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Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

skullandscythe posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2016-10-20 15:14:45
Blake peers over his screen at the mention of C4. "Goin' on a nostalgia trip, Mason? Remembering the good ol' days of stuffing firecrackers in the girl's stalls?" He shakes his head. "I'll make the charge. You kids have fun, just try not to get shit on you."

He turns over to Luc. "You want any backup for your meet? Been a while since I had good food."

Re: Seven Devils

Gatac posted in Seven Devils on 2016-10-19 11:24:53
"A debt gladly repaid, Oni!" Okita replies. He eyes the Soft Breeze. "Pray tell, what waters await your vessel? You seem ill-equipped for whatever journey you have found yourself on."


(Kirika's Athletics: 1d20+16 = 32
Kirika's Acrobatics: 1d20+10 = 26)

There are two ways to move about the rooftops of the city. One, which Bumi has chosen, is to look awesome doing it. Her ninja training affords her the needed grace (and desire for showboating) that sees the lithe little lady zip from precipice to foothold while including a wide variety of rolls, flips and twists to wow the (mostly nonexistent) audience.

Or you could be like Kirika and just beast your way forward. She might not know what a backwards diving dismount is, but she knows how fast she can run and how far she can jump and how much a beam has to stick out to be a viable footstep, and that's what she sticks to as she cuts a swathe across the rooftops, quickly gaining the lead with her superior conditioning. Which is not to say that it looks clumsy; there's elegance in straight lines, and while Kirika's display is arguably less technical, the way she just pushes off into jumps across narrow alleys and wrecks ceiling tiles with her hard landings without losing speed is impressive to say the least. (Fun history fact: property insurance can be traced to the 1666 London fire.) Bumi would never admit it, but by the time they reach the dojo, she's huffing and puffing and holding her sides pretty hard just from trying to keep up.

The Urushi dojo is...well, let's not mince words, it's not glamorous. For one, it actually still bears Kamura family colors, though they have dulled from exposure to the elements, and the placard pronouncing the Urushi name at the entrance is a wooden board - a neatly painted wooden board, but still a wooden board - simply strung over the stone marker that used to declare it a Kamura site. Kirika can't quite tell if it's laziness or reverence for what the building used to be, but given Bumi's rapidly falling facial expression, she can't imagine that this dojo draws many students. Urushi Danzo, the young swordfighter, stands at the entrance, trying to force some dignity into his stance despite the white kimono he is wearing.

Kirika's face soured the instant she first laid eyes on the so-called Urushi dojo, and even though she's not aware of it, it's hard to imagine a more intimidatingly upset glare than the one she levels at Urushi Danzo. "What are yo - we doing here?"
Urushi Jr. bows, fist in hand. "Thank you for coming, Kamura-kensei," he says. "Please...please excuse our humble circumstances. I have prepared some tea, if you would come inside."
Kirika takes a deep, slow breath. "Yes. Let's. Come, Bumi."
"Yep," Bumi gasps, still catching her breath. "Right - right behind you."


If the exterior view of the dojo was unimpressive, the interior seems positively bare. The walls still bear witness to the large scrolls once hung upon them, and save for a few wooden poles and two bokken, the weapon stands to the sides are empty. Even the mats on the floor look vintage and worn, and the wooden beams that carry the roof show signs of a wetness, as if the building had not been heated at all in the winter. In the center of the main hall sits an old man who must be Urushi Kaito, Danzo's father. He, too, is wearing a white kimono, and seems to be sunk deep in meditation. Kirika can't help but notice a bowl of water next to the old man, and a sword and dagger laid before him.

