OOC: Shaked, Not Stirred II - Brilliant! So now we got a Hug

Dieter 2002-06-12 15:49:42
I looked over Gavin and Harry's new character sheets, everything looks pretty good, but I'll do the final tweaking in boldface.

The important thing to note is that soldiers are killing machines. That's what they do, that's all they do...and well I might add. The fact that Gavin now has damage reduction 3 is going to seriously up his longevity. Heck, he'll be able to shrug off most pistol wounds.

As for the akimbo action, yeah...you do get the shaft going down that road. But the fact that you can fire two guns at once certainly downplays the penalties. Your base attack bonuses should pretty much negate the penalties.

Harry is going to definitely be the utility infielder for the team. He's not great at too many things, but he can certainly round out an area that someone else is lacking. All in all, Harry should be tip-top in most scenarios.

Going back to the "vacation" stuff, throw out some ideas for things that you want and we'll go from there. Nothing too outlandish, please...and keep your spending under 30GP's.
Dieter 2002-06-12 16:06:29
Paladin, could you post your house rules for akimbo action? I'd like to see them. :)
threadbare 2002-06-13 08:09:42
So the vacation is basically an interlude? If we request and do stuff here, we get to turn it back in and gear up again after this, right?

Harry wants to check out the swedish political system, preferably in the early afternoon, so it doesn't interfere with nightlife. Oh, and we should spend some time in a sauna.
Dieter 2002-06-13 15:33:03
Yeah, the vacation is a good way for everyone to flesh out their characters together. I'm not going to make this chapter that long, maybe a week (real-life) at the very most.

The killing and the burning and the (mmm...heh) will resume probably sometime next week.

But don't expect this vacation to be all fun and games. ;)
Dieter 2002-06-13 21:53:48
I forgot to mention that mission budget/gadget points used in Sweden won't carry over to Russia, so unless you spend from your personal budget, you will have to re-order things in Russia.

Anja would be you designated Agency fixer for Sweden...in case didn't pick up on that already. :)
threadbare 2002-06-13 23:56:08
I'd personally like a big classic American car, RWD if possible.

By the way, what gets us action dice in your game?
threadbare 2002-06-14 01:08:46
Cripes, I wasn't hitting on the chick. Offered his hand... for a handshake. If anything, it was more of a brown-nosing maneuver.

I'd like to make an untrained Languages check to see if I know Swedish. I'll spend an action die if needs be.

(Edited by Infested Paladin at 6:20 pm on June 13, 2002)
Dieter 2002-06-14 03:43:22
From the spat in the hangar, you can definitely sense that Jakob and Anja have a thing...and yes, Jakob is a bit overprotective.

Swedish is bit tough to discern, so we'll just say you're having a trouble with the tongue.

Finding an RWD American car in Sweden is bit like trying to find a Volvo in Arkansas. But if you really want to try and seek out one, let me know. :)

You can get action dice from various things, but I would say mostly from witty come-backs and interesting ideas that throw me for a loop...(i.e. outsmarting me and/or your enemies). If you make me laugh outloud at work, that will get you a 1d3 action dice.

(Edited by Dieter at 8:47 pm on June 13, 2002)
threadbare 2002-06-14 04:04:34
Do I know swedish? RWD doesn't matter too much, and if the city is urban enough we don't need one, it doesn't matter much beyond the idea of rolling through in a really cool car.
Dieter 2002-06-14 04:41:02
Harry knows a smattering of Swedish...basically enough to probably get him out minor scrapes and read menus.
threadbare 2002-06-14 06:50:13
If Harry takes the advice and looks up the laws, he should probably also pull the Agency files on Anja and Jakob. Better safe than sorry, I think.
threadbare 2002-06-14 08:58:39
Probably a good idea. Also a good idea to look at the dossiers of my teammates, if I haven't already.
Dieter 2002-06-14 15:48:59

Quote: from Threadbare on 9:44 pm on June 13, 2002
Hey, do we get a bonus to our personal budget?

You get the equivalent of US$500. No bp's since you're not technically working.
Dieter 2002-06-14 20:50:47
The shape of Gavin's head? It's not unusually oblong or anything, so I doubt that it needs that much description.

Gavin still has his gun at this point, but it's still in the discreet holster at the small of his back, under his jacket. And since it probably wouldn't be too comfortable to have a silencer poking into his butt, he's got the silencer tucked in another pocket somewhere.
Dieter 2002-06-14 21:12:24

Quote: from Infested Paladin on 1:50 pm on June 14, 2002

Gavin still has his gun at this point, but it's still in the discreet holster at the small of his back, under his jacket. And since it probably wouldn't be too comfortable to have a silencer poking into his butt, he's got the silencer tucked in another pocket somewhere.

Good call and duly noted. :)

BTW: ADS pm'ed me and said that Artis will be sleeping until it's time to paint the town that night.
threadbare 2002-06-15 02:25:35
I meant a bonus to personal budget for upping to level 3.

Anyway, can I try sense motive as I'm hat-shopping for Gavin? I'm thinking of getting him something in the same style as a fedora, but different. Right now, I'm thinking specificially about either a Panama hat, Sam Snead hat, or Gambler hat.
threadbare 2002-06-15 03:09:00
Make it a Panama or something along those lines. It has to look appropriate for kicking ass.
threadbare 2002-06-15 14:16:10
How about a straw tan-brownish panama with a little feather in it? I have one, and it kicks ass, not to mention makes a good complement to the white straw fedora I have.
threadbare 2002-06-16 03:27:06
Sounds good. Gavin's also got a little green wool cap that he always packs, but it doesn't look very super-spy, so he doesn't wear it much. It looks a lot like a golf cap.