OOC 3 - back in the saddle

CrazyIvan 2004-09-30 20:09:33

Quote: from Dieter on 7:40 am on Sep. 30, 2004
All of the above is warranted. I don't think much can penetrate starship-scale shielding.

Besides starship-scale weapons, of course.
fanchergw 2004-09-30 21:09:56
If Arnae agrees, Jileeza will start with the yacht, figuring to take out the mynocks in the process. Then she'll switch to the side bay doors, which hopefully lead into the rest of the complex.

"Mok? You in one of the turrets? Feel like pitching in?" Between the two of them, they ought to be able to make pretty quick work of anything in the hanger bay, as well as the side doors.
fanchergw 2004-10-01 18:59:51
Damn! I knew I should have researched Mynocks...

Open foot, insert mouth.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-10-01 19:21:00
LOL, all I know about mynocks is that they fly, they eat power lines and they can live in space slugs. It's Star Wars, not long division. :)
Dieter 2004-10-04 20:39:04
If the security camera is an easy shot from the door, Wayde will be blasting it. If not, we're going to move inside slowly.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-10-05 16:17:32
Plus Erit.

The camera's easily blastable, maybe not from the door but you figure you can hit it while still outside its field of view.
fanchergw 2004-10-05 16:40:28
I figure we need Arnae in the ship to fly it out of here as soon as the opportunity presents. Probably good to have someone manning the autocannon to provide cover if the others come running back.

I figure we could use as many on the "away team" as possible, right now. Gatac appears to be incommunicado at the moment, so Erit's not doing much. If Erit were to take over the autocannon, Jileeza could join the others for a little extra firepower. Does this seem reasonable?

Of course, it might also make sense to hold Jileeza and Erit in reserve, in case they need to rush in and rescue the others. What do the rest of you think?

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Dieter 2004-10-05 17:08:17
I'll be blasting the camera.

FYI: Gatac is on vacation IIRC.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-10-06 16:18:28
Well, as Dieter said, Gatty's on vacation, and CrazyIvan said he's moving to Ireland currently. What if we swapped Aurelia with 'Za? Between Za and Wayde, they should be able to handle the mechanical difficulties I may or may not have set before you. Also, there's a logical disconnect with the phrase "Erit can use the autocannon". He's a Force hippie. :) Aurelia would be better on that thing.
fanchergw 2004-10-06 18:17:30
Sounds reasonable. 'Za can switch with Aurelia.

BTW, Luke was fairly competent with the Falcon's guns, so I didn't think Erit would be unable to use them.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-10-06 18:41:54
Not that he's unable to use them, but that he's likely unwilling to use them.

That said, what's the plan? I don't need to describe every inch of this complex, nor do you guys need to make decisions about "the right door vs. the left door". Instead, let me know generally how you're proceeding:

- As cautiously as possible, sweeping every place a camera or enemy could be, checking every room? (in this example, given the layout described in the IC thread, you'd blast the camera, check and clear all 3 storage rooms, and clear the end-of-hallway door and whatever lies beyond that before proceeding with the turbolift)
Proceeding this way will be safest, but you also risk running out of time and being separated from the Chance when "whoever it is" arrives.

- Proceed cautiously, but only towards objectives that seem to be leading you further towards the goal of freeing the ship? (you'd blast the camera, maybe peek in the last door, react accordingly, but then take the turbolift without touching the storage rooms)

Obviously, you run the risk of something you missed bushwhacking you, but the chance of running out of time is lessened to compensate.

- Charge? (basically proceed, blasting everything in your way, hoping you don't miss the controls that extend the proverbial bridge)

You may gain a bit of surprise by reacting with overwhelming force and speed, and if you don't completely miss vital rooms, you stand a good chance of being gone before your "mystery captors" even arrive. Of course, this way is a kind of "all or nothing" gamble.
fanchergw 2004-10-07 00:22:44
Personally, I'm inclined toward what's behind Door Number 2. What do the rest of you think?
CrazyIvan 2004-10-10 18:25:19
I agree. If we take the time to secure everything, especially on a starship, we're going to run out of time, and the chances of us getting pinned in some access way and shot to pieces is fairly high.

I vote for a cautious but determined advance.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-10-11 15:48:34
Ivan, since you seem to be back with us for the time being, Aurelia can come with the "away team" or stay with the ship at your own discretion.
Dieter 2004-10-12 03:56:42
Time for Aurelia to hack into the security systems. More importantly, maybe she can get the damn overhead landing gates to open and get us the heck out of here. If not, she can at least Napster our way through the complex.
CrazyIvan 2004-10-12 12:40:22
I'll go with the "Away Team" so long as noone refers to me as Ensign or wants me to wear red
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-10-13 15:45:48
If you wanted to, someone could watch the monitors in case any ships arrived. Or, tell you what, I'll say that since Arnae's watching the ship, he can do that from the security station, and be able to make it back to the Chance before the hangar doors are fully open, if such need arose.

If you want to try something else, let me know, otherwise I'll continue on.
Dieter 2004-10-13 22:46:24

Quote: from admiralducksauce on 9:45 am on Oct. 13, 2004
If you wanted to, someone could watch the monitors in case any ships arrived. Or, tell you what, I'll say that since Arnae's watching the ship, he can do that from the security station, and be able to make it back to the Chance before the hangar doors are fully open, if such need arose.

Sounds good to me.