out there running the show.”
“I could do it from here,” Garrett says.
“Only for 5 minutes at a time,” Ngawai counters.
Garrett sighs, and they both look at each other for a moment. “Are we really arguing about who doesn’t get to go out there and kill some really bad people?”
”And they say parenthood doesn’t change people,” Swims-the-Black says.
“I’m not...afraid to go out there,” Ngawai says.
“Neither am I,” Garrett replies. “I just...I missed her. When we were on the route to and from the Eye, I couldn’t stop thinking about finally getting to spend time with her.”
“Same,” Ngawai says. “But with all these targets in the air…”
“Tell you what,” Garrett says, digging in a gear pouch on his armor. “I’ll flip you for it. Call it in the air. Winner stays behind and runs coordination from here.”
Ngawai smirks. “Fine. Next one is on the loser, then.”
Garrett smiles back and gives Ngawai a peck on the cheek. “Sounds fair to me.” He balances the lat coin on his hand. “Call it.”
“Tops,” Ngawai says.

(1d2 = 2, Ngawai wins)

The coin rings loudly as Garrett’s armored thumb flips it into the air. He catches it one-handed and slaps it on the table, revealing the head of Vidas Lam.

“Tops it is,” Garrett says, and sighs. “I can’t believe I’m actually sad about having to go out into the field.”
”Just means you’re a good father,” Swims-the-Black replies, wrapping an arm around Garrett’s shoulders.
“If that’s the case…I think some family time is in order before I have to head out,” Garrett says. “Paul said they’d need a few hours, and I’d rather spend that time with my family.” Swims-the-Black starts to let go of Garrett, but he holds onto the Wherren’s back. ”You too, big guy.”
Swims is awash in green and yellow for a moment before he can calm his fur back down. ”...well then. I suppose debriefing Paul can wait.”
“It definitely can,” Ngawai says, shifting Naloni so she and Garrett can both hold their daughter.

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

punkey posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2019-09-16 11:06:14
Zaef nods. "And nothing is as satisfying as a bit of revenge."
Brinai smirks. "I remember a time not too long ago where you upbraided me for meting out justice to the oppressors, Garrett. My, how times change."
"Times haven't changed, but tactics have," Garrett says. "Above all else, this needs to be clean. The message needs to be clear. Setbacks will not stop the 815 and the Bashakra'i from protecting those that need it and delivering the harshest possible punishment to those that deserve it - and that we can tell the difference between the two. Only the targets die, no one else."
Ngawai looks Hale's way. "You've been awfully quiet. Does that satisfy your sense of...sympathy?"

Hale glowers at Ngawai. "I do not feel bad for these...these people -"
"Really?" Ngawai asks.
Hale opens his mouth, then closes it and takes a deep breath. "Perhaps I do, but...I still remember thinking that what we were doing was right and necessary. It's not a bad thing to want to give people a chance."
"I think the ones we'll be going after will be well past that," Garrett says.
"Indeed," Brinai says with a nod.'
"You want some real bastards to kill, there's plenty out there," Paul says. "I'll get with Bello to finalize the list, and Onas and I will put together sitreps. Give us a few hours?"
Garrett nods. "I think we can all find things to do."

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

Gatac posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2019-09-14 18:06:01
Hug'sh's fur turns purple at the thought of committing to leaving his family behind once again, but then red enters the fight and seems to win after a brief struggle. What the Imperium has done...he watched it all on his holos, helpless to stop anything, and he's had to keep it together and be the adult in the tent for entirely too long.

"We may not get justice," Hug'sh comments. "But I'll settle for satisfaction. Let's remind them why they fear us. I'm in."

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

e of pi posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2019-09-10 01:36:50
"Sometimes it's been quite the opposite, really," Luis says. "I'd be down for reminding the Imperium that they're not safe and keep them worried about what's lurking in the hall closet even if they have a foothold here, and those sound like prime targets."

Re: Jade Imperium OOC 1

punkey posted in Jade Imperium OOC 1 on 2019-09-09 19:46:25
Okay! Law school is finally at a regular manageable pace, and I can keep the game rolling. Thanks for your patience.

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

punkey posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2019-09-09 19:45:52
Brinai looks to Paul and Onas and raises an eyebrow.
"Well, I'd...I'd have to talk with Bello," Paul says.
"And this is all kind of short notice, there's a lot of different planets that could use some attention -" Onas adds, covering for his husband.
"Yes, but, I think that..." Paul huffs a quick breath. "Ibash has a ring of corrupt administrata that have turned the planet's industria into their own little corrupt cabals. There's a few border worlds that we've been trying to influence that the local Oduns have become oppressive and violent in attempts to keep us out. Imperial strip mining on Aikoro has stepped up in the wake of consolidated Imperial control after your last visit there, and the locals aren't happy about their mountains having their tops chopped off. Any of those would be a good place for a few strategic assassinations, or all of them, if you feel up to the task."

Garrett nods his head. "I mean, we have this team for a reason..."
Ngawai smirks. "Since when has biting off more than we can chew backfired on us?"

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

Admiral Duck Sauce posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2019-08-31 15:36:18
"Embarrassment of riches there," FTE says. "But find the intersection of 'send a message', 'vendetta', and 'strategic blow' and I'll bet the list narrows a bit."

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

punkey posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2019-08-30 07:04:31
Ngawai looks at Garrett. "There's the thing we've been talking about. This would be a good time for that, yes?"
Garrett nods. "Yeah, you're right." They both look back towards the team. "We've been doing a good job stealing things and blowing things up, but how do you all feel about some wetwork instead? Targeted assassinations, low casualty. It'd be a good counter to the ravliars talking about the Narsai'i as indiscriminate killers."
"Exactly, we prove that the 815 and Bashakra'i are very discriminating in who we kill," Ngawai says with a smirk. "Get a few targets, take them out simultaneously." She looks to Brinai and Onas. "There's got to be a planet somewhere that could use a good Imperial housecleaning."

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

Gatac posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2019-08-28 04:56:32
"Hmm," Hug'sh says. "How about we send a small team through the Akwhela's Wheel, which should by all rights be one of the most secure locations in the galaxy, use their own secret gateway to Narsai and then do a mission right under their noses?" He grins. "Oh, wait, you already did that. Come on, tell me more about it. Then we can figure out how to capitalize on it."

He holds out the leaf wrap, but seeing as there are no takers, he shrugs and chows down on it himself.