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Summary: Chief Petty Officer Leonard Weldon Blake (you don't want to call him by that, trust me) is a man of many hats. He's served the Navy as a munitions technician. He's resolved hostage situations and removed warlords, both with extreme prejudice, as a SEAL. His work with ONI has involved deep cover infiltration and discreet surveillance with very thorough reports. With commendations, letters, and a few medals to show for all of the above, it is safe to say that Blake's greatest talent is being whatever we need him to be - as long as he can be a little reckless, too.



  • Architecture 1
  • Human Terrain 2
  • Languages 2
  • Military Science 0/1

  • Bullshit Detector 2
  • Cop Talk 1
  • Flirt 1
  • Interrogate 1
  • Intimidate 1
  • Negotiate 1
  • Reassure 1
  • Streetwise 2
  • Tradecraft 1

  • Chemistry 2
  • Data Recovery 1
  • Electronic Surveillance 0/2
  • Notice 1/2
  • Outdoor Survival 1
  • Photography 1
  • Urban Survival 2

  • Athletics 8
  • Conceal 2
  • Cover 10
  • Disguise 3
  • Driving 2
  • Explosive Devices 3/8 (MOS)
  • Hand-to-Hand 8
  • Health 8
  • Infiltration 5
  • Mechanics 2
  • Network 15
  • Pilot 5
  • Sense Trouble 9
  • Shooting 8
  • Shrink 2
  • Stability 6
  • Surveillance 8
  • Weapons 5

1 Build point in reserve


Drive: Mystery. Why go to all the trouble to set up the bombings? Blake needs to get to the bottom of this, no matter what.
Symbol: Poetry, the only way to express what's behind Blake and what's ahead of him still.
Solace: Mama. Still keeping a light on for the son who's going everywhere but home.
Safety: Tibetan Monastery. One summer in college, Blake found something he didn't even know he was looking for up in Tibet. If he had to run...really run, it seems like the only place it could end.
Trust: Tim 3, Luc 3, Mason 1


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The Jade Imperium of a Thousand Worlds

1984: A US research station in Antarctica discovers a bizzare artifact frozen in the ice, guarded by a dangerous biological entity. The armed search and rescue team that arrives later excavates the artifact and transports it to the Mesas Negras Army research facility in Arizona, where it undergoes intense, top-secret testing.

Two decades pass before research teams discover how the object is powered. Dedicated conduits from the nearby nuclear power plant are connected to the underground research labs.

2007: The Mesas Negras Gateway is activated, creating a short-lived portal to a hospitable planet calculated to be 30-some light years from Earth. Plans are set in motion for remote probes and then a manned mission.


Active Team Members
Inactive/Former Team Members


Organizations and Locations

Tabletop JI Info (useful for reference, but not canon storyline)


Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

Admiral Duck Sauce posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2019-07-08 19:30:07
Front Toward Enemy moves to leave with its quad. It thought Harsani's speech was ironic, how the man attempted to separate the Imperials from the Chinese when it was the Imperium's exploitation and so-called alliance that led to the attack in the first place.

This was just the Internet writ large, and writ real. Antagonism without consequences. The railguns protected the Chinese from retaliation, else they never would've had the balls to pull the trigger.

"Yeah," FTE agrees with Hale. "Don't feed the trolls."

Re: Shadow Warriors

Admiral Duck Sauce posted in Shadow Warriors on 2019-07-03 17:37:42
"The yokai is anchored to what remains of Ikishi, and her resistance fails even as we speak," Toshiba says, almost from nowhere. "It seeks fresh qi, and wants Himiko's at the very least. It is the pebble casting the shadow. In other words, cut off the head, the body dies."

Toshiba looks around. "I could follow Matsumoto, unless I am better served doing another task?"

Re: Shadow Warriors

Gatac posted in Shadow Warriors on 2019-07-03 17:19:47
"This will hopefully be the last time we greet your father with battle plans," Kirika says.
"Yes," Yukio says.

