OOC: Shaken, not stirred.

Dieter 2002-05-03 17:32:42
No, no, I think that we'll call Shrike first, and see if we can hook the PDA part of our communicator things into Miguel's cellphone, so maybe they can trace, and if not, at least maybe get a voiceprint.
Dieter 2002-05-03 19:27:55
Ok, not to penalize anyone....but,

If we want the story to progress from here on out, you'll have to give me some discretion on running your characters. Trying to get 2 people to respond in somewhat timely manner is a challenge, 4 people is just plain nutty.

So, if I don't hear from you within say an 2 hours (that's only during Mon-Fri 9-4pm EST) of something important, I'll play out what I think your character may do. As long as it's not a vital plotpoint/decision (ie. a large gunfight, you're captured and being interrogated, the world is about to blow up), I'll do my best to have your character react accordingly.

If you think my actions aren't what your character would do, I'll try to edit the storyline as best as I can.

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Gatac 2002-05-03 19:40:18
I know that Jessica is doing a potentially dumb and dangerous thing. However, she's too caught up between utter focus and total confusion to notice.

BTW, once we close in, she'll make the fighting cease. In best case, just by pointing at all of them with her gun. In worst case, by seeing to it that they all are crying and rolling over thr ground.


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Gatac 2002-05-03 19:47:01
Call out the codenames when we get in range, and shoot the ones who don't recognize them. :)
Gatac 2002-05-04 08:41:44
I'm gonna get up, take a five-foot step towards him, and snap a kick at his gun. And, of course, respond when Artis calls out my codename.

And I wasn't aware that I'd picked up a tuxedo liner. Thanks, Dieter. ;)

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threadbare 2002-05-04 11:22:39
That described shot that put Gavin down was a second one, or just another description of the first? Anyway, if the guy doesn't stop shooting, I'll try a couple shots to the lower midsection and below.

By the way, I'd think night-vision sunglasses would run me 2 gadget points, since they're basically along the same lines as x-ray contacts.

(Edited by Threadbare at 4:25 am on May 4, 2002)
Gatac 2002-05-04 12:00:39
Or, if we take three gadget points, could they have a built-in ear mike ? :)

Gatac 2002-05-05 07:37:26
The rulebook does say that you can add multiple optic gadgets to a single pair of Agency glasses. Two options per pair, I think.
Dieter 2002-05-06 04:35:07
Ok, you can add up to two enhancements per pair of glasses.

Starlight (Nightvision) lenses are 1GP.

As for the fight in progress, everyone is now on the same timeline. The second shot that put Gavin down really did put him down. You're down to 7WP, no vitality.

Harry does notice that the slide on the passenger's Desert Eagle is fully retracted.

Reviewing the initiatives (with Artis & Jessica included)
Jessica and Artis are in the SUV, 25 yards behind the two other cards. They can see Harry & Co., but Harry & Co. don't notice the SUV...yet.


So what's everyone doing?
threadbare 2002-05-06 10:45:22
How much for sunglasses with infared and nightvison, or nightvision and zoom? Do binocs work with nightvision specs? I'm probably just going for Starlights, tho, and a copycat briefcase.

Hmm. Act last, act best.

"Maybe you didn't hear me the last time. Don't. Fucking. Move." Standard move for a half action, and watch him for a holdout or something. If he looks like he's going to die, I'll try to stablize him. We need info more than a corpse.

(Edited by Threadbare at 3:46 am on May 6, 2002)
Dieter 2002-05-06 14:13:39
Sunglasses with infrared and nightvision are 3GP, same for nightvision and zoom. Binoculars do NOT work with nightvision specs...nice try. :)

Remember, the gadgets you get are just for the mission...you don't accumulate them with each adventure. If you want something for yourself, that comes out of your personal budget (not the mission budget either).

(Edited by Dieter at 8:14 am on May 6, 2002)
Dieter 2002-05-06 16:13:30
So 3 out of the 4 people in the fight have been shot - the driver's dying/dead, Gavin's wounded, and the passenger is wounded to the point of being stunned, leaving one man with a loaded weapon (Harry)?
Dieter 2002-05-06 16:19:11
Waiting for Jessica while I drive closer. I'll have my gun ready to go (ew, off-hand... or wait, do the Spanish drive on the right or left-side?) but not out the window yet.
Gatac 2002-05-06 16:32:14
I'll try my best "You stop shooting or I start shooting" line and tote the MP5 menacingly.

Gatac 2002-05-06 16:38:02
Since she's not asking for identification, I guess I'll shout out the window, "Heron, Nighthawk, identify yourself!" - that hopefully should get them not to shoot us as well as making sure we don't shoot the wrong people.
Dieter 2002-05-06 16:54:50
Spanish drive on the right, like 95% of the rest of the world.

Righty-o...game on.