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Dieter 2003-03-04 17:57:15
Team A will consist of Artis, Brian, and Jess

Team B will consist of the Snoop.
CrazyIvan 2003-03-04 21:09:36
Can we call ourselves "The A Team"?

I pity the fool who breaks international law!
Dieter 2003-03-12 21:53:08
Start thinking of what class you're taking for next level.
CrazyIvan 2003-03-12 22:16:04

Because, as sneaky as we try to be, we really do need someone who can sent the bullets flying.

It sounds like our other combat type will be a "backflip out of the ceiling, break their neck" type.
Dieter 2003-03-13 18:28:55
When leveling-up your characters, take into account that you were given 6-months leave after finishing up in Las Vegas.

Things to consider when you update you character's history:

-What did you during that span of time? (training, gun-running in Thailand, drunken benders in New Orleans, etc.)

-Where did you go? (Bora Bora, New Jersey, Crete, etc.)

-Why did you do it? (Because of new class, new feat, for the Nookie, etc)

-Who (if anyone) did you associate with during the 6 months of leave?
Gatac 2003-03-13 23:37:11
I'm going with Faceman. I think Jess had to do a lot of managing when sorting out her inheritance, and didn't really have the time for taking target practice. (Except perhaps for the occasional foxhunt with British business partners.)

I'm sorting out the details once I have the time. Which should be tomorrow.

CrazyIvan 2003-03-14 04:50:32
Credon Hill.

To jog on a tarmac in a nice cold British rain, go out drinking on the town, than get up in the morning and fire off an ammo box at the range.

Why? Because technically Brian is still on active duty with the SAS. He cherishes the idea that he really was just on "loan".

If he could get in some R&R, I think a couple weeks in Milan or Vienna would be nice. The girls are pretty, and people aren't shooting at him. He did after all get pretty diced up.
CrazyIvan 2003-03-14 15:04:34
Ayumi "Wakizashi" Yokozaki

Department: Urban Assault
Class/Level: Soldier 6
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 26
Height: 1.52m
Weight: 45kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Strength: 10 (+0)
Dexterity: 20 (+5)
Constitution: 12 (+1)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 11 (+0)
Charisma: 12 (+1)

Vitality/Wounds: 64/12
Saving Throws:
Fortitude: +6
Reflex: +8
Will: +2

Defense: 17
Damage Reduction: 1/-
Initiative: +10
Attack Bonuses:
Melee: +6
Ranged: +11

Dual H&K USP .40's: +11 (or +9/+9 akimbo, +14 within 20', +12/+12 akimbo within 20' +12 within 50', +10/+10 within 50'), 1d12 (1d12+1 within 20'), R 20', error 1, threat 20
Wakizashi: +12, 1d6+2, error 1, threat 19-20
Unarmed: +6, 1d3

Feats and Abilities:
Armor Proficiency: (Light, Medium, Heavy)
Weapon Group Proficiency: (Hurled, Melee, Handgun, Rifle, Tactical)
Accurate: Whenever a soldier spends an action die to add to an attack roll, or a Strength- or Constitution-based skill check, two dice are added instead of one. This is the soldier's core ability.
Damage Reduction: DR 1/-, Soldier 2 special ability. Stacks with armor bonus.
+2 department bonus to Spot and Hide checks
+2 department bonus to readied attacks
-Armor Use: Starting at 4th level, the soldier's total Defense bonus when wearing armor is increased by +1 and his total armor check penalty is reduced by 1.
-Ambidexterity: Reduces off-hand penalties by -4.
-Two-Weapon Fighting: Reduces two-weapon fighting penalties by -2.
-Point Blank Shot: +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons against opponents within one range increment.
-Quick Draw: You may draw up to two weapons, or draw and holster one weapon, as a free action each round.
-Exotic Weapon Proficiency (martial arts): Proficient in martial arts weapons.
-Weapon Finesse (wakizashi): Adds Dex modifier instead of Str modifier to attacks made with this weapon.
-Acrobatic: +2 to Balance, Climb, and Tumble. Threat range increases to 19-20.

