Spice, Guns, and Credits - Episode 3

CrazyIvan 2004-01-09 09:14:32
Aurelia chuckles when she catches the cannon comment, and flashes a smile.

"Try not to get it too hot dear. You'll blow the circuits, and there will be no end of the trouble if I have crawl under those deck plates to clean up your mess."
CrazyIvan 2004-01-09 09:53:04
The comlink somehow fails to fully convey Arnae's uncomfortable silence. He links eyes with a Gran-shaped bobble-head doll sitting on the dashboard of the control console and shrugs.
Dieter 2004-01-09 15:11:59
Wayde breaks into Sarge Mode (TM)

"Alright, you heard the Cap'n...assholes and elbows, you know drill. Let's move people...move it...move it!"