CrazyIvan 2004-03-19 03:23:29
Well...E-Web power feeds did, if I recall correctly, supposed to have rather spectacular failures.

Any chance of electrical short induced pyrotechnics?
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-03-19 14:28:48
Not entirely certain of your intentions, but if you mean "if I 'did something' to the ammo feed, would the thing blow up good?" And to that I answer "of course!"
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-03-19 14:55:45
This next turn I think is going to be all about the initiative, so without further ado:

1. Wayde (prone on the landing platform)
2. Aurelia (hiding next to lift inside)
2. Stormtroopers (in doorway and such)
2. Erit (inside ship)
3. Arnae (piloting ship)
3. Jileeza (in autoblaster)
4. Urbani (getting E-web into firing position)
4. Mak (on the gangplank as the ship takes to the air)

I believe that grenade left 9 stormtroopers ready for action this round, 1 Navy guy, Urbani, and his droid. 3 of those 9 troopers are the E-web crew, and will act on Urbani's initiative.
CrazyIvan 2004-03-20 00:02:08

Quote: from admiralducksauce on 8:28 am on Mar. 19, 2004
Not entirely certain of your intentions, but if you mean "if I 'did something' to the ammo feed, would the thing blow up good?" And to that I answer "of course!"

That is *exactly* what I was thinking.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-03-26 21:18:55
Sorry again about the delay - work took a poop on my head, and we got a dog. I should hopefully have some time to lay out the coming dogfight Sunday. In the meantime, make sure I've got people where I think they are?

Mak and 'Za are manning quad guns and the autoblaster, respectively. Wayde is entering hyperspace coordinates, Arnae is in the cockpit. I don't have positions for Aurelia or Erit.

If the gunners' intentions are to "shoot the bad guys until they die", then that's cool, I'll just run the combat when I have time on Sunday. Would Arnae be flying defensively, trying to avoid damage and escape, or offensively, trying to set the gunners up on the enemies to eliminate them as quickly as possible?

As always, if your answer to any of the above questions is something else, lemme know. :)
fanchergw 2004-03-26 21:29:29
'Za will shoot until there are either no more targets or they make hyperspace.
Dieter 2004-03-29 18:38:58

Wayde will be assisting in trying to assemble some half-assed/duct-taped hyperdrive motivator. Failing that, he's sticking an arm out of a porthole and firing his blaster. ;)
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-03-29 18:46:13
Looks like that last stormtrooper was engaged in some makeshift sabotage until Erit "convinced" him otherwise.

The four Interceptors are of course, trying to close the range on the Chance. You're still in Bespin's atmosphere, though, making a jump to hyperspace exceedingly dangerous even if the hyperdrive wasn't damaged.

If Arnae can keep the TIEs off his tail for 3 rounds, he can make space. If a TIE or two get on the ship's tail, you can forfeit that round of "getting out of the atmosphere" in order to defend normally, or allow the TIE a bonus to hit in exchange for continuing to get out of Bespin's pull. The Chance is a freighter, and can take a couple hits though.
Gatac 2004-03-29 18:47:21
I'm staying with sensors.

Would Erit know the nominal course of an Ithorian worldship? That could make a nice hiding place.

fanchergw 2004-03-29 18:58:03
I believe there are 2 turrets of quad guns (top and bottom) in addition to the autocannon. That would mean that one turret is currently unmanned, if anyone wants to take it...
CuteMotherFucker 2004-03-29 20:36:50
So we're dealing with 4 TIEs plus one of them cloud city cars? With 3 gunners and Arnea pulling some crazy stunts, I say we handle it.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-03-29 21:02:24
Just 4 TIEs, but they're the Interceptor ones, so slightly more manueverable and faster (but not any tougher). The cloud cars broke off the chase asfter you guys greased one and damaged another badly.
CrazyIvan 2004-03-30 06:08:02
Covering fire from the turrets will help us muchly. Every jink to the left or right they have to make is that much less that they're going forward.

And when I say cut every corner, I mean everything. Catching thermals, scanning forward for favorable wind currents, whatever. I intend to make space, damn it. No dodging. Just speed. Let the turrets handle the fighters.

Ithorian worldships? Sounds safe. Not a place to buy a missile launcher, though. Must have the power!