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Re: IC 0 - Prelude

punkey posted in IC 0 - Prelude on 2016-09-25 10:46:50
"I think he's a useful idiot," Mason says. "Amrita called him that, and I'm inclined to believe her."

Re: IC 0 - Prelude

Gatac posted in IC 0 - Prelude on 2016-09-25 09:52:34
Operations nods to that. Tapping a few controls on the screen changes it from the web of intrigue to a more general user interface, which quickly morphs into what a "Connecting to..." Skype screen would look like if it was designed for people who think "user interface candy" is what you bribe the Senator's kids with to get a black budget passed.

"Operations?" a young woman's voice answers as the call picks up.
"Hello again, Hoi Yan," Operations says. "How goes the data dump?"
"It's, uh, it's transmitting," Hoi Yan answers. " there something wrong?"
"No," Operations says. "Could you please add Geraint Reese's files to the mix?"
"Um, yeah..." Hoi Yan says. "I think. I can...uh, I can send a second package? Is that okay?"
"That's okay, Hoi Yan," Operations says.
"Okay!" Hoi Yan says. "Okay, I'll get on that right - oh! Uh, stand by."

A moment passes.

"Uh, Operations, I have Director Marsh for you and uh, the team," Hoi Yan says, "if that's okay?"
"Sure," Operations says. "Put him through."
"One moment," Hoi Yan says.

Another moment passes.

"Ops?" Director Marsh says.
"We're reading you Lima Charlie, Sir," Operations says. "Go ahead."
"Good," Marsh says. "I'm calling to advise you that Pakistan is willing to deal with us, and India is willing to deal with us."
"Not with each other?" Operations asks.
"We can't even get them together in a phone conference," Marsh says. "Bottom line, they both want Brahmvir Singh, no big surprises there. If we turn him over to Pakistan, they promise to stand down, if we turn him over to India, they promise to stand down."
"I don't see the appeal in turning him over to either of them," Operations says.
"You and me both, but State tells me he's the only carrot we have right now," Marsh says. "Popular guy, huh?"
"Seems that way," Operations says. "Do you have orders for us, Sir?"
"Yeah," Marsh says. "I want to hear your takes on this. You're closest to the situation, you've actually met the guy. How do you think we should play this?"

Re: IC 0 - Prelude

skullandscythe posted in IC 0 - Prelude on 2016-09-25 09:20:26
Blake frowns.Stick out, she says. Yeah. Yeah I can see that.

"Doesn't sound like there's any assets in play there. Should probably include some materials about the city in with Varayev's file - most of my ops have been Middle East/South Asia. Can we include what we've got on Reese in the pack as well? We didn't get to talk much."

Re: IC 0 - Prelude

punkey posted in IC 0 - Prelude on 2016-09-25 03:52:48
"Yeah, Edil and I know each other," Mason says.


Varayev grunts in pain. "You're a man of many poor choices. This will prove to be your last."
Mason keeps his stance, knife in hand. "And if you tell me where your boss is, you can let those bad choices catch up with me all on their own."
"They already have," Varayev grunts. A particularly loud gunshot draws Mason's gaze to the side for a moment, enough for Varayev to angle his ballistic knife at Mason and trigger it. The blade gashes open Mason's arm, who loses control of his own knife just as Varayev surges forward to pin him to the wall, hands surging upward to seize Mason's neck. "Allahu ackbar," Varayev hisses as the two men struggle for advantage.

Mason fails to get more than a gargle out as Varayev starts to choke him, and his hands desperately grasp for something to fight back with. A few grasps on the table - paper, cup, blotter - briefcase! Mason grabs Varayev's stupid aluminum briefcase by the handle, and swings it against his head as hard as he can. The blow stuns him enough for Mason to break free, and with a wind up and swing, another blow hits Varayev hard enough to send him to the floor and put a permanent dent in the briefcase.