As the cloud of dust of dust before you rolls to a stop, the man riding up front is unmistakably Aotaka Matsumoto. Though dressed in a plain riding kimono, his retainers bring with them a second horse loaded down with his armor and a plethora of his personal weapons. One can only imagine what he thought he needed all that for when he packed for the confirmation festivities, but this is hardly the time to question his logistical decisions. He's barely off the horse when he gets down to his knees into the dust and bows deeply to Yukio.

"Empress!" he barks. "I received your summons. My men, my blade and my life are at your disposal."
"...father..." Yukio whispers, then takes a breath and steels herself. "Very good, Lord Matsumoto. Tell your men to report to High Lord Shira with all haste, he is coordinating the defense."
"It shall be done!" Matsumoto says. He rises to one knee and bows his head again, this time to Kirika. "Shadowguard! There are others with me who wish to place themselves at your disposal."

As he speaks, you see the people not in Matsumoto colors dismount. There's Olafsen - now sporting a ponytail and an eyepatch, Karla with a worryingly big axe, Ramma dressed in his Lightwatch outfit sans mask. But most of them are actually the Imperial Sharpshooters in their Hanse-inspired military uniforms, led with casual ease by Feldwebel Aramaki. Riding next to them is Major Von Schneider in his best gold-buttoned uniform, his exotic gonnes secured to the side of his horse.

"Hello...everyone," Kirika says, not sure who should be addressed first from the crowd of dangerous people she had helped over their journeys. "I thank you all for coming so quickly." She bows to them. "You will all be needed this day."
Karla gives a low chuckle as she weighs her axe.
"Feldwebel Aramaki!" the Major shouts. "Bringen Sie die Maenner in Stellung und melden Gefechtsbereitschaft!"
"Ja-wohl!" Aramaki answers in half-decent Hanse.
The Major nods down to Yukio. "Meine Verehrung, eure Hoheit," he says. With clipped, strained words, he struggles out a single phrase: "Love live the Emperor." Another nod and he's off, never dismounting.
"Looks like we're gonna be good on putting holes in people," Ramma comments as he watches the Sharpshooters march off. "Speaking of, who are we fighting?"
"Spectral undead lead by a yokai animating a porcelain form powered by Lady Ikishi's qi," Kirika replies.
"About a thousand of them," Yukio adds.
Karla's face twists into a wild, wide grin.
"You don't do things by halves when you make enemies, do you?" Ramma asks.
"I heard the Gungnir is here," Olafsen cuts in. "Where is it?"
"In the lake," Kirika replies. "Our armorer has made some upgrades."
"...upgrades?" Olafsen spits. "Armorer?!"
"It is now mounted with a catapult capable of flinging explosive barrels a great distance, armored against gonne attacks, and considerably faster than before," Kirika says. "It can now outrun any ship and blow up both ships and buildings without taking a scratch."

Olafsen stomps off wordlessly. Clearly, to his mind, his ship was perfect as is, and he's going to have to have words with whoever's responsible for the modifications.

