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Gatac updated in Empire on 2018-12-16 14:58:20
(Real quick housekeeping: Technically Toshiba might have still been under the effects of Sickened but the talky bit has gone on long enough by this point that I'm ruling he's over it. Makes the math easier, too. Anyway, on to...


Toshiba: 34
Takao: 28
Yo: 25

Toshiba delays to let the better grappler Takao go first.

Takao's Athletics = (11)+19 = 30
Yo's Athletics = (3)+13 = 16

Yo is Held.)

"Tie me up? Hardly!" Yo cries, surging forward - his kick is too fast for him to stop when Takao dodges it at the last moment, instead letting a small rope noose slip from his sleeve. In a flash, he's got Yo's leg bound up. Sad, really.

(Toshiba's not that good at Athletics. But he's got Sneak Attack dice. And the Wicked Dance stance...oh boy.

Toshiba's Attack = (17)+10 = 27
Toshiba's Damage + 3d6 Sneak Attack + 2d6 Wicked Dance Sneak Attack + 1d6 Knife Sneak Attack = (5)+1+(1)+(5+5+6)+(4+4)+(4) = 35
Yo's Fortitude save vs Bleeding = (17)+8 = 25 nope
Yo's Fortitude save vs Critical Damage: Yo's Fortitude save also nope.

In addition to the damage, Yo is now Bleeding. Plus he gets a Critical Injury. Let us consult the Table of Ouch: oh, that just says Bleeding again. By RAW this does nothing but that's lame, so I'm gonna rule he takes twice the Bleeding damage due to this.)

"Then I will have to take you down myself," Toshiba sighs as he draws his...knife.
"You will do nothing of the -" Yo shouts, flailing a fist at Toshiba. What that earns him are a few cuts across his arm and chest. "DAMN YOU!" Yo cries as Toshiba dances away from his counterstrike.
"I thought the plan was grappling," Takao remarks dryly, dodging a jump kick from Yo's free leg.
"You're grappling him, aren't you," Toshiba replies. "Just a bit of blood loss. Nothing permanent."

(Yo does not have much choice but the attempt to free himself.

Yo's Athletics = (12)+13 = 25
Takao's Athletics = (5)+19 = 24

Yo is no longer Held! Yo uses Quake Strike!

Yo's Trip = (11)+16+4 = 31
Toshiba's Acrobatics = (14)+15 = 29
Takao's Acrobatics = (3)+6 = 9

Both Toshiba and Takao become Sprawled!

Yo uses Master's Touch I to make an attack using both the Knife Hand and the Guillotine Kick trick. And no, don't ask me how you make a knife hand with your foot. Yo's just that good at kicking people, apparently.

Yo's Attack vs Toshiba = (9)+18 = 27 HIT!
Yo's unarmed damage x2 = (2+2)+8+10 = 22 with an effective AP of 6, so reduced to 19 by Toshiba's armor.)

It should be taken as a given that Toshiba carries rather a lot of knives on him at all times. Usually, this is good. You never know when you need a knife. However, in this instance, it's more like you never know when Yo needs a knife. Toshiba catches the glint in his fingers too late, realizing that the nimble ghost assassin / assassin ghost stole one of Toshiba's own throwing knives from his arm sheath when Toshiba cut him. Toshiba whips his upper body away as Yo kicks up into the air one more time, but his target is neither of the two Shinobi: instead, it's the loop holding his ankle, and the knife cuts true before embedding itself into the far wall of the mill. Not content to leave it at one party trick, Yo comes down hard onto the ground, ramming his fist into ground. Spirit-augmented strength ripples through the floorboards and throws both Toshiba and Takao to the ground. As if to punctuate his point, Yo brings down his heel on Toshiba's chest. That hurts a lot more than a kick should, even through the Blue Oni's suit.

"Fine!" Yo crows. "Anyone who gets in my way shall be -"

Hiro's response is to throw one of his sticks at Yo. With unnatural speed, Yo snatches the weapon from the air - and returns it posthaste, striking the unprepared Hiro in his guts! As the ninja master bowls over from the burst of pain, Yo gives him a bitter laugh.

"Wait your turn, old man!" he snarls. "Your lackeys lined up to die first."

(Oh, almost forgot the Bleeding damage.

Yo's Double Bleeding = (1+4) = 5)


It's only a few minutes across the harbor to the dock where Ueki is waiting, having taken his shirt off and trying to wring the salt water out. Kirika and Yukio, after a minute of holding onto each other for dear life and exchanging a few reassuring kisses, managed to reposition themselves back to a seated position on the row boat - not that they've let each other go, just that they're now sitting upright and holding onto each other in more of a "I'd prefer you to stay right here" hug.

