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Gatac 2002-10-04 19:33:06
The problem in my case is that I don't think Jess will really get any mileage out of additional gear. The only thing I found that *might* be useful would be surveillance equipment. So, I hereby surrender my budget points. Again. Get yourself the bugs you always wanted, I'm paying :)

As for gadgets, I'll take the shades I asked about, but instead of a telescopic effect, I'd like integral screens and earplugs to use for receiving the corresponding info from bugs. Assuming that that's within my budget, of course.

(Argh. I really, really need a player's manual. No, wait, I need money.)

Gatac 2002-11-06 16:09:58
For the Vegas mission:
-2 laser sights, one for his USP and the other for the rifle (4 BP)
-Telescopic rifle sight (2 BP)
-Bipod (1 BP)
-Mechanics kit (4 BP)
-2 pairs of handcuffs (2 BP)
-Liquid skin patch (5 BP)
-Personal tape recorder (1 BP)
-Sodium Pentothal (3 BP)
-2 video bugs (6 BP)
-audio bug (3 BP)

And then with 2 GP:
Tracking device business card
Starlight lenses

Artis likes 'em big... The ever-obiquitous Crown Vic (aka Police Car stats)
Basic car: 4GP
Handling +6
MPH 70/140
Def 13
WP 110
Hardness 12

Black Headlights (1GP, -6 to spot car at night)
Extra armor (1GP, factored into stats)
Improved Handling (1GP, factored in)
Reinforced Tires (1GP)
Concealed Machine Gun (3GP, 7.62mm GPMG)
Remote control (1GP, -5 maneuver checks, but can control from 2 miles away off the keychain)
Special: because I got 5 or more vehicular gadgets at once, the cost is reduced by half so I only pay 4 GP (8 divided by 2) for the lot (p. 151)

The assault rifle is no doubt going in the trunk. But I have a horrible feeling that I'm going to be glad that I kept it around. :)
CrazyIvan 2002-11-06 19:59:45
*I, or more accurately my incoming character, looks insainly jealous of admiral and his assualt rifle toy...bipod, score and a rifle...*wistful sigh* That's what he gets for being an assualt sniper...gadget lust. *Looks down at his own little MP5* someday Brian, some day.
CrazyIvan 2002-11-08 07:15:03
Any suggestions on what to do with my BP's, team? I know this is a mostly "no-guns" mission, but I'm tempted by past experiences to spend it all on weaponry, anyway. I'm technically the team muscle, anyway...
threadbare 2002-11-08 07:20:26
well, you could get some sort of garotte, and a powerful first punch weapon like a magnum or a shotgun. Also good would be any cool surveillence gear you can find in the MAG or the main book, neither of which I own.
threadbare 2002-11-08 14:56:33
Problems with magnums and shotties is the lack of silencing... what about a taser or something? Are they any use? They do ignore armor, that could be a bonus.
CrazyIvan 2002-11-09 01:57:51
Honestly, I think we have a good deal of muscle, even for a "non-guns" mission...plenty of soldier/wheelman types, my character coming on is a soldier...snoopage, even if is done by a non-snoop character, could be good.
threadbare 2002-11-09 17:57:48
I was thinking the magnums and shotties because if shots are fired, things have probably already gone to hell, so why not finish it fast?

Anyway, how many budget points would a stylish tuxedo run me, and how many when gadget-ized? I need some sort of master gadget list to refer to.
threadbare 2002-11-09 18:53:54
A standard armorlined tuxedo (or any clothing I suppose) runs 1GP, then extras cost variable GPs on top of that. Cameoleon fibers, for example, cost +4-5 GP or something on top of the basic suit cost, but to my knowledge you can put multiple extras in a single suit (or briefcase or watch, etc.).
threadbare 2002-11-10 09:02:36
Sorry, I meant to be more helpful, but Dieter showed up for the sit-down game. :)

Tuxedo liner: 1 GP, acts as armored liner
Armor addon: adds +1 Defense, +2 GP (not worth it IMO)
Bungee suspenders: +1 GP, stretch 250 ft and support 40 lbs
Chameleon Suit: +5 GP, you turn invisible
Panic Button: +1 GP homing beacon for Agency members within 20 miles, alerts all Agency listening posts within 100 miles, lasts 6 hours once activated
Tie camera: 1 GP (can be purchased apart from the clothing itself)
Trauma suit: +8 GP, heals 1d12 vitality up to 5 times
Taser cufflinks: +1 GP, acts as taser attack (must be recharged after one use)
threadbare 2002-11-10 09:18:56
well, can I use my class bonus to defense and still get the damage reduction the tuxedo gives? 'cause right now I'm thinking of getting the tux (and maybe the taser cufflinks)

(Edited by Threadbare at 3:21 am on Nov. 10, 2002)
Dieter 2002-11-11 02:14:10
What ADS said.

Sorry I haven't been around this weekend. We'll have a fresh start Monday.

Dieter 2002-11-11 09:29:25
    Budget points:
    [*:fa984b0231]12 gauge pump-action shotgun (22 BP) (as stockless and sawed-off as they come)
    [*:fa984b0231]25 12 gauge shot shells (2 BP)
    [*:fa984b0231]10 12 gauge slug shells (2 BP)
    [*:fa984b0231]Kevlar vest insert (10 BP)
    [*:fa984b0231]50 rounds .40 S&W JHP (1 BP)
    [*:fa984b0231]Nice and bulky tuxedo (5 BP)
    Gadget points:
    [*:fa984b0231]Eyeglasses w/ starlight lenses, thermographic lenses, faceprint lenses (6 BP)
    [*:fa984b0231]Standard Agency attache case (1 BP)

    I'd like it very much if the shotty could fit in the attache case. I'd even still be glad if it took a hit in ammo capacity in order to do so. I'd also like the mugs of Gonzalez, Andrew, and Co. downloaded into the faceprint lenses.
threadbare 2002-11-11 10:23:07
how much for some sort of gadgetized hat? I really want to have one, although I'm not sure what it would do. Would it be an oddjob-style exotic weapon? would it be armored? would it have a tracking device in it? would it be equipped with a camera? what are the options and gadget costs for those? I know for sure I want an armored tux, starlight sunglasses, and maybe a business card or two.
threadbare 2002-11-11 12:28:17
Well, the jury's still out on the gadgets, but I think I have a mission budget.

45 BP
Police Scanner(3)
Audio bug(3)
Cell signal interceptor(15)
data bug(4)
parabolic microphone(5)
snub-nose .357 magnum(14) with extra 20 bullets(1)
Dieter 2002-11-11 20:52:05
Hmm, before the effects of the meds take hold of my consciousness.

IP: The shotgun is fine...a sawed-off is not, we're talking illicit and very illegal in the eyes of the U.S. justice system. You can obtain one (this is the U.S. of A afterall) but you've have some hard questions to answer if the LVPD pull you over.

As for you GPs, you might want to discuss it over with ADS as there are plenty of things you can add to his wheels.