Birds of a Feather - Chapter 2: Sweden...Bikini teams and me

Dieter 2002-06-19 00:41:09
"Well, we'll have to wait and see about the whole 'walking out the door' bit. You did try to kill me. What if H-bird here was home when you showed up? Were you gonna whack her too? Plus, you went and broke the balcony door... you put bullet holes all up in our hotel room, and until recently you were bleeding on the floor. How do you plan to compensate us for these damages?"
Dieter 2002-06-19 02:15:32
"You have a point, I will give you that. My apologies for trying to kill you, I was just here to scare you...possible maim you for life. I know that's a moot point right now, but since we are being civil and all. Judging from your quick reaction and your use of codenames, I'm guessing you're not tourists from America on holiday and most likely government operatives. And the fact that your lady friend wasn't at all shocked at my state of undress, I would also venture to guess that you're either a womanizer or she's come to expect the unexpected when being around you. Either way, I would say we have plenty to talk about...wouldn't you?"
Dieter 2002-06-19 08:12:37
Gavin chooses this moment to walk in the door. (I left Harry to handle the hat business.) He takes one look and says, "Oh hell, Goose. I don't want to know, so I'll just cover the doors. Think we should call someone?"

((OOC: So what does our training tell us to do in situations like these? Or will we have to get creative?))
Gatac 2002-06-19 10:51:33
"I vote we shove her out of the door before she knows too much to stay alive."
Dieter 2002-06-19 15:27:50
Ninja-girl looks up at Gavin,

"I'm guessing he's not the brain-trust of your outfit."
Dieter 2002-06-19 16:00:14
"No, you're right, we're not tourists. We're part of a secret crimefighting organization taking orders from a telepathic spider monkey with a scalpel. *scarcastic tone* What's that, boss? Shoot her in the head? And then what? Get you some bananas and a hooker?"

I glare at Sister-of-Mia. "Why don't you just explain why we shouldn't kill you. You already know too much about us and our Fearless Leader Bubbles."
Dieter 2002-06-19 16:09:50
This guy needs to cut back on his caffeine intake.

She seems unfazed and mildly entertained by Artis' improv.

"Right...I am also guessing you're not the chief negotiator. Everyone just be cool like Fonzie, ok?"

(looking at Jessica)

"Since you are the only person thusfar who has had any good ideas, those that didn't involve spider monkies, I think it would be best if we talked. Being in the business that I am, I have certain contacts that I could make available to you...that is, if I were set free. By the way, can I be put in a chair or something. My butt is going numb from sitting in this cold tub with only a thong to keep it warm."
Gatac 2002-06-19 16:23:43
"Right. Goose, heave her onto the bed and then go and look for some spare clothing. I'll have a look at those wounds."
Dieter 2002-06-19 16:53:07
She gets put on the bed and Jessica looks at her wounds...she's a bit surprised at the stellar job Artis did on bandaging them.

Goose did these?!

"The name is Karin by the way. I could also use some pain killers if you were so inclined to give them to me. If you do, make sure it is a handfull...I have a pretty high tolerance...if you know what I mean."
Dieter 2002-06-19 17:04:29
As everyone is getting acquainted, a knock on the front door is heard.
Dieter 2002-06-19 17:39:54
Using our Agency navy seal hand signals, I'll point to Jess, then to my eyes (as in "watch") and then point to the balcony. :)

I'll signal Gavin to cover me and I'll sneak a glance through the peephole, using Move Silently and other applicable sneaky, alert skills.
Dieter 2002-06-19 17:51:01
Artis sneaks over to the door as everyone else gets in position.

Looking through the peephole, Artis sees Anja standing there in a short black cocktail dress. She then knocks on the door again.

*knock* *knock*

"Hallo? Anyone there? I know I am a bit early, but I thought you guys might want to have dinner before we went out for drinks."
Dieter 2002-06-19 18:08:49
I mouth "It's Anja", then crack the door enough to let her in.

"Sure, I'm hungry. But what do you think we should do about our ninja assassin here? She wants to trade her contacts in for her life."
Dieter 2002-06-19 18:24:59
Anja walks in,

"That great, I know a good...what the?!"

Anja looks (expectantly) suprised at the half-naked woman cuffed on the bed. She shakes her head then begins moving and talking methodically.

"You (pointing at Gavin), secure that balcony door...that dresser over there will do. You (pointing at Artis), deadbolt the door and mind the peep hole. Jessica, (Anja opens her purse, revealing a small Glock) take this and watch our friend here."

Anja then speaks into the bracelet she's wearing.

"Jakob. There's a situation in the room, Code 4. Secure the vehicle then come inside. Out."

Anja pauses for a second then sits down in a nearby chiar.

"So, someone please tell me why there's half-naked woman handcuffed on the bed?"
Dieter 2002-06-19 18:32:13
"Well, she jumped in through that door (point to the broken balcony door), we had a gunfight, she passed out, I cuffed her, stripped her, found out she's been sent after me by somebody I knew back home, and we've been discussing why she's more important to us alive than dead."
Dieter 2002-06-19 19:14:04

Anja pulls out her Agency PDA, then walks over to Karin. She presses a few buttons, then rolls Karin's thumb over the LCD screen. Anja waits for about 30 seconds then rolls her eyes slightly, sits back down in the chair, and then begins to read.

"Karin Margarite Westerhof...hmm. 28 years old, currently residing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Fifteen drug arrests, no convictions. 10 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder. No convictions. Known drug user: Heroin, Marijuana, Cocaine, etc. Black Belt in Aikido and Shotokan Karate. Ties to Wallace Crime Cartel: Los Angeles, California. Worked as an enforcer/bodyguard for spouse of Marcellus Wallace.*sigh* you're quite the accomplished criminal."

Karin interjects,

"Um...your little computer did mention zero convictions. And I haven't touched the hard stuff in over a year."

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Gatac 2002-06-19 20:27:06
As Jessica hears Anja trailing off the list of crimes - especially the part about drugs - she slowly backs off from Karin.

*Great, a junkie.*
Dieter 2002-06-19 20:34:27
"Hey, you have got your problems...I have got mine. I am currently in rehab and you have probably noticed I can carry on decent conversation."

A hard series of knocks on the door is heard. Artis checks the peephole, it's Jakob. He walks in and accesses the situation, then says something to Anja in Swedish. Anja then replies back in Swedish. Jakob then leaves abruptly, only to return moments later with a large gunny-sack...probably Swedish army surplus.

Karin's reaction to the bag is one of utter shock.

"Oh fuck! You are going to do me here and carry my body out!"
Gatac 2002-06-19 20:37:13
"I'm open to suggestions, but tempted to agree that it's the only way."
Gatac 2002-06-19 20:39:09
"Instead of making with the chit-chat, why don't you start telling us about those contacts of yours. I'd be quick about it, 'cause Sven here works fast."