As Yukio tosses the line to Ueki with her free hand, the latest rumble and crash from Ikishi's private island and palace sounds out. Everyone turns to look in time to see one of the last standing parts of the main body of the crypt/mansion fall over as another geyser of water shoots from the underground complex as another chamber collapses. The entrance is still standing, but the rest is either crumbling or has already fallen over as water pours from underground, rushing over the rubble like a river to either side.
"Good riddance," Yukio says.
"Where's Kaede?" Ueki asks.
"Returned to her side with the rest of my ancestors," Kirika replies, giving Yukio another squeeze.
"Okay," Ueki says, clearly over the supernatural events he just witnessed. "So...we just killed General Noronu. That's a thing. I guess Ishikawa won't be happy." He looks at the collapsed mansion in the distance. "Man, those machines - and people said I was crazy."
"Hold off on building a secret workshop under the pier until we win, if you could," Kirika jokes as Ueki ties the rowboat off.
"Yeah, no," Ueki says. "I'm keeping my future activities above sea level, thank you very much."
"Had enough adventure for today?" Kirika asks.
"Yep!" Ueki says. "Definitely. I'm good on adventure. Who's good on adventure for today and the rest of the week and maybe forever? This guy!"
"But you were very important today," Kirika says. "You need to let go so I can get out of the boat," she whispers to Yukio.
"And you need to let go so I can get out of the boat," Yukio whispers back.
"You first," Kirika replies with another peck on the cheek.

Yukio's response is to sweep up Kirika into her arms and carry her out of the boat, bridal style. Impressive strength and balance.

"Ooh! I'll get you for this later," Kirika protests.
"I look forward to it, dearest," Yukio says.
"Ahem," Kagemaru says. "I hate to be Daimyo Downer but there's a loose end that wasn't just buried under thousands of tons of rock. What happened to General Noronu's body?"
"Went down with the ship," Kirika replies as Yukio sets her down. "If it would not be too much trouble..." She looks at Kagemaru. "I think we all want to be sure he's dead and find out exactly...what Noronu was."
"I'll go after it in a moment, but I do have one piece of the puzzle right now," Kagemaru says. "He was Master Sinan, somehow. Or at least he told me he was. Said that's how he knew about me and how to trap me."
"Uh..." Yukio says.
"Oh, right, you don't know him," Kagemaru says. "Head of the Ayami clan I...I guess I'm still one of them. Haven't had the opportunity to sort that out yet."
"Actually, I know who he was," Yukio says. "He sacrificed himself to banish the demon inside Ikishi's arm after Kirika cut it off."
Kagemaru doesn't have visible eyes but he does stare right through Yukio. "...okay, more after I get the body," he says, then dives into the water without making any splash whatsoever.
Ueki looks to Kirika. "...I have a really bad feeling about this," he says.
"Which part?" Kirika asks. "The way Noronu was controlling an entire ninja clan? How he managed to swap bodies? That he was animated by powerful magic? Or that he seemed some kind of magical construct and not really a person at all?"
"E) All of those," Ueki says. "I mean, not to fault your swordsmanship, but didn't he....kinda go down a bit easy? Not for a human, not even for a General, but if he had all those woo-woo mystical powers and he impersonated a ninja clan head for years then...uh...what I'm saying is, I've read enough stories to know that nobody's dead until I see a body." He pauses. "And with these guys? I wanna see two bodies, minimum."
"Fair enough," Kirika says. "But right now, I'll settle for one."

Minutes pass as you wait for Kagemaru to scour the bottom of the bay for the sunken boat and return. There's no doubt that he can endure down there, and the crowd that is coming to gape at the spectacle is smart enough to keep their distance from you, but still...Yukio draws Kirika tighter, while Ueki makes a show of racking through the mechanism of his gonne, showing that a little water won't keep it from working insofar as it may need to work.

Finally, Kagemaru steps out of Ueki's shadow. Not on his shoulders is General Noronu's body. Instead, he quietly holds out a stone in his hand, intricately carved with mystical runes but utterly inert even to Kirika's touch.

"...fuck," Ueki says.
"The boat was ripped apart on impact," Kagemaru says. "It's possible the body was flung away too far - even I can't see a lot down there - but I'm not holding my breath." He looks around. "Because I don't breathe anymore?" Ueki coughs. "Tough crowd," Kagemaru concludes.
"We should take this to Nikochi," Kirika says. "Hopefully he can make sense of it."
"And that's where our dry clothes are," Yukio adds.
"Gods yes, dry clothes," Ueki says.
"I'm all clothes," Kagemaru says. "How do you think I feel?"
"...are you asking us to...wring you out?" Kirika asks.
"No," Kagemaru says. "I need to soak in some warm soapy water first. Get all the dirt and salt out, you know?"
"...well, I guess Nikochi can meet us in the laundry, then," Kirika says.


