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Dieter 2003-03-17 23:54:48

Quote: from Threadbare on 1:53 am on Mar. 16, 2003

Also, the core book didn't have anything on escrima sticks. Would you use them with the same basic rules as nunchuckas, or as club attacks all by their own?

Forgot to answer you other question. Go ahead and use the specs for nunchukas for now. I'm not sure if escrima sticks are in the MAG, but I'll check tonight.
threadbare 2003-03-18 00:47:42
that also made me wonder. considering they're just wooden sticks, are they considered martial arts weapons, requiring the exotic weapon proficiency? Also, can you pick up any similar-looking stick and use it as such?
Dieter 2003-03-18 03:18:24
They would fall under the exotic weapon category since there is a whole fighting style based on them. Using them correctly would mean you'd also need to know the fighting style too.

You could of course just go with the ever ubiquitous (and cheap) sidearm...the lead pipe. You can find them just about anywhere and you don't need no stinkin' proficiency to use 'em. ;)

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threadbare 2003-03-18 05:47:43
yeah, but I want her to be deadly-dangerous up close. Maybe I should pick it up later, and just keep the unarmed martial arts perk, and pack a lead pipe. Hmnnn.
Dieter 2003-03-18 22:07:49
A lead pipe can be pretty deadly, especially if you have the feat "Combat Instincts". If your opponent misses you when attacking in melee, you get a free shot on him.
threadbare 2003-03-19 00:55:22
I think that could work, if I traded weapon finesse for combat instincts, and just made it part of the story that a goal of hers is to learn escrima. All she knows right now is hitting people and clubbing people.
threadbare 2003-03-21 05:05:55
That could solve some problems, but what would I trade it for? I'm giving up on the soldier bonus feat...but I'm gaining two of the abilities I want. Looks good. Anyone have the book?
Dieter 2003-03-21 15:29:23
From what I've heard over at the AEG boards, finding the PAC sourcebook is next to impossible. I'd really like to have it but none of my FLGS have it. Heck, the WotC store at the mall (surprise, surprise) hasn't even heard of it.

And that's why alot of their stores are going belly up.
threadbare 2003-03-22 00:43:42
they have a preview of the class on the AEG site. I found all the info I need.
CrazyIvan 2003-03-22 08:04:32
Screw it. They're killing my kind of guys.

In the immortal words of Split Second:

"We need guns. Big fucking guns"
CrazyIvan 2003-03-22 08:44:28
Well, I think we should hold off on reqing the BFG's until we find out who "they" are.
CrazyIvan 2003-03-23 07:51:37
Bah. A BFG is a BFG. Unless they're cyborg space ninjas, a slug will kill them all the same :)
Gatac 2003-03-24 22:19:17
No, those cybrogs are tough as nails, but luckily, we're just facing cyborgs, a much lesser evil. :)

Dieter 2003-03-30 06:37:02
I got back home a few hours ago. I'm aiming to get BP/GP stuff done tomorrow...hopefully.

Dieter 2003-03-30 19:53:07
Without further ado.

BP 31
GP 8
Cash $700

BP 40
GP 6
Cash $400

BP 64
GP 6
Cash $600

BP 41
GP 9
Cash $600

BP 42
GP 7
Cash $400
Dieter 2003-03-30 20:08:48
Note: gadget points are normal, just post what you'd like and I'll roll to see if its available.

Specialty Weapon costs

KBP V-94 Sniper Rifle: BP=54, DMG=3d8+1 (AP), Threat=18-20, Range=375, Single-shot, weight=40

Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle: BP=22, DMG=1d8+2, Threat=19-20, Range=75, Bi-pod, 4x scope, suppressed, Ammo=10