Skills: (rank, total bonus)
Balance: 3, 10
Climb: 8, 10
Driver: 5, 10
Hide: 2, 9
Jump: 7, 7
Spot: 8, 10
Tumble: 9, 16

Languages: (*=native language)

BP Bonus: 12
GP Bonus: 3
Personal Gear: 55 points
-H&K USP .40 "Hidari" (laser sight, silencer, extended clip 20 BP)
-H&K USP .40 "Migi" (laser sight, silencer, extended clip 20 BP)
-Wakizashi (from MAG, 7 BP)
-50 rounds .40 caliber military ball ammunition
-Trendy clothes
-Mirrored sunglasses, prescription

Background and description:

Ayumi Yokozaki (or Yokozaki Ayumi, if you're being really Japanese about things) was born in Tokyo in the winter of 1977. Her father, a top car company executive, traveled a lot for the company and brought his family with him, so while Ayumi has lived at various points in her development in Japan, Germany, and America, she spent most of her childhood in Hong Kong. During her junior college years in Japan, Ayumi took some work as a stuntwoman in low-budget action movies, where her outstanding grace and agility drew the Agency's attention. Her parents believe that Ayumi and her brother, an agent with D-3, work as middle management for one of the Agency's cover businesses. In reality, of course, she's a gun-toting, sword-swinging, wall-flipping secret agent.

Ayumi is relatively short, though not by Japanese standards. She is of slight build and very trim, but while she doesn't have much muscle for a "muscle" agent, she has plenty of "get up and go." Her eyesight is less than perfect, and she prefers to wear glasses rather than contacts when she can. She tends to dress in darker colors, especially when working, and usually wears some kind of jacket to hide her weapon rig. If she can't adequately hide her wakizashi behind clothing, then she carries it in a backpack or a poster tube.

Ayumi is mostly polite and sweet when she's not "working." She enjoys calligraphy, karaoke, and has a bit of a sweet tooth, though not enough to give the Agency dentists any trouble keeping her smile in top shape. Even when the bullets are flying, she shows professional courtesy to her opponents. So far, she's only been ordered to kill real "bad guys": slave traders, Triads, Yakuza, gun runners, cultists, and the like, so her vocation doesn't hang on her conscience that much. Past missions have taken her all across Japan, Hong Kong, the Koreas, Los Angeles, and Indonesia.

She's heard in-house rumors about the team's exploits, their heroism, and especially about Agent O'Conner's sacrifice. Her brother was in a coma for three months after his team had a run-in with the Deckers. She considers it a privelege to work with the team that brought the hellacious couple down.

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Dieter 2003-03-14 15:59:48
Looks good, IP. I posted your character in the "DOSSIERS" thread. I will update your background as soon as you post it.
Dieter 2003-03-14 17:02:19
I think Artis will be taking another level of Fixer, and spending at least a month in Canada, where nothing ever happens. :)

And then he'll go to Tahiti, and then to Australia, just so he'll be close to Asia for when the mission starts. :) He'll check out any museums, but mostly he's interested in a plain old vacation.
Gatac 2003-03-15 18:31:09
Jessica "Hummingbird" Spiner

Department: Power Brokerage
Class: Faceman 5, Pointman 1

Nationality: USA
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 1.70 meters
Weight: 50 kilograms
Brown Eyes, Dark red hair

Strenght: 8 (10-2)
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 7
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 17 (15+2)

Vitality: 40
Wounds: 7
Defense: 11 (10+armor)
Initiative: 1
Action Dice: 3 d4
Base Speed: 30
Inspiration+Education: both 0


Fortitude: 8 (8-1+1)
Reflex: 10
Will: 13 (12+1)


Unarmed: +2 (-1+3)
Melee: +2 (-1+3)
Ranged: +3

Weapon: H&K MP7 PDW
Cost: 24BPs
Caliber: 4.6mm
Damage: 1d12
Error: 1-2
Threat: 20
Range: 30
Ammo: 20

Name: Kevlar Vest
Def. Bonus: +1
Dam. Resistance: 4
Speed: Same

Standard Issue Gear:
82 total
24 gun
2 laser sight
2 silencer
30 armor
3x2 Teflon-tipped bullets (60 shots in 3 mags)
(18 left)