"Ah, don't mind him!" Karla laughs. "He may have sworn off piracy but he'll always have a weak spot for that old bucket." She's looking, for lack of a better word, healthy. Probably still not as stout as she once was, but her escape from Sarano's mansion has clearly worked in her favor.
"I had heard that his new accessory is your doing?" Kirika asks, and gives Karla a hug. "What happened? How are you doing?"
"I'm great, thanks to you," Karla says, holding her axe out to the side as she returns the hug. "And don't worry about the eye. He actually lost that years ago, but he was so vain he used to wear an expensive glass eye in there. Now that he's an ex-pirate, though, he decided he had to look the part." She shakes her head. "What is it with men and all their frippery? I rode next to Major Von Schneider and he almost blinded me every time the sun hit his uniform. Where that man finds the time to polish his buttons, I have no idea."
"How else will they show off to other men?" Kirika laughs. "But I and Olafsen..."
"I bedded him, if that is what you're trying to say," Karla says.
"Oh, I bet you did," Ramma says, earning a side glare from Karla. "I mean, that's what I heard."
"That's what you heard," Karla repeats. "On a farm. In the middle of nowhere."
" travels fast these days," Ramma says. "You're not exactly...anonymous around these parts."
"It was just surprising, given the givens," Kirika says.
"I guess," Karla says, obviously not seeing what a big deal this is. "I'm gonna get something to eat, if you don't need me right now. We've been riding hard since the morning and that damn bird caught us on our rest stop before we could get a fire going."
"Actually, I have something special for you and Olafsen," Kirika says. "When Yukio and I are away from Toshi - I mean, the Emperor, I would like you both to be his guards. When we return you can rejoin the fight, but I would feel better with you both watching his back when we cannot."
"Oh," Karla says, weighing the axe a bit more. "That's...that's very important, and a great honor. Of course." She thinks for a moment. "I mean, suppose some of them flanked the defenses and snuck in."
"They will send their biggest, ugliest, and fiercest monsters against him," Kirika says. "And if they are at the walls, we will be with him and you and Olafsen can go and have fun."
"It's a win either way," Yukio adds.
"Quite," Karla says. "I'll see you after the fight."
Kirika turns to Ramma. "How do you feel about killing whatever seems most important?" she asks. "You know better than I what to strike, I trust your judgment."
"You got it," Ramma says. "Homestead's doing well, by the way."
"Didn't need saying," Kirika replied with a smirk. "Like I said, I trust your judgment."

She looks around. "Where is that damnable High Lord Nikochi?"
"Woah!" Ramma says. "One, never heard of him, two, since when do you speak that way of High Lords?"
"You would too if you met him," Kirika says. "Love, have you seen him? He was supposed to be here."
"I've not seen him," Yukio says, "but were I to hazard a guess, I would check the wine cellar."
Kirika looks towards the entrance to the castle's cellar, then back to Lord Matsumoto, preparing his collection of arms and armor, back to the cellar, then back to Matsumoto-sama, and groans. "Damn him," she mutters, then puts on a smile and walks to greet Lord Matsumoto. "Matsumoto-sama," she says with a bow.
Matsumoto immediately bows deeper. "You flatter me, Kamura-dono," he says. "News have reached me that you are now Emperor Toshiro's Shadowguard. Congratulations are in order."
"I think some degrees of respect transcend class or rank," Kirika says, taking Yukio's hand. "What is your assessment of our situation?"
"That depends," Matsumoto says. "Have you faced these creatures before?"
Kirika nods. "They are mostly dead flesh and animate forms, but can be dispelled by disrupting their forms. Alternatively, usually destroying the head or heart - whichever it has - will break the magics holding it together."
"Right," Matsumoto says. "I should like to test that theory. Let me take my riders and attack their flanks. We will see how difficult they are to kill on their own, but more importantly, we will see whether these beasts fight with any semblance of strategy or simply march to their doom."
"Only as a testing maneuver to guide them into our archers and gonne-soldiers," Kirika replies.
"Naturally," Matsumoto says. "What greater waste of cavalry than to let them get stuck on an objective." He nods to Yukio. "We shall ride through them and report back."
"Thank you, father," Yukio replies. Only the tightness of her grasp on Kirika's hand betrays her nerves.
"Now," Kirika says, "the final piece of the puzzle. One very drunken High Lord."


It's quite easy to locate Nikochi in the wine cellar, vast though it might be - just follow the singing. And what a beautiful singing voice it is! Of course, coming from a disheveled High Lord lying on a particularly nice, cool part of the stone floor diminishes its beauty slightly. As you approach, he flails his arm widely in an attempt to get up, though all he accomplishes is knocking over the little jug of sake next to him.