Gatac updated in Wiki on 2018-12-16 14:53:12
Toshiba Shiretoko

Vigilant Warden [+2 Wis, -2 Int, May always act during surprise rounds, Max Notice ranks CL+5, Gain Lightning Reflexes Feat, +1 to lower of Int or Wis, +5 Initiative, Practiced Investigate, Unbreakable, Bonus Feat: Pathfinder Basics (Forest)]

Class: Scout 12

Strength: 12

Dexterity: 18

Constitution: 10

Intelligence: 14

Wisdom: 19

Charisma: 10

Knowledge Check: (2 Int + 6 Studies) +8

Action Dice: 4 d8

Base Speed: 30 ft.

Initiative: (11 class + 4 Dex + 5 Origin) +20 (Roll twice, keep best)

Defense: (10 base + 7 class + 4 Dex + 4 Class Ability) 25

BAB: +9


Vitality: 69 (Nice!) /108

Wounds: 10

Fortitude: (8 class) +8

Reflex: (8 class + 4 Dex + 3 Feat) +15

Will: (4 class + 4 Wis) +8


Unarmed: +9, 1d4+1
Dagger: +10, 1d6+1+1d4, T19-20, Bleed, Hurl

Proficiencies: Unarmed, Edged (Forte), Hurled, Bow, Siege Weapons, Blackpowder Weapons

Advanced Tricks: Salt the Wound (Attack Trick: Inflict additional 1d6 damage if target is Bleeding), Arrow Cutting (Initiative Trick: 3 times/combat when hit by ranged attack, roll Reflex save vs. attack roll, success reduces damage to zero, special effects still apply.)

Class Abilities: Trailblazer (Scout Core), Stalker (DC 23), Rough Living +2, Bonus Feat (Pathfinder Mastery, Pathfinder Basics, Pathfinder Supremacy, Pathfinder Basics, Animal Partner), Sneak Attack +3d6, Huntsman: Trail Signs (No penalties for speed while tracking), Huntsman: Expertise (Sneak) , Master Tracker 1/session, Huntsman: Darkvision I

Feats: Lightning Reflexes (Gain +3 to Reflex saves, roll Init twice and keep best result), Pathfinder Basics [Forest] (+2 to Sneak checks), Knife Basics (All knives on you are considered readied, Gain Stance: Wicked Dance [+2d6 Sneak Attack, can't move]), Knife Mastery (1/round, Feint (at -4 penalty) opponent you've hit this round with knife as free action, Gain Knife Attack Trick: Blade Flurry [Hit by 4 or more, inflict damage twice, hit by 10 or more, inflict damage thrice]), Pathfinder Mastery (When in Pathfinder territory, gain +4 gear bonus to Blend and Survival, and +2 gear bonus to saves), Pathfinder Basics [Mountains] (+2 to Climb checks, Falling Resistance 5), Knife Supremacy (Knife attacks inflict 1 die of Sneak Attack, gain Knife Attack Trick: Shank! [If target is standard character with lower Int score, he fails damage save automatically, 1/round]), Pathfinder Supremacy (Double numerical bonuses from Pathfinder Basics feats: +4 Sneak, +4 Climb, 10 Falling Resistance, 10 Sneak Attack Resistance), Devilish Legacy, Pathfinder Basics [Indoor/Settled] (5 Sneak Attack Resistance), Edged Master (+1d4 damage with knives), Animal Partner (Gain 75 XP animal as NPC under your control, is special character with TL = your career level - 4, gains no AD but you may spend AD on its behalf), Eye On The Ball (+1 Dex, +1 Wis)

Acrobatics 11, 15
Athletics 12, 14 (+4 for Climb)
Blend 11, 11
Crafting 11, 13 - Carpentry, Metalworking, Chemistry
Investigate 14, 18
Medicine 6, 8
Notice 14, 18
Sneak 14, 22
Survival 11, 15
Tactics 9, 11


Language: Common, Hanse

Studies: Haiku, Flute, Famous Ronin, Dirty Secrets of the Imperial Court

Lifestyle: 3

Panache: 3 (+1 Appearance, 30s income)

Prudence: 0 (15% Money saved)

