OOC: V - The Final Frontier

Dieter 2002-11-18 18:00:59
Hmm, perhaps I should have said this earlier. There really aren't any "back alleys" on the Strip in Las Vegas. It's wall-to-wall casinos interspersed with parking lots.

The best you could do is perhaps a service/maintenance causeway in the bowels of one of the casinos. If you've seen the Clooney remake of Ocean's Eleven or Casino you'll know what I'm talking about.

Artis' knowledge of security systems would then tell you that's probably a bad idea since all casinos are wired up the whazzoo with surveillance cameras.

Your choice, but choose wisely.
Dieter 2002-11-18 18:38:21
I don't see why this guy is our problem.

1. The back room at Rufus's store should HOPEFULLY be free of surveillance (except maybe friendly surveillance courtesy of Brian). However, if you conduct business there we will have to kill the goon or otherwise make sure he has NO way of contacting ANYONE before our mission is over, because he'll know about one of our covers.

2. Take him in a car out in the desert, do what you want there. Problem with that is you'll likely miss your date with Stewart, which is unacceptable.

3. Let him go after surreptitiously bugging/tracing him. This is dangerous but possibly rewarding IMO. Artis would be most agreeable with this solution.
Dieter 2002-11-18 18:44:49
Rufus' store is about as safe as it gets in Vegas. White noise generators, sound-proofed, hell...it's even shielded from EMP transmissions.
Gatac 2002-11-18 18:44:51
Damn you, Las Vegas ! :)

I think route 3 is best, then. It's not like he messed with us directly. The less time we give him to look at (and remember) our faces, the better.

Gatac 2002-11-18 22:21:49
Well damn, the situation just lost all sense of danger. :)

Dieter 2002-11-18 22:35:25
I think everyone's waiting for the one big gunfight...well folks, it ain't gonna happen unless you want it to happen.

You're asking for dessert menu when you haven't even finished with the appetizers. ;)
Dieter 2002-11-19 05:26:54
Well, babysitting Harry's been rich in flavor, but lacking in substance. I'm ready for the main course.
Dieter 2002-11-19 15:23:37
Oh...we're getting there. Trust me.

Remember the opening scene to ID: Temple of Doom?
Replace Willie Scott with Harry and Shanghai with Vegas.

CrazyIvan 2002-11-19 17:25:47
I've got a game plan...it involves finding out exactly who you people are, and getting my gun.


Other than that...nope.
Dieter 2002-11-19 18:27:51
Can I assume that Artis, Brian, and Gavin will doing recon?

Here are the scenes that are coming up:

-Meet/greet of Andrew and Jess
-Dinner at the restaurant
-Harry's performance at the House of Blues.

If anyone would like to do anything in particular, let me know.
Dieter 2002-11-19 19:12:26
Talking to ADS, he suggested that a tracer on Jess would be good to track her movements. Additionally he said that Jess should try and slip another bug on Andrew.

Just a few more things. The restaurant is going to be pretty packed, so a few more people milling around the place wouldn't be too noticable.

View of restaurant.

There is a table for 4 booked at the House of Blues for the team. It is up front with a clear view of the stage.
Dieter 2002-11-20 01:29:23
I actually haven't seen The Temple of Doom yet. Now I'll be looking for the connection whenever I get around to watching it.

Now, as Harry's manager, would I be backstage or in the audience?
CrazyIvan 2002-11-20 01:30:22
Brian should not be doing the resturant...its the most intimate setting of the three in my opinion, and thus the most likely that he will be recognized...at House of Blues, Brian could likely pass as just another rich executive, and at the meet/greet he'd stay well clear of the open.
CrazyIvan 2002-11-20 01:34:04
Now why I double posted I have no idea...but it looks as if I'm on resturant duty anyway...:) no problem on my end. One question though, can I be told when Buzzard the uebergeek gets around to delivering my equipment? I feel so naked...
Dieter 2002-11-20 03:40:52
We'll say your equipment arrived before the evening activities.

As for working the restaurant, the place is crowded enough for Brian not to be noticed. I mean, if he walks by Andrew at the table that's one thing, but he's safe as long as he stays in the bar.

You can choose not to be at the restaurant, that's up to you...I just wanted to get everyone involved in the scenes to come. Just let me know if you want to be at the HoB and I'll alter the storyline accordingly.
threadbare 2002-11-20 06:13:10
How many action dice do I have, anyway? no one ever told me how to find out how many I have.

because I'm definitely dropping action dice on the performance.
Dieter 2002-11-20 15:23:34
Everyone has 3 Action dice to use for this mission.

TB, how many were you planning on using for the performance check?