"Em-press!" Nikochi slurs. "Are the the party starting?"
"If by party you mean 'invasion of undead soldiers and evil yokai', then yes," Kirika replies as she stands over Nikochi.
"Hah!" Nikochi laughs, flailing a bit less wildly for the sake, apparently unaware it has all been spilled. He seems to realize that after a few seconds, though, and then his wild eyes jump to look up at Kirika. "You're serious?"
"I am," Kirika says. "We are very much in need of counsel and magic that attacks whatever forces animate the undead. Something like this could make people take a High Lord of Magic and Demons seriously."
"...could even save the day," Yukio says, catching on.
"Yes!" Nikochi yelps, a fire lighting in his eyes. With a snip of his fingers, he literally springs up from the floor and onto his feet. He wobbles forward a step, then holds up a finger and turns around. You don't see what he snorts, but a few moments later, he heaves up a clear liquid that he spits onto the ground. When he turns back around, he looks...together. "More of the magicks you saw underneath Lady Ikishi's mansion, no doubt!" Nikochi says. "Shadow magic is very dangerous, you know," he continues, strolling around and scanning the cellar as if seeing it for the first time. "Yes...yes, this is the place." He turns to look at Kirika. "I need all the paint you have and a few handymen to help me. If we don't get started on the protection sigils now, we might have someone shadowwalk right past the walls outside." He looks to Yukio. "...I assume you're taking care of putting people on those walls?"
"...yes," Yukio says, still wary and untrusting of whatever it is Nikochi does.
"Then get to it!" Nikochi says, turns to look at Kirika and then quickly looks back to Yukio, bowing his head. "Um...I am beyond sorry to impose such a menial task on you, your majesty, but I've more business with Kamura-kensei to take care of before she strides to battle."
Yukio narrows her eyes at Nikochi, but then looks to Kirika. "If he turns you into a frog, I will be very upset," she says.
Kirika gives Yukio a peck on the cheek. "Not as upset as I will be, love."
Yukio returns the kiss. "I'll send a few soldiers down to help." She turns and hustles up the stairs.

Kirika watches Yukio go, then turns back to Nikochi. "All right, High Lord, what is this you want to do?"
"You've interacted with apparitions of your family, correct?" Nikochi asks.
"Correct," Kirika says with a nod.
"I felt about your enchantments when you sought me out after the encounter at Ikishi's," Nikochi says. "If you are going to do battle with more of these creatures and be exposed to all that, we need to make sure that nothing unpredictably happens. For this, we need to speak to the one who created the Kamura clan enchantment in the first place." The weight of Nikochi's words sinks in. Kouhei Kamura, sword-saint, alchemist...dead for the better part of a millennium. And Nikochi wants to talk to him?
"Uh...okay," Kirika says. "I don't know if this will work, but..." Kirika draws her sword, checks her distances from the walls, closes her eyes, and focuses on Uncle Kouhei's name while she slowly starts her kata.

As Kirika begins her kata, Nikochi retrieves various unidentifiable powders and liquids from within the pockets of his clothes. Definitely some guano, some mold, some pickled garlic...and that's about where Kirika's nose gives up as the ingredients grow more colorful and stranger yet. Some looks like it might have come from overseas, others look like finely ground rocks from deep within the earth, and two or three seem at least partially made of things that are not matter. As Nikochi mixes them, he begins to sing from his throat, a deep melodious chant in time with her steps.

Fire creeps up Kirika's spine as her blade cuts through the thick air. Child, a voice calls from afar.
Uncle, Kirika thinks in return as she steps up the pace.
You cannot cut shadows, the voice calls. When you face one, do not be deceived. There is substance...always, in a man, in a yokai...even in a god. If you can find it, you can cut it.
"Ask him about the binding," Nikochi weighs in from the side.
What holds them together? Kirika asks. How can that be broken?
When the sun is low, even a pebble casts a long shadow, the voice says. Though a shadow is darkness and emptiness, it is cast by light in the shape of something. Without light, the shadows lose shape. Without the substance, light shines through. The voice pauses. Your eyes cannot see the true shape of your enemy. Your mind cannot comprehend its nature. But your heart can feel its center. This is where you must carry your strike.
Is there nothing that can help the others? Kirika asks.
I...don't know, the voice admits. I am Kouhei. I...made this. I forged a blade of life itself. For this you were all cursed to wield it. I knew...I knew so little and now know so much more but I would not...there are not the right words for all this. I am sorry. More truth than this I cannot speak.
It's okay, Uncle, Kirika says. Thank you. For everything. She thinks of her adventures with Kaede, the way she's grown, the embrace of her father. She thinks of seeing all her ancestors, and the love and support she felt in that grove. This is no curse.
The voice falls silent all the way, as if a persistent hum in the room had stopped, and Kirika knows somehow that this was the last she will hear of Kouhei Kamura in this time and place. Still, the warmth of her family lingers with her.