Coin in Hand: 10

Stake: 300



Partial studded leather armor
Grappling Hook
Carrying Gear


Animal Partner: Konoko

Predatory Eagle (Tiny Animal Flyer/Walker — 75 XP): Str 10, Dex 20, Con 10, Int 6, Wis 14, Cha 6; SZ T (1×1, Reach 1);
Spd 60 ft. winged flight, 20 ft. ground; Init II (+4+5); Atk V (+7); Def III (+4+5); Res II (+2); Health III (Vitality: 21, Wounds: 5); Comp —; Skills: Acrobatics II (+7+5), Notice IV (+10+2), Search IV (+10-2), Tactics V (+12-2);

Qualities: Class Ability, (Sneak Attack +1d6), Feat (Coordinated Attack, Misdirection Basics, Wolf Pack Basics, Wolf Pack Mastery), Improved sense (sight), Rend, Swarm

Attacks/Weapons: Bite I (dmg 1d4 lethal; threat 18–20; upgrades: bleed), Talon I (dmg 1d3 lethal; threat 20)


Renown: Heroic 5 (The Blue fucking Oni.)

Reputation: 14

Legend: +3

Re: Empire

Admiral Duck Sauce posted in Empire on 2018-12-16 13:24:47
"And then tie him up," Toshiba answers. The backup plan would involve cutting tendons to remove the threat, and Toshiba was still trying to play nice.

Re: IC 6 - Hamburg - Day 3

punkey posted in IC 6 - Hamburg - Day 3 on 2018-12-16 11:16:38
Mason reaches into the tool bag and tosses a roll of duct tape over to Blake. "Sensors are on the stalk sticking out the top - looks like cameras with IR and ultrasonic. Cover them with the tape and they'll be blind. They didn't put tamper sensors on it, or you'd be twitching on the floor already." He motions down the hallway. "Once we own the cameras, find the others and tape them up too."


Gatac updated in Wiki on 2018-12-16 11:05:38




  • Human Terrain 0/1
  • Languages 3
  • Law 1
  • Military Science 0/1

  • Bullshit Detector 3
  • Flattery 2
  • Flirting 3
  • Interrogation 2
  • Negotiation 1
  • Tradecraft 1/2
  • Streetwise 1

  • Notice 2/3
  • Outdoor Survival 2

  • Athletics 8
  • Conceal 4
  • Cover 13
  • Disguise 2
  • Driving 4
  • Explosive Devices 2
  • Hand-to-Hand 4
  • Health 5/6
  • Infiltration 5/6
  • Mechanics 1/2
  • Medic 4
  • Network 7
  • Piloting 2
  • Preparedness 6/8 (MOS)
  • Sense Trouble 8
  • Shooting 8
  • Stability 4
  • Surveillance 4
  • Weapons 8

Cover Identities
Stef Heimans, ABP - BURNED

  • Alira Holden, ex-ASIS agent and fiancé (7 points left)


Mason also brings with him 4 points of Extra Heat: 2 points in Colombia and 2 in Chechnya. But surely, the hateboner of two major groups of organized crime are not gonna create any problems for you at all.


Drive: Altruism. Mason's all about doing the right thing. He just lives in a world where the Right Thing usually is to kill bad guys.
Symbol: A family on their knees with guns to their heads. The names, the faces, the blurs together for Mason, who's seen this too often. The people just outside that neat little picture, the ones holding those guns? Mason's gonna bury them, bury them all, so he never has to see this picture again.
Solace: Alira Holden, ASIS. Mason and Alira have crossed paths before, both professionally and...less professionally. And unlike the rest of Mason's conquests, Alira was a good choice. Would be a great choice, even, now that she's got a medical retirement and is out of the game for good.
Safety: A farm deep in the outback. Breed ostriches, drive a fuck-off big ute, keep an arsenal of "hunting" weapons large enough to repel an invading army. What could be safer than that?
Trust: Tim 1, Luc 0, Blake 0

Re: IC 6 - Hamburg - Day 3

Gatac posted in IC 6 - Hamburg - Day 3 on 2018-12-16 11:04:34
(Mason spends Military Science to ID the drone.)

Listening to Blake's description of the drone over the radio, Mason recalls three important nuggets of information:

1) A six-month old security breach at Hanwha Techwin's R&D that pointed to North Korean agents may have resulted in China getting software for autonomous weapon systems either because Best Korea sold them the goods or their involvement was only ever a smokescreen for Chinese agents to begin with.
2) A classified briefing that China deployed "autonomous protection devices" in reaction to "production disturbances" at some of their new factories.
3) Plus a few rumors about directed energy weapons tech that failed to yield anything particularly noteworthy aside from excellent knockoff Tasers, with extended range and prongs that penetrate both body armor and skin with rather more enthusiasm than the US models.

Okay, so far so humdrum, but if it rolls like a drone tank, scans like a drone tank and fucks shit up like a drone tank, is that enough to link those to the bigger drone you blew up in Amsterdam?

