OOC: Babes in the Woods

Aihal the Silent 2006-05-10 19:19:03
Just wanted to check. After all, since it appears we're transporting an assault force and not slaves, i wasn't sure we wanted them to reach their destination.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-10 19:24:22
Well, previous events (that you've participated in, no less!) go like this:

Naga's slave shipment is attacked by "Imperial" forces enroute to Mygeeto. No doubt this causes some... strain between Naga and Moff Dorn.

A second Naga convoy, returning from Bespin, is attacked by "Imperial" forces but is rescued by you guys.

Naga gives you a transport job to Mygeeto. You're not one of his regular freighter crews, he's been doubly insulted by the Moff now (or so he may think), and he's having you deliver people and weaponry onto Mygeeto's surface. It looks like the Moff and Naga's relationship is about to be violently terminated. :)
Aihal the Silent 2006-05-10 19:36:09
sorry, some stuff at work is melting my brain. And if their relationship is violently terminated, Naga will definitely draw the ire of Imperial Forces.
fanchergw 2006-05-10 20:03:31
Cat rules! ;)

Since we want the Moff and Naga to have a bad relationship, I'm thinking that delivering the forces it a good thing.
e of pi 2006-05-10 21:26:14
So let's just get Shas to sign and initial the appropriate forms and lift once the team gets back.
e of pi 2006-05-11 18:56:00
Handle the two thugs how you will (blast them, break their knees, whatever), but let's let Calsera worry about catching the Rodian. Kill him only if capture is immpossible.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-11 19:09:38
All righty, I'm getting cable connected at the new place tomorrow, and I'm moving our computers tonight. I'll try to post this combat round this afternoon, make up some stuff for people who haven't posted, and I'll be very very offline and very very busy until Monday or Tuesday again.
e of pi 2006-05-11 19:13:29
Good luck ADS. I sugest that Ganet takes the Gran, whil MDK worries about the Kubaz. Mandall can push through and help Cat with the Rodian.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-11 19:18:02
Dieter's chatting with me - MDK's on the Gran. Unless Threadbare posts differently before this afternoon, I figure he'll go defensive and attempt to knock the Kubaz down or cold-cock him with the holochess table. Will spend wild dice as appropriate to not get killed. :)
fanchergw 2006-05-11 20:46:49
Just so I understand where we are, ADS:

You posted the rest of Round 1, finishing off with the rodian's already-used action (from his dodge).

You've posted the initiative for Round 2 (Calsera a 4? :cry: ) and are waiting for actions from those who haven't already posted them.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-11 21:05:26
Correctamundo! Everyone has acted in Round 1, we are now on Round 2.

And in about 15 minutes, I'll be unplugging our PCs from the intarweb. So no hurry on posting. :)
threadbare 2006-05-15 04:59:32
Before my action, holochess board defense + wild dice.

When my action comes up, drop it, pull out my actual weapons, and try to subdue the kubaz. By 'Subdue' I'm meaning a wide definition of the word.
a1776 2006-05-15 16:45:53
Sorry I havent posted alot but my computer has been acting up. :x
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-15 20:54:16
No problem, glad you're still with us. :)

I'm back online too, but I shan't be able to post an update today, I'm far too busy. Hopefully I'll be able to get to it tomorrow.
e of pi 2006-05-17 05:04:53
Calsera, try to take out the Rodian. Alive, if possible. Murdock, Mandall, same, but only go for a clear shot. Is it possible that the Rodian could roll get a bump if he were to sustain fatal injuries so that we could capture him alive? We'd still have beaten him, but maybe the shot hits a lung instead of the heart? So he's down but not dead?