OOC: Shaken, not stirred.

threadbare 2002-04-25 04:10:06
I'm getting out to shout at them, but I'm ready to duck back in and pull out a gun. My momma didn't raise no fool.
Gatac 2002-04-25 18:25:49
*hands ADS a cookie*

I see that I need to get more obscure then. Those cookies don't come from nuthin'.

threadbare 2002-04-26 08:31:09
Well, they don't wear sports jackets because of the chill winds here. I'm getting ready to roll behind the car and pull out a gun, meanwhile switching to English(new Yorker) to shout at them.
Dieter 2002-04-26 15:18:50
Adam and Gatty, I added some additional info in the IC thread. It should give you at least somethings to say/do.
Dieter 2002-04-26 22:18:17
Gavin's gonna get out of the car and stand by Harry. He's wearing khaki pants and a white tee under a brown, unbuttoned, short-sleeve collared. His service pistol's at the small of his back under his shirt, so it probably isn't too conspicuous.

And hell, he'll "idly" crack his knuckles. Just for effect. No talking, though.
Gatac 2002-04-29 18:00:56
Sports Illustrated ? I guess it's less cliche than Time...

Dieter 2002-04-29 18:30:40
I'm having alot of fun describing what "entry level" assignments are like. You'll eventually get some real jobs, but for now you're stuck with scut work.

But hey...it beats getting coffee and running down to Kinko's. :)
Dieter 2002-04-30 00:55:51
Do we have a means of identifying our contacts? Two guys in polo shirts could be anything. Any passphrases, or weird handshakes, or jigs?
Dieter 2002-04-30 01:18:35
Hmm, yes...

Your phrase is

"Why does the hawk fly lowest at dawn?"

They say,

"Because of the windchill"
Dieter 2002-04-30 01:40:01
Ok, highways initiatives...

Driver: 19
Passenger: 17
Gavin: 16
Harry: 4 (that's makes up for my "1")
Dieter 2002-04-30 05:00:21
I'm going to say, "Harry, take this one!" (assuming that a few words is a free action), then turn and charge the passenger and try for a grapple.

[edit] Of course, it's only fair to let us see what our assailants are up to before you finalize my actions.

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threadbare 2002-04-30 06:22:17
So the driver isn't incapacitated? I'm going to wait for reactions, but my primary inclination is to pistol-whip the sonovabitch. I may change if developments necessitate it. After all, I act last, so I must act best.
Dieter 2002-04-30 14:17:17
You beat the crap out of the driver, but he still has a few punches to go before being incapacitated.

The passenger is prone this turn and will require a half action (like a move equivalent action in D&D) to get up. He still could get a hit on you.

But let's see how combat goes and you can re-evaluate your actions.
Gatac 2002-04-30 14:39:59
I'd like to make a spot check. Did he just have a hard day, or is there something afoot ?

Dieter 2002-04-30 14:50:59
Well, this is more of a "sense motive" check, but I get what you're trying to do.

(Edited by Dieter at 8:54 am on April 30, 2002)
Dieter 2002-04-30 19:11:14
Is Artis or Jess going to say/do anything?? Otherwise I'll move on to the next scene in the airport.
threadbare 2002-05-01 03:12:25
Draw a gun, will he? I suppose I'll draw and fire, unless you rule I already have my gun out, in which case as my 2 half actions, I'll aim and shoot. In both cases I'm trying to hit the lower body.