OOC: Something Completely Different/Red Dawn

threadbare 2007-01-01 02:24:59
Ganet's still in the bar. Let's just say he's sent a coded transmission of the plan, and heads out to get word to the people on the ship.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-01-02 21:48:23
Sounds good. I have no problem with fast-forwarding a bit, after we resolve the Calsera vs. Mazof struggle. I should have a big update thursday, but until then I'm driving around Maryland for work, doctor, and other. :)
e of pi 2007-01-06 01:12:57
Is Ty remote-controlling the Dragon from his Hapan fighter, or standing-by on the bridge of the Dragon in case something goes wrong? How many pilots do we have in the air? Mandall, Calsera, Ganet, I assume, then maybe Aurelia, maybe Ty. What's the final count, before we finish choosing targets. Anyway, I'm thinking one more pilot accompany Mandall, make sure he doesn't get himself killed, since coming back from the dead a second time would start to feel old, then the others gang up on the ships headed for the Dragon. Also, what's the initiative list?
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-01-06 01:41:16
Ty doesn't want to be on the Dragon, trust me. :) You can remote-pilot it from any of your ships, or Mazof's Nubian yacht, although to be honest, Ty should probably either fly escort OR remote-pilot the Dragon. Doing both is likely to get one or both shot down.

I would assume that Mandall and Calsera are definitely flying escort. Since CrazyIvan is incognito, I'm assuming that Aurelia is onboard the yacht. Someone needs to fly the yacht, and that could be Ganet or Murdoch. It's not that Murdoch can't fly, he just hasn't yet. :) Which means you could have one more fighter in the air if you wanted.

Initiative will have to wait until we figure out who exactly needs it. :)
e of pi 2007-01-06 02:45:46
Any chance the yacht has been modified with a turret of some kind? Murdoch might be more use there, and Aurelia can fly the yacht itself (right? Wrong? A mix of the two?). If there's not a gun, and being that it's the private yacht of a somewhat shady character, it wouldn't be complete with out some after-market guns, so I think it should have at least one, Murdoch should grab a fighter.

Also, the way I figure it, the path of the Dragon could almost be entirely preprogramed and left to the droidbrain. Thus, Ty'd only need to focus on it if we decide to change the target or something. Thus, he could still fly an escort until then.

The roster, including a summary of my above thoughts:

Ty- maybe- if allowed to pilot and leave a preprogrammed course to the droidbrain
Murdoch- maybe- if no turret on yacht

Aurelia- flying
Murdoch-maybe- if there's a turret (Turrets- if I read these stats right- give him a higher max roll than a fighter)
Ty- if not allowed to fly a fighter and control the Dragon simultaneously

Kamikaze droidbrain
Several hundred thousand tons of inertia
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-01-09 21:09:43
All right, we'll go with that then. Because we're not really using Eritram or Aurelia, we'll say that Murdoch is flying the yacht as well as handling weapons. The yacht'll have a streamlined laser turret - works well enough for anti-fighter work, but it's not a warship.

Initiative is as follows. Remember, you can line up shots on anyone equal or below you in the initiative order for free, but doing so to someone higher than you is at a penalty.

12: Mandall - X-Wing, attacking Skipray
8: Calsera - V-Wing, attacking bombers
8: Y-Wing bombers, attacking Dragon
6: Ty - Hapan Fighter
6: Cloakshapes, escorting Braxis
5: MDK-911 - Nubian Yacht
3: Ganet - Hapan Bomber (?)
3: Braxis Dane - Skipray Blastboat
1: Dragon - on autopilot; d12 range from target
1: Spire AA turbolasers, attacking Dragon

Every round the Dragon will get one die type closer to Naga's spire. d10, then d8, and so on. That's the difficulty the spire's AA guns have to beat in order to strike the freighter. That's also the difficulty to you guys to target those guns.

Ty, each round you may roll initative for either your fighter or the Dragon. As it gets closer to target, you probably want to concentrate more on the freighter.
Dieter 2007-01-09 21:58:37
All-out defense (dodge, evasive manuevers, etc) in the Yacht this round for MDK.
e of pi 2007-01-10 00:06:31
How much punishment can the Dragon take? You know, before the big freighter that could runs out of chutzpah and we're screwed?

Second, Ty's taking the penalty and focusing on the Y-wings. Right now, we need a clear path, and that means aerial suppot.

Third, can Ty's multitasking allow me to aid Calsera in her run while also targeting the Y-wings himself. Have Ty flying as her wing, but looking for his own shot too, or something? Basically, can I roll a second attack on the Y-wings?

In general, I think, we need to worry about the other ships in the air first. Later, when we get into d8-ish range, I'll probably switch over to rolling the freighter's initiative and we should put some thought to the tower guns.

Sorry if my questions start to annoy. :oops: I swear, I'm almost done with them.[/i]
fanchergw 2007-01-10 20:12:39
I'm thinking 2 rounds dealing with the Y-wings and other fighter attacks, then peel off to deal with the tower defenses. If Calsera and Ty manage to take out 2 Y-wings in the first round, Cat may leave the last Y to Ty and help Manny with the Cloakshapes for a round.

If Ganet is in the bomber, then he may want to go straight for the tower defenses while the rest of us are dealing with the incoming fighters.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-01-11 18:59:03
The Dragon is a capital-scale freighter, basically. The only weapons that will bring it down in time are those tower turbolasers, the Y-Wings' torpedoes, and the Skipray's payloads. It has a Body of d10, with d6 worth of deflector shields. Typical turbolasers deal from 1-8 damage per strike, torpedoes do 1-10, weighted towards the higher end. It cannot be one-shotted; it's just too tough for that. Worst case scenario is that it COULD be taken down in two really, really heavy hits. Or, it shrugs off blast after blast, generally deteriorating over maybe 8 rounds of fire before it can't fly. And it'll be in the building on round 5.

And Ty can make multiple attacks, each penalized TWICE - once for attacking someone higher than you in initiative, and once for the multiple attacks. Your Multitasking aspect will apply regardless of those penalized totals, though. It's a good idea to do as you just suggested.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-01-11 19:25:15
The Dragon has 7/10 Wounds, no shields.

Braxis' Skipray has taken Wound damage, but not as much as the lead Y-wing. It's messed up and can't use its torp launchers.

Ganet made a real lucky roll and toasted one of the three AA guns on the spire. 2 left, and we're at d10 range this round.

9. Braxis
8. Mandall
8. Calsera
8. Murdoch
6. Cloakshapes
5. Ty (may use this for either himself or the Dragon, pick one)
2. Ganet
2. Y-Wings
1. AA guns
Gatac 2007-01-11 19:36:46
Going after the Y-Wings. I'll go after Braxis when we've made sure that the Dragon won't be blasted out of the sky by torpedos.

Keeping the Cloakshapes firing at me would be good, too. Any attention I can draw away from the Dragon is welcome...
Dieter 2007-01-11 20:42:37
Still getting out of Dodge, mindful that someone might be tracking the GTA of the Hutt's yacht.
Dieter 2007-01-11 22:03:18
admiralducksauce wrote:

Dead man's yacht. Calsera took out Mazof, the owner, in the elevator.

Oh. Right.
e of pi 2007-01-12 00:29:05
Does the freighter, as is, have any weapons that Ty could access? I think I'm taking the frieghter this time, to give Calsera a chance to knock out a few other Y-wings while they take to penalty to aim at the Dragon, but being able to get out a shot at them as they pass or something would be good.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-01-12 02:53:30
There are two droid brains on the Dragon. I assume you used one for the autopiloting, so that leaves one to handle the turret.