+2 budget points for mission budget

Bought Gear:
Archos Jukebox Multimedia 20
[Stereo Microphone, Memory Card Reader, USB 2.0 Cable, Camera Module, Video Converter Module, S-Video Cable, Audio-Cinch Cable, Unidirectional SCART-Adapter]

(will choose later)


-Linguist (+3 languages, spoken like native, no accent [English, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Sign Language])
-Adaptable (Action dice doubled for CHR or WIS based skills)
-Safe House
-Filthy Rich
-Adaptable (Computers, Electronics, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Move Silently, Surveillance)
-Cold Read
-Quick Change (2 per session)
-Flawless Identity ("Jessica Spiner", as member of the international Jetset. Though she has yet to establish herself as prominent personality, she's shaken hands with enough people to ascertain her identity in such a way. Thanks to the rigorous training, she can completely submerge her "other job" even in the face of interrogation.)

Armor: Light
Armor: Medium
Weapon Group: Hurled, Melee, Handgun, Rifle

Cash Budget: 2800 (3500 - 700) $


Bluff: 12 (9+3)
Cultures: 4 (2+2), threat range 19-20
Diplomacy: 5 (2+3), +1 to all checks
Disguise: 7 (4+3)
First Aid: 6 (4+2), threat range 19-20
Gather Information: 6 (3+3)
Handle Animal
Innuendo: 4
Intimidate: 7 (4+3), +1 to all checks
Languages: 10 (4+6), threat range 19-20
Move Silently
Open Lock
Perform: 8 (5+3)
Read Lips: 4
Sense Motive: 4
Sleight of Hand: 4
Spot: 6

In essence, Jessica Spiner always defined herself over opposing the lifestyle she was born into. With her father being a major shareholder in an international conglomerate and her divorced mother wasting her days on Ibiza, she dropped out of private school as soon as possible and used a few secluded funds to travel incognito to the next big city, where she promptly signed up for the Peace Corps and spent the next two years on the road. However, along the way, a poor choice in romance led to disaster - she was more than a little bit devastated when the man she spent the night with failed to wake up again, and that her reaction to that was topped when she found out that he was an Agency agent trying to get intelligence on her father through her. The event succeeded in making her aware that the thrill of such a job might just be what she was looking for, and subsequently, she managed to convince the team of cleaners to tell her where to sign up.

Jessica signed up for adventure, and got more than she bargained for on her first mission. Braving a crisis of conscience, she is now more determined than ever to find alternative solutions for problems normally left to be solved with brute force.

Her training has focussed mainly on improving her language skills, but she has also taken to learn how to better understand the subtle signs other people give off, and the fine art of applied manual dexterity.

In private matters, not everything has gone well. While her father had always opposed her lifestyle, his scorn found it's end in an unexpected heart-attack that left her as sole relative to take over family matters. For now, she has entrusted the firm to the managers and managed to divert a few funds from one of the accounts for herself. It remains to be seen how this will play out when she has the time to organise matters more thoroughly than her previous efforts in a five-minute phonecall.

Level 5: Crosstraining as Pointman, Jess has considerably enhanced her spectrum of possibilities in advancing skills. The Colt is still in her backpack, but Jess is supposed to get her hands on a more capable weapon in her next equipment exchange. She's also slowly settling into the reality that the "boys" don't particularly fit into her usually slow, but subtle schemes, though she still has every intention to change that.

Level 6: Though disgruntled about the disastrous Vegas Mission, Jess had plenty of opportunity to work on her diplomatic abilities in the "vacation". Now fitted with an artificial voicebox (though not entirely volountarily), Jess stands to be more effective in her classic role as "face" of the team. It remains to be seen whether her formerly sunny disposition will be able to survive her current crisis of faith.

Upped Bluff, Innuendo, Languages and Perform. I chose Flawless Identity because it seems to be a rather neat thing to have for a faceman. (Though Five-Star Service was tempting.)