The garb of the elder Urushi sends Kirika's gut into knots. "Urushi-san...what is going on?"
"My father..." Urushi Jr. tries to begin. "My father...sees no reason to appear before the court. In his mind, the...sentence is already known."
"Holy shit," Bumi mutters.
Kirika's hand, already on her sword, tightens. Her ancestors, usually at least detectable at the edges of her senses, are completely silent. "What has your father done?" Kirika asks, unable to keep the sharp edge of anger out of her voice.
Urushi Jr. takes a deep breath. "He...he struck an oiran after she refused him," he whispers. "His anger was fueled by much wine, and...she fell to the ground and hit her head. A doctor was summoned, but could not save her."
Kirika wants to shout, wants to grab the old man by his shoulders and demand that he explain what his name is doing on her family's dojo, but she manages to wrestle that down until all that comes out is an annoyed grunt. " this what he wants to do? What you want him to do?"
Urushi Jr. sighs. "Our name," he whispers, "our name is not a good one. It has not been for a long time. We have more to atone for than one death. My father has chosen to take this on him; he could not bear the shame of being imprisoned or executed. In this, he seeks...liberation, for himself and for me."
Kirika is shaking as she replies. "Speaking as one of those your family has wronged, taking the secrets of what you have done to the grave is not atonement for anything. Do you know how much honor a dead man has, Urushi-san?"
"Only that of knowing that he will make no more mistakes and cause no more trouble," Urushi Jr. answers. "Kamura-kensei, I can do nothing but ask your forgiveness. It is my father' is our wish that you receive this building and the land it stands on. I am sorry that we could not...could not be better stewards of it."
Kirika turns to the younger Urushi. "None. A dead man has no honor, because he is dead. Just like how a rock or a log has no honor. Objects do not have honor, Urushi-san. Actions do." She turns back to the elder Urushi, and takes a knee in front of him. "And what honor is there is not giving those that have been wronged, and those that cared for them, the certainty of knowing what happened to them and their loved ones? What honor is there in abandoning those you love, love to the point of giving your own life for their sake?" Kirika's hand moves slowly from Crane's Dance as she wipes her eyes. "What honor is there in running from your actions to the one place that consequence cannot follow, where you will be unable to aid, to make amends, to change for the better?"
"Kamura-kensei, please," Urushi Jr. says. "My father -"
"I can speak for myself," Urushi Sr. says, opening his eyes. He fixes Kirika with a stare. "And I knew it was a mistake to let you see this. My son tried to convince me that having you witness would serve to show that the past is past and the quarrel between our families ends with me, but I recognized it for the foolish ploy to dissuade me that it is."
"I think the current circumstances are more than enough to convince me of that," Kirika says, matching the elder Urushi's glare. "But you know as well as I how my father took his own life." She looks back to the son. "Ask me how much peace and comfort his honorable sacrifice has brought me. How much better my life has been without him by my side." She returns her glare to the father. "I do not want blood, if blood is not demanded in turn. I want amends. I want you to prove that you are better than you were. Blood only begets more blood. Ask your son if he would rather face the accusations and scorn your family faces with your help - or alone."

No reaction.

Kirika slams her fist against the floor. "Ask him!"
Urushi Sr. scoffs. "You do not command me, and our world does not work like yours," he says. "The name on the scroll is enough to convict us in the eyes of everyone. The great Kamura hero and the foul Urushi weakling...who does not know this story? Like it or not, in my world, if a man sheds his own blood to atone for his wrongs, he must be accorded respect. That is the only road. Do you wish to save an old drunkard's life? Then go out there and make the people forget the name Urushi! And when you have accomplished that, bring the whore back to life!"

Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

Gatac posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2016-10-18 11:04:36
"Very good," Operations replies, giving Mason the slightest nod. "I expect the same attention to detail in all aspects of this operation. Failure's not an option, boys."

Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

punkey posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2016-10-18 10:56:32
"Which is why I checked Funda," Mason says, spinning his laptop around and showing a Dutch real estate site. "Says right here the floor above his is empty as of last week." Now he smirks. "I do my homework, Ms. Wildcard."

Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

Gatac posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2016-10-18 10:49:53
Operations nods. "And that's a good idea," she says. "But you're assuming I or any other pretty lady could walk into the apartment, set off the charge in their bathroom and then get out without anyone suspecting foul play. We don't know who lives there, we don't know their hours, we don't know what their deal is. Who knows, even if they are going to invite strangers in, they might just prefer ruggedly handsome military men in tight leather pants. I know I would." She smirks. "What I'm saying is I expect you to figure this out, boys. We're in the intelligence business, so if you want to go down that route, you're gonna have to do some homework."

Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

punkey posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2016-10-18 10:42:22
"This toilet," Mason says, pointing at the master bathroom in the apartment above Edil's. "Just a little one, enough to burst the pipe joins and cause a very large and unpleasant flood in the back of Edil's apartment - giving our plumber a chance to roam the whole apartment freely and do whatever his heart desires."

Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

Gatac posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2016-10-18 10:39:58
Operations raises an eyebrow. "Perhaps you could start with where you intend to deploy that C4, and we can work back from there."

Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

punkey posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2016-10-18 10:38:25
Mason nods - doesn't smirk, just nods. "Got it - usually easier to find a field agent in a short dress than a call girl with field experience, but we'll just have to make the C4 charge dummy proof."

Re: IC 1 - Amsterdam

Gatac posted in IC 1 - Amsterdam on 2016-10-18 10:31:20
"What a charming thought, Mason," Operations replies. "The answer is no. And for your education" - she pulls back the hair over her left ear, giving everyone a good look at her mangled earlobe and hearing aid - "this is a permanent promotion from field agent to handler status. I did enjoy getting to stretch my wings a little in Delhi, but any plan that deliberately puts me in harm's way is a non-starter with me and my superiors. Next idea, please."

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

Admiral Duck Sauce posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2016-10-18 07:59:41
"I'll look like a chromedome," Front Toward Enemy replies. "Compact cybershell bodykitted to pass off as a Turai. Like when Luke and Han dressed up as Jaffa to rescue Princess Peach. Otherwise, well, there ain't nobody like me but me - literally. Stanhill's good with tech, but he's meat no matter how much he tries. Sometimes that helps, because the Imperium's shitty code was written by meat. Sometimes it doesn't, and I'm mass times velocity in the Cortex. Also, I'm Sheen, so you know, boom headshots."