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Re: IC 3 - Amsterdam - Day 3

Gatac posted in IC 3 - Amsterdam - Day 3 on 2017-10-18 00:34:33
There is silence on the line before Liam chuckles.

"Be seeing you," he says, then hangs up.

Re: IC 3 - Amsterdam - Day 3

MikeS posted in IC 3 - Amsterdam - Day 3 on 2017-10-18 00:14:20
"Vat is all you got? If you are looking for a ticket out of ve Chinese 'ole you doeg yourself, you will 'ave to do better van vat. I'll be listening to vat boeg you turned off."

Luc moves to hang up, but gives Liam a moment to put in a better offer.

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

CrazyIvan posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2017-10-17 17:09:05
Angel ruminates for a moment. "In fairness, I don't actually think there's a force on this planet that can handle a full-on invasion. If things have gotten to that stage, it's time to talk about hardened bunkers and guerrilla campaigns."

"But yeah, I'm with FTE. I'm all for Akwhela's Eye for a smash and grab."

Re: Empire

MikeS posted in Empire on 2017-10-17 16:48:23
"I will not reveal your secret", Takao agrees. "You have a firm conviction, and while it runs contrary to bushido at times, it feels like you have the best interest of the heimin at heart."

"But what about the Killer Bees? Is anyone left who knows your secret, and who could blackmail you?"

"Let's head back to Daiki's house and make sure that the letters don't fall into wrong hands. He and his family will need protection; Lady Ikishi will not take it well when her leverage suddenly disappears. And speaking of Daiki: you might as well tell him the truth. He suspects it anyway. I think you can win him over when you tell him the price you paid and continue to pay to honor his sister's memory and vision."

Re: IC 3 - Amsterdam - Day 3

skullandscythe posted in IC 3 - Amsterdam - Day 3 on 2017-10-17 14:37:13
Blake's face falters as Randall confirms his suspicions, but he manages to slip the mask back on quickly. He even smiles - and one with some feeling to it - as he clasps Randall's hand.
"God willing, indeed," Blake replies. "Thank you, Mr. Randall, and stay safe."

Blake helps Mason with any last minute prep work, if necessary, and thanks him for his help as well once they're in the van.

Re: IC 3 - Amsterdam - Day 3

Gatac posted in IC 3 - Amsterdam - Day 3 on 2017-10-17 13:35:03
While Mason finishes up on first aidin' Keller, Randall gingerly walks over to a corner of the workshop. The bench there pivots aside, revealing a safe, which Randall opens to retrieve a small USB flashdrive.

"I had a feeling you might be back," Randall says, handing the flashdrive to Blake. "Spectral analysis results. It reads as Semtex, but without detection taggants - neither EGND nor DMDNB. Highly irregular, but consistent with your analysis of the munitions as a custom build. I'm afraid I can't speculate on where this might have been made, but perhaps someone more familiar with Russian explosives in particular can make use of the data to point you the way."

He shakes Blake's hand.

"Best of luck with your investigation, Mr. Johnson," he says. "God willing, we'll meet again in good health."

Re: Empire

Admiral Duck Sauce posted in Empire on 2017-10-17 13:19:18
"I know something of wearing another's identity," Toshiba says softly. "You question yourself. Is it the mask? Is it me? I am not that person. Am I that person? Would they have done the same?"

He sighs. "And you will never know, nor will I. We have only legacies and guesswork to guide us. I know this truth, however - there is no other Blue Oni, in this place, at this time. And you are the only Ishikawa Fukuo who can help cure our Empire of its sickness. There are no others waiting in the wings. I for one will help you honor your namesake, Lady Ishikawa. Let us return and ensure Daiki's evidence is removed from Ikishi's influence."

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

e of pi posted in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2017-10-16 22:07:23
Luis shrugs. "He hasn't taken every opportunity yet to spite us, in spite of being pushed to. That might be better than nothing,'s not like he can do much to stop us."

Re: Empire

Gatac posted in Empire on 2017-10-16 15:50:20
Toshiba's sense of abandoned hiding places leads the trio to a small family shrine, where it seems like night is determined to stick around for a bit longer. Ishikawa twists and turns, both to try and spot anyone who might be listening and, apparently, to try to wind out of the situation she's found herself in, but finally she yields.

"I will try not to bore you with a grand tale," she begins. "Suffice it to say that Daiki and I were not born of the same mother. The Ishikawa Fukuo who was survived the fire - but never recovered from it. She languished for months. Mother would not accept it."

She glances at Toshiba.

"The Ayami pride themselves on their fighting prowess - even their women. The Killer Bees have no such culture of excellence, only of...usefulness. And I was not a very useful little girl. I was an orphan. My looks had already been marred when I was barely three. As such, I was of little use as a spy, no matter how much I trained."

She sighs.

"Until it came to be that someone needed a girl, about my age," she continues. "A difficult job, they told me. I would be wearing a mask whenever I went out, to hide my true identity, while impersonating someone else. But I would be well taken care of, and fetch a good price for the Killer Bees to boot." Toshiba can sense her lipless mouth curl into a smirk beneath her mask. "It was a foolish plan. Anyone could have ripped off the mask and seen the truth. There was no makeup, no trickery that would let me look like Ishikawa Fukuo. How fortunate that she was in a fire, then, and that none but her mother and her physicians had seen her since."

She lets that hang for a moment.

"It hurt, the surgery and the lye to burn my face beyond recognition, but I chose it that way," she says. "I had nothing to look back to and miss. Over the weeks I had to recover, I studied every waking second. Mother helped, of course. I don't know why she went to all this trouble. Maybe she just couldn't bear the thought of losing her daughter. I never questioned it. In those weeks I had by Fukuo's side, I came to think of her as my sister, if not in birth, then in spirit. And after she passed, I knew that whatever was left of my old self was obsolete. From there on, I only tried to be the best Ishikawa Fukuo I could possibly be." She sighs again. "And have I not done just that? She was just starting out when tragedy claimed her. I built upon her words, her inspiration - I might not be so visionary myself, but I worked, as hard as anyone has ever worked, to make her ideas come to life. If there is greatness in the name of Ishikawa, it's because two women have helped to build it."

She looks to Toshiba and Takao.

"And that is the whole of it," she says. "I owe no fealty to the Bees or anyone else beside the name of Ishikawa Fukuo now. For years now, I have been her. And I will continue to honor her in this way, if your silence permits it."

Re: Empire

Admiral Duck Sauce posted in Empire on 2017-10-16 15:09:47
"So it would seem," Toshiba replies. "I have my suspicions, but like you I actually prefer to act on evidence."

(I don't know what's around what would suit, but close and abandoned works great)