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Gatac 2003-03-19 00:02:59
Alright, budget corrected, new gizmo introduced and paid for. (And before someone bugs me, I know that the video converter module isn't out yet, but I figure we can overlook that one, or ascribe it to Agency contacts :) )

threadbare 2003-03-22 09:04:18
Character Name: Carla Manotoc
Player: Threadbare
Soldier 2/ Fixer 2/Martial Artist 1
Age: 21
Height: 5’
Weight: 125 lbs
Department: Black Ops
Nationality: Phillipines

Str:12 (+1)
Con: 14 (+2)
Dex:16 (+3)
Wis:13 (+1)
Cha: 12 (+1)

Attack Bonuses:
Unarmed: +5
Melee: +5
Ranged: +7

Saving Throws:
Fortitude: +8
Reflex: +9
Will: +2

Defense: 17
Vitality: 60

Armor Proficiency (Light)
Armor Proficiency (Medium)
Armor Proficiency (Heavy)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Hurled)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Melee)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Handgun)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Rifle)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Tactical)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Exotic, Archaic)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Exotic, Martial Arts)
Martial Arts
Centering (+2 on inspiration checks w/ 30 minutes of quiet contemplation)
Damage Reduction 1/- (soldier ability)
Improvised Weapon
Point Blank Shot
Moving Target

Balance: 7, +12
Boating: 2, +5
Escape Artist 6, +9
Hide 6, +9
Jump 5, +8
Move Silently: 6, +9
Profession (Cook) 3, +4
Spot 7, +8
Swim 4, +5
Tumble 8, +13

Personal Budget (52):
Weapons: tiger claws, and a boomerang. Will request firearms on a mission-by-mission basis.
Armor: Kevlar BDU Def +1, DR 5(6 w/ soldier ability)
Other Gear: Liquid Skin Patch, Laser Sight, average and poor clothes, handcuffs, holster, cell phone, bottle of water filtration tablets (20, each of which makes 50 quarts clean water) 2 days worth of MRE.

Carla Manatoc’s father was a boat captain (some fishing, some smuggling--general all-purpose type stuff) and her mother died young. He taught her how to cook and ,when she grew old enough to defend herself from sailors, took her along.. It seemed as though her life were already plotted out like a navigational chart. Meet a man, fall in love/get knocked up, become a mother and wife, and die. Fine for some people, but not Carla. Often during her adolescence, she stood out on the deck and watched the sun set, not knowing what she really did want, but knowing it was more than this. Or she listened to James Brown—their only tape was a battered old “Godfather of Soul: His Greatest Hits”--while cooking dinner for the crew, and wonder if she would ever get to see him in person.
Her life changed when she was sixteen, and her father took on some rather interesting cargo/passengers. 4 rather shifty-looking Americans. She remembered how thankful they looked to be on their way home, especially the one with the cold blue eyes. But that memory didn’t just end with teenage whimsy and escapism. The Americans were working for the Agency, and had just blown a warlord’s huge arms cache to hell. The owners of said arms cache, who had been pursuing the agents, caught up to them, and took over the boat. Their leader, “Sar”, planned to execute the agents onboard, until her father intervened. He tried to get the bad men to just take the agents and leave in peace. Sar shot him in the gut, and dragged him into the captain’s quarters so he could bleed to death while he watched Sar rape Carla. Sar slammed the cabin door and went to business.
It was at this point that an unexpected turn of events occurred. The first important outcome is that Carla felt rage, real rage, the kind that cannot be controlled. Shortly after the first outcome was reached, Sar had a compass point in his eye and was bleeding profusely. This, along with the procurement of a wrench Carla used to crack sar’s skull, revealed a second outcome: Carla discovered she was very good at hurting people.
The Third outcome was that Carla had an assault rifle. (Actually it was Sar’s, but he didn’t need it anymore.) Without their leader, the occupiers were extremely disorganized, and a countermutiny of Carla, the crew, and the agents routed the would-be brigands. Still, her father was in critical condition. The blue-eyed agent, Charles was his name, had tried very hard, but the wounds were too severe. Her father’s last words were “Make yourself freer than I am.”
She knew enough sailing to bring the boat limping out to Hong Kong, where Charles took the now-orphaned Carla straight to Agency HQ. She was submitted on the rationale that any unattached sixteen-year-old who can kill a warlord with everyday shipboard items is worth having, and maybe also because he didn’t want to say goodbye. The pair fell in and out of love in years since, and have subsided to “old flames”.
The Agency has made Carla infinitely more fulfilled than her old life. She’s learned about herself in so many ways, even those not involving gunplay. 4 years ago she met a sensei who helped channel her rage into positive energy, and taught her the established disciplines of martial art. She’s been in some tight operations, especially during her time in Latin America, but has proved time and time again that she’s “too tough to die” as a former teammate described her. Her appearance is pleasant enough, with a muscular and curvy build, but some times her temper costs her (like the time she told an R & D tech that she’d “shove a bamboo pole” up a certain oriface if he didn’t provide her with the gadget she wanted. I envision this as a +3, -2 situation regarding charisma).She still wants to see James Brown live, and has all of his albums. She realizes she still has a lot to learn, but she feels like her life has a purpose now.

