Bug Reports

Please describe any bugs you encounter in this thread. When you report a problem, please remember to explain what you did that broke the site as well as what you expected to happen.

If your issue is along the lines of something you'd like to see that simply isn't there, post that here too, but those are obviously going to have to be lower priority compared to actual errors.

Site Downtime

The site's been down for a while, and it's back up. No word or explanation from the hosting company. I've made a recent backup, but I'm going to consider some alternatives.

[Feature Request] Subscribe to campaign

It would be cool to be able to subscribe to a campaign once and receive update notifications for all threads in that campaign, since otherwise you have to subscribe to every thread individually and remember to pick up any new threads, too.

Reply positioning weirdness

Replies not posted to the last page of a thread go below the post where "Reply" was clicked, but then reappear at the end of the thread and disappear from original position. Not sure if feature or bug.

Forum auto-logout eats posts

The forums automatically log you out after a set period of time independent of "keep me logged in" setting, and when they log you out, it doesn't reset the UI to get rid of the "Reply" option. If you try to post a reply after being invisibly logged out, it still lets you open the "Reply" box and write a reply, but it does not save the post automatically and when you enter the post, it closes the reply box and eats your post.

Differentiate Posts Better

Styling to simulate a continual flow of prose is not desirable. Break up posts to differentiate authors.

Drop inline avatars, push them to a full sidebar?
Background color shifts?
Harder borders?

[FIXED] Pasting Quotes

Everyone but me pastes into here from Google Docs, and their shitty quotes and apostrophes don't paste correctly.

Characters are correct in the textarea AND when they're first submitted.
Suspect bbcode parsing.

“I’m Don Terrence, director and producer for this documentary,” Don’s smooth, dark face seems more at home in front of the camera than behind it as he exposits from a “confessional”-type room set up in the first level of the GHRDI facility. “We’re trying to educate people with this film, to introduce them to our offworld allies at a human level that they just haven’t been able to see yet. Everything we’ve seen has been second- or third-hand from servicemen and women who have fought the Imperium, or we’ve seen the political debacles in Washington and don’t know what to believe. This is a tremendous opportunity, and over the next few days we’ll be doing just that.”

[FIXED] Login Problems

Reagan has intermittent login problems that I can't replicate, somehow tied to the "current" page of any forum thread.