Admiral Duck Sauce 2013-02-22 06:59:54
Drafts and Autosaving
Replies are automatically saved while you edit. When you reply to a given topic, the forum will search for any draft posts automatically and open them in the editor. Draft posts are automatically deleted if they go for a week without being modified or posted.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2013-02-22 09:03:58
Dice Notation

Roll X number of N-sided dice and add the individual sums together. This is pretty normal. You may combine dice rolls with plus or minus operators as well as static numbers, like 2d6+1d8 or 1d20+5-1d4. A die code of just dN is valid and is treated as 1dN. dF is supported as well, where F is a Fudge/FATE die.

Roll X number of N-sided dice and return the highest individual die result. 3d6.hi where the three d6s roll 2, 4, and 4 will return 4.

As XdN.hi, but returns the lowest individual die result.

An open-ended XdN roll, where if the maximum value of any die is N, an additional die is rolled and added to the individual die result for as long as that die keeps rolling N. Note: The verbose results do not include all subsequent open-ended rolls. Sorry.

Returns the highest result from all the comma-separated die rolls within parentheses. For example, to do a Savage Worlds Wild Card roll with a skill of d10 and a +2 modifier, you would use the following notation: hi(d10.open+2,d6.open+2)

Yep, you guessed it. Returns the lowest thingywinger from the comma-separated die rolls.

Notation for the One-Roll Engine (ORE). Returns all dice rolled, organized into matched sets and sorted by Width (the number of matching dice) by Height (the number on the die). For Expert/Hard Dice, just use the plus sign: ore(4d10+10). There is no way to represent Wiggle/Master/Trump Dice nor does it make sense for it to do so.

Separate individual rolls with semicolons.

This help text can be accessed from the post editor by toggling on the die icon and then clicking "Toggle Help".
Admiral Duck Sauce 2013-03-08 14:23:41
How Do I Delete a Post?

First, you must be the author of the post you wish to delete. Secondly, the post in question must not have any replies to it. You might not be the author of those replies, and so it's not within your permissions to remove the thread. If those criteria are met, you can click on the post's menu. Choose "View" to get to the single post view, then click the X on the upper right corner of the title bar. You'll be asked to confirm your action, then alerted when the deletion has occurred.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2013-03-24 08:11:14
How Do I Make a Subforum?

Not my proudest UI moment, and this is something that may be changed down the line.

Go into the thread where you wish to make a subforum. Reply to that thread and set the post's subject and body to serve as the subforum title and description. Then after submitting that reply, click the dropdown menu for that individual post and choose "View". Replying to the post from that page will tell the forum to use the prospective subforum post as a subforum and not just another reply.