Post-Game: Scum & Villainy - WTF Happened?

DatonKallandor 2005-06-07 21:10:55
This reminds me of the X-Wing books. Like the Wraith Squadron, doing the ground-infiltration-stuff and the space battles.

Dieter 2005-06-07 21:25:51
Everything stayed the same, I just changed some of the descriptions to match to "more flying less infantry" style.
threadbare 2005-06-07 23:52:22
so, wait, are we going to have a wing of fighters for doing stuff? I knew that was part of the concept, but I also liked the idea of "aquisition" being the first part of the mission, and the larger carrier-but-not-capital mothership connection. Also, if we're just small ship flyboys, it makes the ops characters a bit harder to work in. Though if we have the on-ship people and the flying people, it helps split things up a bit.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2005-06-08 01:27:51
I'm planning a variety of activities, with an emphasis on stuff while in space. If you guys are just picking out ships that you would prefer to have if the situation called for individual fighters, that's fine. But you guys will also likely need to crew larger vessels from time to time, there might be some boarding actions, or infiltration like Daton said. And that's just what your side plans for you to do. :)

I've been reading up on the special operations stuff from Vietnam, and it really does sound like a good mesh with the core goals of the group. You're never really in the mass battles, you're mostly self-sufficient, you get Official Missions (TM) but when you're not in-country you're basically privateers. I'm going to start the game at the tail end of a mission, much like I started the last game in the middle of a battle with the ship going down over Rodia.

And speaking of starting, I'm almost ready on my end. I need to figure out some good not-as-disposable-as-last-time NPCs.
CrazyIvan 2005-06-08 02:35:53
Aurelia Connroy
Correlian Mechanic

Physical: d6
Combat: d8
Knowledge: d10 (Ship's Systems)
Wits: d8
Spirit: d6


Jury-Rig (d8): Even when the parts aren't right, Aurelia can make things work.

Scavenge for Parts (d6): While working on the assembly of the Rusty Dagger , Aurelia got very, very good at finding parts for the scratch-built vessel.

"Machines Got Workins" (d6): Aurelia, on some level, understands the inherent logic behind machine systems, even those she isn't familiar with.
threadbare 2005-06-08 19:49:36
Name: Ganet Hran
Affiliation: Rebel, mostly light side
Race: Human (Alderaanian)
Age: 30
Concept: Aristocrat with dark past
Role: Communications/Security

Physical: d6
Combat: d8 (boarding actions)
Knowledge: d8
Wits: d8

d8 Alderaanian Gentleman's Education: Ganet was taught all that a proper man of the galaxy ought to know, influenced by the growing clandestine militant resistance movement. As a result, he knows a good number of languages and is familiar with most forms of etiquette, military history, and high culture in general. Most importantly for this setting, he was instructed in close-quarters battle and guerilla techniques.

d8 Truly Noble: Although dogged by rumor and disgrace, in person Ganet lives up to the connotations of "nobility." Sort of like how some men are said to look 'presidential,' Ganet is tall and well-featured. In dealing with others, he seems to radiate importance, though usually not with malice. He knows how to be cajole aristocrats or inspire/intimidate a mob. Also the other sense of 'noble,' selfless actions are not at all unusual for Ganet.

The Noble House of Hran, while not as renowned as that of Organa, was one of the top families of Alderaan, producing a great number of senators and even a few jedi over the family's long and storied history. The family had a long tradition of republican virtue and dissent. One of Ganet's younger uncles even joined the Separatist forces during the Clone Wars, on the grounds that systems had an inherent right to secede. (Here I'm thinking of that line in the Ep. 3 crawl about there being "heroes on both sides") As the Republic began to crumble, Ganet was brought up in a culture of resistance, as his elders tried to educate him and his siblings in not only how to fight, but what to do after the fighting is over.

Ganet led small commando raids during the early days of the rebellion, moving from little more than politically motivated smash-n-grab jobs, to big-time operations. He was on a long-term deep cover assignment, and was found out around the time the first Death Star became operational. He escaped soon after and while it's unclear what happened during his captivity, ugly rumor surrounds this time in his life. Many surviving Alderaanians suspect that he sold out his planet for his own freedom. Whether or not this is the case, it can't be proven either way, besides his sworn word that he said nothing and escaped on his own, which would be doubted by his opponents anyway.

Where's a technically-innocent, shady rebel with experience in special operations to go? Vandal Squadron, of course.

He operates communications for the most part, and is one of the go-to guys on shipboard combat. While he would stick out like a golden thumb in Mos Eisley, he could impersonate an ambassador or Imperial moff without too much trouble. He doesn't volunteer his personal views unless asked, preferring that others project views onto him instead. It's a habit that allows him to get along with people of widely differing opinion. Generally, he's well-liked but quietly suspected. While Eritram and he have very different opinions on how nobility ought to act (Ganet is more modeled on the patricians of the Roman Republic, wheras Eritram is the more classic king), they get along well. Dutch respects him, though he's told him in confidence that if Ganet betrays the squad, Dutch'll make him wish he'd been on Alderaan 4 years ago.
CrazyIvan 2005-06-10 06:33:51
Arnae Maddock
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Corellian)

Physical: d6
Combat: d6
Knowledge: d8
Wit: d12 (Specialty: Piloting)
Spirit: d6

Great Pilot d8 - What can I say? He's hot shit. This'd probably come into play when he's attempting something crazy, but awesome.
Contentious Bastard d8 - This would come into play when he has to lock horns with someone for a while over something, like in an extended dogfight, an argument, or haggling over prices.
threadbare 2005-06-10 16:51:02
We're going to have the fastest pilots in the universe who can't hit anything.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2005-06-10 16:53:08
That does seem to be bearing itself out, but I personally would also have chosen to be harder to hit than to be more accurate had I been making a character.
fanchergw 2005-06-10 16:55:16

Quote: from Threadbare on 7:51 am on June 10, 2005
We're going to have the fastest pilots in the universe who can't hit anything.

Speak for yourself. Calsera has a d10 in Combat and her Dogfighting aspect is just as applicable to shooting as it is to flying.
threadbare 2005-06-10 16:58:39
naw, I was referring to Mandall and Arnae both being faster than you, but less accurate.
Gatac 2005-06-10 17:06:39
Does anyone else find it funny that Calsera has the "Dogfighting" aspect?

Dieter 2005-06-10 18:10:51

Quote: from Aihal the Silent on 12:03 pm on June 10, 2005
Well, the aspect "Catfighting" entails a whole new set of skills, pleasant though they may be.

Lots of hairpulling and fingernails. Truly one of the more painful fighting styles.