"What did he say?" Nikochi asks insistently. "You did speak to him, didn't you? In your trance?"
"When the sun is low, even a pebble casts a long shadow," Kirika recites. "Without light, the shadow loses shape, without substance, light shines through."
"...that's the most meaningless mumbo-jumbo I've heard in years," Nikochi complains. "And I talk to spirits every day so that's saying something." He casts his eyes down, as if thinking about it further.
"They are created by the yokai's power, and anchored to something," Kirika says. "The stones. If we can block the yokai's power, or outshine it, or make it easy for the archers or gonne-soldiers or swordsman to break or disrupt the magic or the stones, would that work?"
"I guess it would," Nikochi says, "but how do you outshine a yokai's..." He falls silent and looks down again. After a few seconds, he's still staring downward, deep in thought. It's not altogether clear whether he realizes that Kirika is still there.
"Nikochi?" Kirika asks. She waves her hand at him, tattoos still shimmering and licking flames up her fingers from contacting her ancestors.
"Woah!" Nikochi shouts, jumping back from her a half-step. "Don't interrupt me! I'm trying to commune with the mountain tengu again and you know how touchy they are!" His eyes flick from side to side. "Okay that's all I need from you now go, go, go, sharpen your sword or something, I'll let you know when I have a plan!"
"Just...make it quick," Kirika says. "Your people for the warding will be down in a minute."
"Yes, yes," Nikochi says. "Go! Shoo!" When Kirika turns to leave, he shouts after her "White and red paint! I need white and red!"
"And some manners," Kirika mutters as she walks up the stairs.


Upstairs, Yukio is busy coordinating details of the defense with Shira. A few of the soldiers carrying in buckets of paint does, however, reveal that Nikochi's demands are being taken care of.

"What did he want to speak to you about, dearest?" Yukio asks, frowning slightly as she reads Kirika's mood - not the first time that Nikochi has been a negative influence on it, after all.
"What we can do to even the odds," Kirika says. "Rudely. He said red and white paint."
"We'll scrape the leaf gold off the statues if that's what it takes," Yukio says. "So, painting. Anything else? Anything we can do when we fight?"
"Break whatever is anchoring the magic," Kirika replies.
Yukio considers that. "So, break everything," she says.
"And kill them, yes," Kirika says. "How goes the planning?"
"Well," Yukio says. "Considering we're short by about two thousand warriors it would take to fully man the fortress perimeter." She sighs. "Father's already ridden off to engage the enemy. I just hope he doesn't do anything too reckless."
Kirika puts her hand on Yukio's. "We'll get through this."
Yukio looks directly at Kirika, offering a glimpse of steel in her eyes that sends a chill down Kirika's spine. "Yes," Yukio says coolly. "We will."
"Shira-dono!" Kirika says. "Where do you need me while we wait?"
Shira looks at Kirika right next to Yukio. "You are exactly where you are needed," he says.
"Very well," Kirika says, snuggling up as close to Yukio as she can through her love's armor. "Walk me through it, love."


Gatac posted in OOC on 2019-07-03 16:51:53
Okay, create a suitable contact to do it with, a spend of 1 point there will get Clayton's team past security and at your disposal.


skullandscythe updated in OOC on 2019-07-01 14:41:35
So I can use some Network to get us in the airshow and maybe not let the CIA know, or use it to get the Four Stooges in, but probably not both. It depends, I guess, on whether (a) we do or do not care whether the CIA knows we're on site, and (b) we trust the Four Stooges to not do anything stupid.