"- armor panels," Mason and Blake say over each other. Behind the Lexan shielding, this thing clearly has some protective plating on its chassis. If you dismantle that and have it analyzed, you may not only prove that it was made in the same factory as the drone tank, but being that this machine is rather less exploded, you'd get to recover intact parts off it, making it much easier to trace them to an actual manufacturer or at least the system integrator who put these things together. The drone tank was a plausible one-off, maybe, but a dozen of these things? Somebody's manufacturing them on an assembly line, at least in small scale.

Re: Empire

MikeS posted in Empire on 2018-12-16 06:49:22
Takao draws the two sayas in a swift motion and passes them to Yu.

"Any advice on beating that spirit out of Kichirou with minimum damage would be much appreciated," he says as he hands over the swords and takes up a fighting stance between Yo and the rest of the group.

"Grappling?" he asks Toshiba with a raised eyebrow.


Gatac updated in Wiki on 2018-12-15 13:32:07




  • Architecture 0/1
  • Human Terrain 0/2
  • Languages 2
  • Military Science 1

  • Bullshit Detector 2
  • Cop Talk 0/1
  • Flirt 1
  • Interrogate 0/1
  • Intimidate 1
  • Negotiate 0/1
  • Reassure 0/1
  • Streetwise 1/2
  • Tradecraft 1

  • Chemistry 2
  • Data Recovery 0/1
  • Electronic Surveillance 0/2
  • Notice 0/2
  • Outdoor Survival 1
  • Photography 1
  • Urban Survival 1/2

  • Athletics 8
  • Conceal 2
  • Cover 10
  • Disguise 3
  • Driving 4
  • Explosive Devices 8 (MOS)
  • Hand-to-Hand 8
  • Health 8
  • Infiltration 5
  • Mechanics 0/2
  • Network 15
  • Sense Trouble 9
  • Shooting 8
  • Stability 6
  • Surveillance 8
  • Weapons 5


Drive: Mystery. Why go to all the trouble to set up the bombings? Blake needs to get to the bottom of this, no matter what.
Symbol: Poetry, the only way to express what's behind Blake and what's ahead of him still.
Solace: Mama. Still keeping a light on for the son who's going everywhere but home.
Safety: Tibetan Monastery. One summer in college, Blake found something he didn't even know he was looking for up in Tibet. If he had to run...really run, it seems like the only place it could end.
Trust: Tim 3, Luc 3, Mason 1

Re: IC 6 - Hamburg - Day 3

Gatac posted in IC 6 - Hamburg - Day 3 on 2018-12-15 13:19:12
(Blake uses Electronic Surveillance to locate a blind spot in the cameras and Architecture to divine how big the hidden spaces behind the panels are.)

Carefully wandering down the lower fork of the E, Blake flys casual until he's clear of the last camera. Sure, they've covered all doors and exits, but they haven't covered all the walls - including the ones with the weird niches. Blake puts the rooms together in his head as he kneels next to one and mashes it up against the elevator shaft plus structure, it about a cubic meter, then, for each niche. That's not a ton of volume, but it is a ton of hidden volume. Maybe a dozen niches all around on this floor? With a deep breath, he sets a thin screwdriver to work on the locking mechanism. Only one way to find out...

(Blake's Mechanics v 3: 1d6+2 = (3)+2 = 5)

The panel pops quietly and opens up softly, sliding aside and into the niche. Fuck, even their hidden compartments are overengineered. What's waiting inside is...well, let's not beat around the bush, it's a tracked drone, wrapped in riot-grade transparent Lexan shielding. It's got cameras, it's got loudspeakers, it's got a swiveling taser launcher. That can't possibly be legal. Further inspection shows that it's got a heavy-duty cable sticking out the back, probably both for controlling it and supplying power, though it's got low-slung battery packs between the tracks that imply it can run off-grid in a pinch. If Blake had to guess, these are intended to deploy when the security system registers a failure. But they're too wide to go through the doors and don't have a robot arm or anything to open doors in any event - so their primary purpose must be to lock down the level and keep any intruders from getting away rather than autonomously chasing them down. That's...slightly less terrifying than it could be, but still, where the hell did K Group get this kind of tech? That was not in the RapidScan catalogue...

Re: IC 6 - Hamburg - Day 3

skullandscythe posted in IC 6 - Hamburg - Day 3 on 2018-12-14 13:45:28
Blake figures a closer examination is worthwhile, at least, though 'surgery' is not out of the question. He's also careful to take note of any eyes that might be on him right now, electronic or organic. There's at least one person Blake doesn't want knowing what we've learned...