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punkey 2003-03-26 06:19:30
I've been showing dangerous signs of having a life recently, so I've decided to get in on this little game. Already got a concept, tell me what you think:

Simon Ashburne had a facination with computers and electronics, even back in their infancy. He went to college in the late 1980's and worked his way through college in their network operations group. It was here his disdain for the user class was born. After about the twenty billionth request for a faster connection or more storage space, he cracked and told a particuarly annoying user to try to improve the classroom network speed by pulling some "extra cable" out of the wall, causing several very expensive and heavy switches and routers to fall several feet onto the hapless user. Afterward, he was afraid he would be fired, but he managed to successfully deflect all blame away from himself and the police never charged him. This would be the last time he would do something like that until after he graduated with two Masters degrees in Computer Networking and Electrical Engineering. After college, he wound up working for a large corporation at their Help Desk. It was hell for him, and the stress from having to deal with such imbiciles began to take it's toll. He remembered how good it felt when he got that user to maim himself, and he eventually decided to take that route. His first target was the network/communications administrator, who was escorted from the premises in a straitjacket after a mysterious bug in the security card scanning system locked him in a basement comm closet for three days. All the other applicants were somehow stuck in the same elevator when it came time to hire a new administrator, and Simon got the job. He quickly set up several new "security systems" (voice-recognition logged phone taps, minature cameras/listening devices in all of the executive offices and conference rooms, a dedicated computer running packet sniffing programs looking for anything kinky) and began his job of keeping the network in top condition by eliminating as many users as he could. After about three boss changes (one had a thing for the CEO's wife and conference room sex, another somehow was repeatedly severly electocuted by his phone, another went to the local asylum after his attempt to "monitor the network" led to him monitoring 3,000 individual lights and sounds), thirty technology related incidents (it's amazing what people will do if they're spoken to the right way), fifty internal security breaches (if they'd only change their encyption and passwords a little more often) and tens of thousands dollars of company revenue and equipment missing (extortion, embezzlement, and stealing isn't easy), the Agency took notice of him. They appreciated his skills, not to mention his somewhat unique approach to assassination and destruction. Simon's happy with his new job, one where he usually doesn't have to lie to his bosses about what he actually does. He's somewhat unique in the Agency in that he doesn't really need that many gadgets to get his job done, but instead banks on the stupidity of the average human being and his technical skills and stealth abilities. He doesn't need some fancy toy to get in and steal some data or destroy an important system. He just connects their phone lines to the main power lines and walks in as a repair engineer, accidentally spills some coffee to pop the breakers, steals the drive, stuffs a few oil soaked rags into the box, places a screwdriver across the power cables, closes it back up, leaves it unplugged, then leaves. By the time they're done putting out the fire, he's long gone. And if that doesn't work, there's always hacking or a little bit of breaking and entering. His combat skills aren't anything stellar, but he knows his way around a gun. They've tried to get him to tune down his condecending tendancies, but after the psychologist that he knew the right answers to his questions, they gave up.

What do you think?
Dieter 2003-03-30 07:09:13
It may be the fatigue of my 10-hour trip back from Boston, but what is BOFH???