Figured you'd want to weigh in before we move.

EDIT: talked with Kasey, we're bringing the Boyz. If they can't get in free with CIA passes, we can use a Contact to get them in.

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

punkey posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2019-07-01 07:00:39
Nothing would blow your cover as Turai faster than sneaking around during mandatory formations - it’s kinda hard to blend in when you’re the only ones running around. The team hustles over to the formation and is quickly waved into an open spot off to the left side, blessedly close to the Gateway but still right up front. Ngawai, Arketta and Hale take the front trin, being the ones that actually know a thing or two about Turai military bearing.

As they take positions, a vox channel opens to them and presumably everyone else around them - one Rav-Turai Harsani, standing roughly in the middle of the formation. “Get that last row closed up,” he says. Arketta, Hale and Ngawai space off each other, then snap to attention. “Outstanding,” Harsani continues. “There’s that First I like to see. At ease!” The whole formation shifts just a little bit to the left as the turai widen their stance and lock their arms behind them.

“I know you’ve all been waiting on word,” Harsani says. “We’re a fighting unit, like I keep telling the Rav-Odun. There’s only so much playing house we can do until we get a little restless.” A strategic pause. “But restless don’t mean sloppy. We can’t afford sloppy out here. Make no mistake, Turai, this is a combat operation, not a vacation. If you’re after a snowball fight, book your leave accordingly.” A bit of laughter ripples through the formation. “I look around and I see a lot of hard work getting done. The Rav-Odun sees it, too. The entire Imperium sees it. You can be proud of what we’ve achieved here. To be standing on the soil of the homeworld and be the Turai that led the effort to carve that last pillar is an honor that only we few will know. I’m no ravillar so I’m going to get to the point: right now, I need you all focused on the job. There’s more hard work ahead of us. The Emperor doesn’t send his best Turai on easy missions. Everything we do right here - every single job - is one step closer to a protected homeworld, to safety for the Narsai’i, to eternal glory for our banner. I know you’ll do the First proud.”

Harsani steps forward towards the formation. “I know that a lot of you are…unsettled by what the Narsai’i we’re working with have done. None of us like pacifications, but we recognize the threat that disorder and unrest poses to the Imperium - but what the Narsai’i have done goes beyond that.” He starts walking towards the team, eyes scanning the formation as he does so. “And I’m with you. The holos that the survey team here has gathered of that downed transport made me sick to my stomach.”

Rav-Turai Harsani, The Hand that Shields the First, stops in front of Arketta and Hale. “Turai, what did you see?” he asks them.
“Slaughter, Rav-Turai,” Arketta replies.
“They had no warning, Rav-Turai,” Hale says. “The Narsai’i didn’t even give them a chance to comply.”
Harsani nods. “And that’s what makes us the good ones, Turai.” He turns back and walks to the front of the formation. “That’s what separates a pacification, as horrible as it may be, from a slaughter. We are here to save the Narsai’i from themselves, Turai. It will be hard, and we will have to work with the monsters that the Narsai’i can be. But we must prevail. For the good of the Narsai’i, and of the galaxy. Understood?”
Yes, Rav-Turai!” the formation calls back.
Rav-Turai Harsani nods. “Good. Keep that thought with you, it will carry you all through this.” Harsani returns to his position at the head of the formation. “Turai, atten-tion!” The formation closes back up as the Turai snap upright. “Dismissed.”

“Let’s get the fuck out of here,” Hale grunts. You don’t need to see his face to sense his disgust, his voice carries it over the vox just fine.

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

Admiral Duck Sauce posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2019-06-27 19:21:48
Front Toward Enemy nods. This slow, unsteady approximation of consensus wasn't the same as a Sheen node arriving at a decision, but there were familiar undercurrents that salved its processes in a similar rush of machine endorphins. "Yeah, let's bounce."