OOC: Babes in the Woods

Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-17 05:26:20
You can't guarantee anybody you SHOOT with a BLASTER is going to be all right. Making a called shot to extremities certainly lowers the chances that the target's going to die, however. And honestly, it's still pretty hard to outright kill somebody with a single hit from a blaster pistol.
e of pi 2006-05-17 05:39:57
Okay. Aim for legs and arms. Keep the head and torso intact if possible.
DatonKallandor 2006-05-17 11:46:33

And honestly, it's still pretty hard to outright kill somebody with a single hit from a blaster pistol.

Unless you shoot at Stormtroopers in cardboard armor.

Gatac 2006-05-17 11:54:28
Man, you'd think the Empire packs those armors with explosive charges just to make sure their Stormtroopers really die when they're hit.

Saves them from having a medical corp...

fanchergw 2006-05-19 00:05:13
Okay, so how do we keep this guy alive? Do we have any medics? If they're on the ship, they're likely too far away anyway? Are there any medical clinics nearby, and what kind of questions are they likely to ask - keeping in mind that this place is a cesspool?

Or should we just hope that the communicator frequency gives us enough? Do we even have time to pursue this before we need to leave? Will I ever stop asking stupid question?
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-19 05:10:29
Well, medicine and the like runs off your Knowledge Trait, and statistically Ganet would have the best go at it. You're not trying to recover his hand or "heal" him, just stabilize him, so it's not a very difficult roll, but there is a roll involved. In fact, it's a foregone conclusion that he's not going to die unless he somehow offs himself or you decide to let him go - the roll is basically not whether he lives or dies, but rather how cognizant he is for questioning. Sorry to ramble there.

If you want to take your chances with trained NPC help :) , you can find a ask-no-questions clinic with some "diagnose-it-yourself" medical droids.

As for the commlink, I figure you guys have the Ty/Jorm/Aurelia way of backtracing the frequency and using sensor magic (TM) to discern where the Rodian was placing calls. That takes a while and would likely be something to handle by leaving a party behind or dealing with on your return trip. The other way is the Max Power way, and involves calling back on the dude's commlink, telling the person on the other end that you're comin' for 'em, and hell's comin' with ya. :)
e of pi 2006-05-19 17:36:11
At this point, I feel it's more important to get into Naga's good graces by completing the mission than to find out who the Rodian is. Slap a Band-aid on him and haul him back to the ship. Record his transmission frequency, and we'll work on it when we get back from this run.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-25 19:38:31
So... if your plan is to interrogate the Rodian, who's handling that, and how are you going about it? Violence is quickest, but if you fail, you don't really have any other recourse except for more violence. There's deception too, and wearing him down through deprivation... there's also just plain old "talk to the guy and convince him to blab". :)
fanchergw 2006-05-25 19:45:08
Perhaps a variation on Good Cop / Bad Cop? Whoever is the best talker in the group could play Good Cop and try to convince him to spill. Murdock or Calsera (who has claws) could do the Bad Cop thing of slowly removing appendages/causing pain if he's not forthcoming.
e of pi 2006-05-25 20:53:44
I'd say Shas for the "Good Cop" role. However, my friend has been doing most of his posting at school due to internet issues at home, and finals end tomorrow. I think he's planning on working on his dad's computer, but his post rate may continue to be slow.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-25 20:58:12
Thanks for the heads-up, E. When a1776 can get back into it, Shas' social talents will be brought back into the game, but I think you guys can handle this without having to puppet his character. :)
e of pi 2006-05-25 21:07:25
In that case, I'll have to reconsider. I think, however, that if possible, we should be able to offer this guy his freedom, such as it is, in exchange for information, so we'll need to make sure that the "good" and "bad" cops stay inside the bounds of their alter egos, so that if we drop him, he doesn't blow our limited cover.
a1776 2006-05-30 04:23:38
Im still going slowly but i should be able to post regularly late this week.
Also I would love to help in the Rodian's interrogation. :twisted: