Spice, Guns, and Credits - Episode 3

fanchergw 2003-12-11 16:19:17
"Works every time..." 'Za murmurs as the Rodian slumps to the floor.

Jileeza smiles at Mak. "Thanks. It's nice to know my work is appreciated," she says with a wink.

The consensus being that it is time to leave, Jileeza re-merges with the panicked exodus of bar patrons, and flows outward with the group. Once well outside, she melts into a shadow and watches for the others to get free. She'll rejoin them once certain that they're not being followed.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-12-12 18:24:11
The group, sans 'Za, quickly exits the cantina. The crowd's already milling about, some brave patrons slinking back inside to escape the oppressive twin suns of Tatooine.

Jileeza stays behind, just another face in the crowd, when the Imperials show up. A squad of 5 stormtroopers seem to be asking the locals what happened - two of the troopers are inside, presumably surveying the damage. Generally, the Imperials get "they went THAT-a-way" from the locals (pointing towards the general area of the docks), but nothing more.
Gatac 2003-12-12 18:37:04
Erit goes with the classic confusion aura; a low-level "I ain't seen nuthin' before they were already gone" thought projected over the crowd to help the group escape before things are sorted out.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-12-12 21:03:07
Jileeza follows the Imperials for a few minutes, then, satisfied that she and hers will be gone long before the Imps stumble across the Chance, hotfoots it back to the docking bay, where the ship is ready to blast off. Wayde's on the hololink with Ash Pomba when 'Za comes in.

"... No, we don't have a problem with you changing the meeting point. We have a problem with those Rodians that showed up - or more accurately, their as-yet-unknown employer. Who's after you and your friends, Mr. Stryker?" Pomba asks in an icy tone. "Someone who wants their spice back, maybe?"
Dieter 2003-12-12 21:17:13
"No, that's an entirely different shipment we're under the gun for. If I know my people, those Rodians won't be coming back for another try. Now, do we still have a deal?"
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-12-16 16:12:19
The hologram of Pomba looks up and left to say something to someone or something very tall, which slowly but inexorably pushes Pomba out of the transmitter's view. Wayde and the group are looking right around chest height on the biggest Gamorrean they've ever seen. The transmitter doesn't even get his face, but it gets the voice. A high-pitched, raspy voice, with a mangled Imperial accent*, says:

"Yeah, the deal's still on, my son. Consider me position - if you get yer bloody arses blown out o' orbit 'cause o' this different shipment, nobody gets yer bloody cargo. So yer bloody right we're still on. Don't bollocks it up by speakin', just transmit the bloody coordinates."

*Saying "Cockney accent" would serve just as well, but there aren't Cockneys in Star Wars. As for the voice, think Jason Statham's but with a bit of helium.
Dieter 2003-12-16 16:45:15
"Fine, we will see you there."

Wayde abruptly cuts off the holocron and informs the group of the new gameplan

"Apparently their boss is a Gamorrean, which is to say that we're at least one-up on them in the intelligence department. Does this bucket o' bolts have a mobile droid aboard? I know Gamorreans hate them and it could be a viable distraction."
CrazyIvan 2003-12-17 00:15:09
"Didn't see one."

Arnae powers up the Second Chance's engines and flies the freighter into the sky. As it reaches an altitude safe for supersonic flight, he sets a course for the rendezvous point.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-12-17 03:01:02
Arnae double checks his coordinates as he sets the Chance down on a small plateau. The area's crosscrossed with rough stone formations, hewn out of the desert by sand and wind.

Roughly ten minutes later, the scanners pick up some contacts, followed soon after by three dust wakes appearing on the horizon. Two T-16 Skyhoppers and a battered Imperial landing craft (think the Imperial Shuttle, but longer) fly over the badlands and come to a hover, then set down on the same mesa as the Chance.
Dieter 2003-12-17 03:58:37
"Alright, let's go out there and seal the deal. Have those engines ready to move and target the ship's weapons on those skyhoppers. If they so much as twitch, blow 'em back to Mos Eisely."
fanchergw 2003-12-17 04:46:55
Jileeza spends the trip searching the ship's stores for any decent weapons. Not that there's anything wrong with her hand blaster, but it's mostly good for the up-close stuff. Should they get into a real dust-up, it might be good to have something more substantial within reach.

As the other ships join them on the meas, Jileeza evaluates their position relative to the Chance's autoblaster. If the visitors are within it's arc of fire, she'll consider remaining in the turret during the meet. Of course, if someone better qualified wants to replace her, that's okay too. She really prefers the up-close stuff anyway.

