OOC: Shaked, Not Stirred II - Brilliant! So now we got a Hug

Dieter 2002-06-18 19:01:11
I think I mentioned I was calling everyone's cellphones... when/if someone picks up, I'll mention that a physician might be in order.
Dieter 2002-06-18 19:09:32
Ninja-girl fell into the realm of somewhere between "mook" and "minion", meaning that she was a bit tougher than a mook, but she didn't have any WP's.

All ADS had to do was take out her VPs. :)

As for visuals, here's ninja-girl.
Dieter 2002-06-18 21:04:33
Marcellus Wallace is considered a "connesieur" of fine art and the ilk. Besides that, Artis also know of his undying love and overprotectiveness of his bride, Mrs. Mia Wallace.

Storyline to continue in the other thread. Kudos to ADS for putting in that bit of history in his background. :)
Gatac 2002-06-18 21:21:52
OK if I just post an arrival, or does our almighty GM intend to have something happen inbetween ? :)

threadbare 2002-06-19 10:47:33
Watch out, Artis. One day you might find some "hard-ass pipe-hittin niggers" sent to "get medieval on your ass." Nice touch on the heroin-snorting, too. All I can say is that I'm glad you didn't give her a foot massage.
Gatac 2002-06-19 10:52:34
Ya know folks, maybe it would've been smarter if Art and Gavin hadn't mentioned the codenames.

Gatac 2002-06-19 10:58:52
Whatever. If Dieter ever wants to screw us, he won't have to resort to a few slip-ups with some would-be junkey assassin to do it. D'oh, there goes my meta-game instinct again. ;)

So what are we going to do when we exhaust all the Pulp Fiction references?
Gatac 2002-06-19 11:03:05
Move on to Reservoir Dogs, Snatch or Look who's talking now ?

Dieter 2002-06-19 15:21:20
You must understand that alot of what drives me as a GM and player are great movies...so putting them into plotlines is second nature to me. Besides, most people get the references and Marcellus Wallace is a great character. :)

Just to give you a heads up...my favorite movies usually involve Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarentino, and Robert Rodriguez.

And yes...you can expect at some point a crazy Mexican mariachi toting a guitar case full of guns. ;)
Gatac 2002-06-19 15:25:17
Something tells me we should stock up on shotguns.

Gatac 2002-06-19 16:07:32
I vote we shoot her. If we don't shoot her we're going to need to keep her locked up until we leave Sweden. The problem is that if we keep her in the hotel room she'll likely overhear enough to warrant killing her anyway.

I used our code names because God forbid she finds out anybody else's real name and we let her go. Better for her to know we're not tourists than to actually know something about the rest of you guys.

I also don't think we should call anyone, except maybe Anja.
Gatac 2002-06-19 20:29:19
Hm, Jess is a bit on the "Is that the ONLY option ?" side of killing Karin, but then, she knows that you shouldn't trust people who shoot at you, especially junkies.

Gatac 2002-06-19 21:57:39
I wasn't trying to knock the Pulp Fiction. I think it's great, so rock on.

Gavin is somewhat against shooting helpless women. However, seeing the shape that this one put herself into, he'd be willing to make an exception.
Gatac 2002-06-19 22:05:11
Well, I'm surprised. I honestly thought Anja was taking Jess out of the room while Jake whacked her. :)
Dieter 2002-06-19 22:12:25
The best part is that everyone appeared to have thought that too. ;)

Just trying to enforce the idea that while you do have the ability to kill, it doesn't mean you have/need to destroy everything within a 3-block radius to get the job done.
Dieter 2002-06-19 22:30:28
There's a time and place for everything. It's also the reason why the rulebook includes the skill and use of demolitions. ;)

(Edited by Dieter at 3:30 pm on June 19, 2002)
threadbare 2002-06-20 00:27:41
Is it okay to say that he successfully flirted well enough to make the bookstore lady Harry's companion for their night on the town, or do you have another encounter cooking?