OOC: Shaken, not stirred.

Dieter 2002-05-01 05:19:14
I'm still going to charge the passenger and hit him with an unarmed attack. If he's still prone and belly-crawling, then I'll try for a kick to the head, soccer ball style. :)
Dieter 2002-05-01 17:44:23
I'm keeping my eye on these two guys in the stairwell. Parking garages are notoriously unsafe.
Dieter 2002-05-01 18:48:05
Initiatives for the parking garage scene:

Jess: 19
Artis: 15 (plus the free suprise half action)
Agents: 8
Gatac 2002-05-01 19:02:38
Sense motive ? Well, not quite hit then, but still a good idea to have done that. Not that it turned out being useful to our characters, but it supported my suspicion. :)

Gatac 2002-05-01 19:31:23
For now, I'm drawing my gun and aiming at the guy with the magazine. If he moves to shoot, he'll eat lead.

Gatac 2002-05-01 19:37:01
I don't know exactly what is going to come of this, but I figure Artis was kind of ready for this shit to happen, between my surprise action and full action, I want to throw/push/kick this gunman over the stairwell railing. That way we'll have the upper ground and cover, and hopefully he might even hurt something on the way down.
Dieter 2002-05-01 20:05:10
Update and info for new round:

Adam: Artis was definitely hurt by the burst, but he's doing ok...you just don't want to experience that again.

Gatty: The burst against you went wild, you didn't take a scratch

Agent 1: Presumably out cold from Artis' monkey toss.
Agent 2: Unharmed and about to be in your face with an MP-5K.

If you're not familiar with how initiative works, here's the lowdown:

Initiative stays the same from one round to the next. You can delay your actions up to 10 plus your DEX bonus, meaning that Artis could delay his action up until 3 (15-10-2 for his DEX bonus=3) before having to act or lose his turn completely for that round. His initiative would return to 15 for the next round.

So, with that, Jessica still goes first (if she wants to)
Gatac 2002-05-01 20:09:34
I want to go first, with an Operation FTF (Fill the Fucker) .45 style. Jessica's allergic to assholes who use SMGs 'cause they can't aim worth shit...

Dieter 2002-05-01 20:15:25
Fuck you all...that's two natural 20's in as many turns! :shocked:

Gatty, you can use an action die to cause an automatic critical...it would be normal damage if you don't.
Dieter 2002-05-01 20:37:18
If this guy doesn't go down from Jess' shot, Artis is going to vault the railing and land on the fucker, assuming he's not too far down the stairwell. The way I see the situation may not be the same as you, Dave. I see the stairwell as the standard parking garage concrete stairs, metal tubular railing, switchback-style stairs. Is the machinegunner like one level below us, or is he up enough on the stairs that even if Artis went prone he'd still be able to be shot at? Jess may make the situation a moot point anyway with her great shot. :) If the gunner IS too far down to charge/rush, Artis will hunt cover and pull out his USP (half action plus a move to cover)

Did that burst knock down my Vitality points completely?
Dieter 2002-05-01 20:42:19
Ok, you got the scenario about right. The machine gunner is standing on the flat part below that separates the two flights of stairs. He came up the flight of stairs below, spraying the bursts at you two, settling on the flat part. You two are looking down at him from the stairs.

As for your vitality, you're fine. You have 6/12 WP's left.
Dieter 2002-05-01 20:51:07
I would have been fucked without the vest, though. Thanks Gatac! :)

In that case, I'm going to draw my weapon for my move-equal action and fire at the little shit. Between us both we've gotta be able to take him down.

"And that's half speed!" nice. :)
Dieter 2002-05-01 20:55:35
Well, since I'm sure Gatac will probably want the guy dead...we'll assume he did the critical and move on.
Dieter 2002-05-01 21:36:26
Here's what you find on them.

1) Captain Unconscious
-A small .40 caliber, 6-shot, hold-out pistol (full clip)
-One extra clip
-Sports Illustrated, June 2002 issue, slightly tattered.
-Wallet, no-ID, equivalent to about $50 American.

2)Mr. Grey Matter
-MP-5K w/clip (24 rounds)
-Extra clip (30 rounds)
-Wallet, no-ID
-Cel phone

No car keys...but did I hear someone say HOTWIRE??

Adam, tell me what kind of car you're looking for and we'll go from there.
Dieter 2002-05-01 22:41:19
Oh, I should also say we're taking their phone. Let's get out of the immediate area, then we can hit redial and see who the shit was talking to... After we ask him some questions first.

If I can't break into one of those cars, I sure as hell am going to smash in a rear window with the unconscious guy's head. I've got Mechanics, Electronics and Open Lock, so hopefully standard car locks and alarms will not be a problem.
Dieter 2002-05-02 02:15:58
Do Spanish gas stations have bathrooms inside or outside? If it's outside, I'm thinking we get the key, take our buddy in there and have a word or two with him (our cover is he's dead drunk and he needs to barf and we both have to carry him in - only if someone asks). Intimidation is fine, torture is not.
Dieter 2002-05-02 02:47:23
Back on the highway, I'm going to start a grapple with Mr. Desert Eagle's handler.
Dieter 2002-05-02 03:02:26
Adam: The gas station has a bathroom, but it's one of those deals where it's attached, but you gotta go inside the station to ge the key.