'Za throws Wayde a sardonic salute. "Aye-aye, boss," she says with a smirk.
punkey 2003-12-17 05:33:36
Reyes snaps his holdster closed and straps the rifle across his back. He slides the metal plate into the side of his data pad, making it a very effective hand-to-hand weapon. "Any volunteers to make the trade with me?"
CuteMotherFucker 2003-12-17 06:36:13
"I'll do it. Just remember to use simple, short sentences. You don't want to confuse the bastard. A confused Gamorrean is not something I don't want to be around while drug dealing."

Mak double checks his blasters, just in case.
CrazyIvan 2003-12-17 13:54:14
Everybody on the crew with an active comlink hears, "Attention, pirates, this is your captain speaking." Arnae is clearly having fun with himself up in the cockpit. "I've programmed the computer to point any unmanned guns at the T-16's, as per the good sergeant's reccomendation. A'course, the Chance here appears to be an old girl, her sensors can't tell one man from the other outside her skin, so try not to get in the way of any outgoing bolts. Remember, folks, friendly fire isn't.

"Oh, and the engines are still humming, also as per the good sergeant's orders. Don't diddle around the aft if you ever plan on spawning, and don't make me have to come back for you."
Dieter 2003-12-17 14:46:48

Quote: from Punkey on 11:33 pm on Dec. 16, 2003
Reyes snaps his holdster closed and straps the rifle across his back. He slides the metal plate into the side of his data pad, making it a very effective hand-to-hand weapon. "Any volunteers to make the trade with me?"

"I'm right behind you or at a little to the left. Remember, these people are used to dealing in illicit goods, so they will probably want to get this done as fast as we do...if not sooner."

Wayde steps down Chance's entryway, pulling out his viewfinder and appraising the situation across the mesa.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-12-18 22:11:07
As the Chance's gangplank opens to let its crew onto the dusty plateau, the landing craft also opens to admit what amounts to a hive of scum and villany.

The first ones out are Ash Pomba, carrying a satchel, and Xando, with a blaster rifle slung over his shoulder. Then a mixed group of more Nikto, Weequays, and Gamorreans, all armed (4 Niks with blasters, 6 'Quays with a mix of blasters, axes, and pikes, and 3 pigfaces with axes). The Skyhopper pilots remain in their craft.

Most crime bosses don't usually personally accompany their retinues during the transfer of illicit goods. Pinky, it turns out, is not your usual crime boss. Wayde does a double take as the Gamorrean is even bigger in real life, dwarfing his brethren in his retinue and possibly even the odd Wookiee or two, but it soon becomes apparent that "Pinky" is NOT the huge Gamorrean.

Pinky is what's riding the Gamorrean... "piggy-back" would be horrible pun at this point, but all too accurate. In a harness with a ring-mounted blaster rifle attached sits what is quite possibly a hairless Ewok.

"Oi, you lot! Have yer brought me bloody spice?" the Ewok shouts, in his high-pitched mangled tongue. "Bran, take me over ter meet me new chums," he says to the Gamorrean. As the Gamorrean, Pomba, Xando, and the other 3 Gamorreans begin to walk over to meet the Chance's crew, details begin to pop out on the huge alien. A Lobot rig adorns the back and sides of the Gamorrean's head. He's cradling a heavy repeating blaster in his meaty fists, which is cabled to a power generator slung on his right hip. He's bare chested, and what skin is visible is covered in blaster scars and slash marks.
punkey 2003-12-19 02:27:38
Reyes, however, gets weirder things with his breakfast cereal. "Yeah, it's inside. We'll bring it to the ramp, you transfer the funds, and then we'll pass it on to you, agreed?"
Gatac 2003-12-30 17:26:46
Erit stands by the group outside, silently overseeing the negotiations. Maybe he'll have to convince a few people that they can't aim...
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-01-02 16:07:45
"Right you are, my son," Pinky replies. Bran drools a little.

The spice is brought to the ramp, where the amount is confirmed. Ash hands over the case full of credits, which likewise are confirmed.

"There, that concludes our business... unless you lot are interested in makin' some more credits?" Pinky asks.
fanchergw 2004-01-02 18:32:06
Unfortunately, Jileeza can't hear the conversation going on below from her position in the autocannon turret. If she could, she would smile at the thought of cashing in.

At least things are peaceful enough, for the moment, so the transfer must be going okay.