"Your boss," Mason coughs. "And Madina - she was cute."
Varayev flips on his back, adrenaline keeping him moving, but the two blows have stunned him too much for him to get up - he just flails for a moment, then rolls onto his side and spits up blood and splintered teeth. With supreme effort, he finally rolls back onto his belly and painfully rises to his hands and knees. "You will not win," he mumbles in barely comprehensible Chechen as he tries to crawl...somewhere.
"Anya said that last time I saw her," Mason replies with a grin - then slams the briefcase down on Varayev's ankle.
Varayev cries in pain and flops onto his belly again. As tears of pain gush from his clenched eyes, he rises laborously onto his elbows and tries to drag himself further.
"Edil, stop," Mason says. He takes a knee and leans against the briefcase in front of Varayev, leaving the man looking at his own blood staining his accouterment. "I didn't know about your crush on Kheda - and I'm sorry she came at me with a shotgun. You tell me where your boss is, you'll get a hospital bed right next to her."
Varayev takes a few labored breaths. "Crush?" he pants. "You...pig!" With a final surge of power, he launches his arms upward to wrap himself around Mason in a bid to bring this fight to the ground - and finish it there.

Mason decks him one last time with the briefcase, rolling Varayev onto his back. Obviously tired of the whole thing, Mason straddles his chest and presses the briefcase against his neck. "Edil, stop." He sighs. "Tell me, or you never see Kheda again."
"Fuck you, Jacob," Varayev spits (literally).
Mason sighs, and leans onto the briefcase with all his weight.
"!" Varayev croaks as the pressure on his neck chokes off his air supply. His hands, first trying to gather up the strength to hit Mason again, finally hit the floor as Varayev panickedly taps the ground.
Mason lets off - but doesn't move the briefcase. "Good choice."
"Maximoff," Varayev croaks. "Mikita Maximoff."
"Where?" Mason asks.
"Mansion," Varayev coughs. "Mansion in Barysaw. East of Minsk."
"Thanks," Mason says, and clocks Varayev one more time.


"He probably remembers who I am," Mason adds.

Re: IC 0 - Prelude

Gatac posted in IC 0 - Prelude on 2016-09-25 01:03:01
"That's the million dollar question," Operations says. "I'm not going to speculate what exactly is on that laptop, all that matters is that we get our hands on it." She takes a look around. "Luc's not the only one who's going to stick out in Amsterdam. You've already had the kind of exposure that would bench a regular CIA case officer. But this isn't regular CIA and I can't wait for new assets to get close to Varayev. Make it work, boys."

Re: IC 0 - Prelude

MikeS posted in IC 0 - Prelude on 2016-09-25 00:44:57
"I may still 'ave an in wif ve Chinese. It's their tracker, afteroll. Vey may be a beet suspicios if I show uep so soon in Amsterdam. Vhot is on vat laptop, anyway? Not sure I see ve big picture yet. You 'ave ve key, ve Chinese care enough to puet on a tracker, and ve guy I got it from 'ad a Russian accent. Didn't recognize 'im, eiver."

Luc has switched from beedees to Gauloise, and one of those is now lit in his left hand.

Re: IC 0 - Prelude

Gatac posted in IC 0 - Prelude on 2016-09-24 13:02:25
Operations nods. "The analysts are preparing a data dump on Varayev and associated topics as we speak," she says. "We'll have a secure jumpdrive for upload to the SCIF's computer waiting for us at Thumrait with as much intel as we can get our hands on, but given the time constraints I asked the shop to prioritize volume over analysis - we'll have a couple of hours on the flight to Amsterdam to sift through the raw product and figure out what we can. Burglary tools, well, we'll have lockpick guns and C4 from the standard field kit, but I appreciate that there's a rather large spectrum in between that we're missing." She looks to Tim. "Agent Barstow here is our infil specialist, so maybe he can take point on this. Our man at Thumrait is...resourceful. I hope you can figure out something with him while we load and refuel. Failing that, diamond heists are not exactly unheard of in Amsterdam, and that's going up against some of the most secure physical infrastructure in the world. It's not my scene, but it shouldn't be too hard to get whatever you need if you can find the right people to talk to."

Re: Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

punkey updated in Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3 on 2016-09-24 10:23:33
Ngawai looks to Garrett. "Sounds like somewhere we need to take a look."
"Tonight?" Garrett asks, and looks at Angel. "You got any plans?"

Re: IC 0 - Prelude

punkey posted in IC 0 - Prelude on 2016-09-24 09:07:02
"Do we have plans for the building this apartment is in, anything on the neighborhood and police presence?" Mason asks. "How about burglary tools?"