Post-Game: Scum & Villainy - WTF Happened?

Dieter 2005-06-05 17:44:04
I was thinking of playing a Star Trek TNG Chief O'Brien-esque engineer type character. His primary role would be keeping the ships in one piece, jury-rigging prison locks, and punching people when necessary. A very utilitarian, "better-than-average", all-purpose crewman.

I think I'll have a better idea when we figure out what kind of outfit we're running.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2005-06-05 17:51:52
Ivan made an offhand comment about continuing to play a mechanic - you two should coordinate.

Mandall looks fine to me, Gatty. It'll have been a while since I dealt with anyone with d12 in anything. :) The competency is good, though - I've been thinking more about running the bad guys in a more threatening/skilled fashion than the last game, where most of them were just poorly-organized thugs sprinkled with a few stints with the Imperials.
fanchergw 2005-06-05 19:05:12
Like Dieter, I'll probably hold off a little until I have a better idea of exactly how they group is structured and what kind of roles people are likely to take.

That said, I'll probably replace Jileeza with another female alien, since I like to keep my characters as diversified as possible. Right now, since we seem to have a flying ace and some mechanics, perhaps a shooting ace would be a good choice. Having some command ability - perhaps to make a good squad leader - might be a good idea as well.

I'll give some thought to what kind of ship I'd like her to fly when soloing.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2005-06-05 19:19:02
From a commander's perspective, you'd use Combat to know what's right to do in a situation and Spirit to get your people to do it in an effective manner. By spending your action commanding, you would give the people under you bonuses to whatever their actions would be.

"Master Gunner 'Insert Your Name Here'" or something like that.
DatonKallandor 2005-06-05 19:27:09
Id like to do a gunner-type too. Without the commanding aspect though. Any chance of being able to specialise in heavy weapons like proton torpedoes and missiles?

Admiral Duck Sauce 2005-06-05 20:10:22
Yes, I think that would be fine. The other side of that specialization would then be "Laser Cannon" or something along those lines. I might count "Turbolaser" as a third specialization for ship's weapons, since those are typically larger capital-scale weapons, yes? Ion guns would fall under whatever scale of laser they're closest to; "Laser cannon" for the starfighter/transport class of weapons, and "turbolaser" for the cap-ship ion cannons.
Aihal the Silent 2005-06-05 20:21:04
I'm currently making an Operations/Ships Systems character with a tad bit of stealthiness. Not necessarily a Mechanic. Think a spaceship oriented Radar O'reilly.
Aihal the Silent 2005-06-05 20:26:45
Here's what I've go so far:

Name:Jorm Taban
Callsign:Nerf Herder
Weight:175 lbs

Specialization: Ships Systems


You are an expert in coordination and logistics. Whether you are fine tuning systems mid-flight or trying to make sure that the supplies arrive on time you just have a knack for making sure the right thing is at the right place in the right time. Many's the time you've saved a pilot's ass by redirecting enough power to keep the shields up through one more volley or just making sure that the right parts are installed.


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Dieter 2005-06-05 20:38:38
Character also being created.

I'm leaning more towards tactical leader than Mechanic as I don't want to overstep Ivan's concept.
Dieter 2005-06-05 20:53:49
Dutch Tragen

Height: 1.9m
Weight: 88kg
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue

Spirit:D8 (Specialization: Command)


Born Leader: D8

Dutch despises the notion of leadership not taking an active role in fleet engagements. He makes it a point to be the first out of the hangar and the last ship to dock. The meer notion that "Ole Dutch" is nearby has turned the tide in many battles.

Nerves of Steel: D8

Having made a career of being shot at, Dutch doesn't run in the face of danger. "Above and beyond the call of duty" is his motto.


Dutch was "damn near retirement" when events leading after the Battle of Endor caused his CO to ask him to come back.

One of the founding stickjockeys of Vandal Squadron, Dutch served with distinction and served out the remaining years of his career as its Wing Commander. He's not the best pilot out there, that's for sure, but his cool head and expertise is valued by all who fly with him.

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DatonKallandor 2005-06-05 22:41:19
Eritram van Istom

Age: 17
Height: 1,7m
Weight: kg
Hair: (Pitch)Black
Eyes: Brown

Combat:D12 (Specialization: Heavy Weapons, Torpedoes/Rockets)*

*please note I mean this as 1 specialization


Cautious (hanging back and pickin' off the bad guys)
Deadly Aim


Born on a backwater planet in the center of nowhere Eritram lived the boring live of a noble. The Istom-Monarchy was well established, chances for an uprising were less than zero, and Eritram was the only heir to the throne. Nothing of interest happened on this lonely planet - until the Empire arrived.

Claiming the planet as their own, the empire established a brutal reign of their own, altough rebel forces arrived only months later. The small imperial garrison was defeated swiftly but the royal familiy was under the few casualties.

With his whole life shattered Eritram joined the rebel forces, but his noble heritage was...problematic. Having never really worked to achieve anything Eritram is physical weak, tough the regular hunting trips have given him almost unnatural precision.

His arrogant, aristocratic manners have not made him many friends either.

Eritram values his live and is far from heroic, thus he utilizes his great aiming skills to keep out of the battle and still score enough hits to support his wingmates.
DatonKallandor 2005-06-05 22:43:40
Just noticed mine is the 2nd char that isnt really likeable. If we continue at this pace we'll have a squadron noone will EVER want to fly with.

Edit: Ship Wish list:

Whatever has shields and a decent amount of torpedoes/missiles. Speed is irrelevant.

X-wing (customized: bolted on missile racks)
A-Wing (gotta love those unguided concussion missiles)
Imperial Missile-Boat (I'm kidding)
Y-Wing (bombing runs on star destroyers? Hell yeah!)

No B-Wing for me please, I just cant stand their look.


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Aihal the Silent 2005-06-05 23:18:21
As for ships. Jorm is a good pilot (d8), but he's more at home in a support role. If anyone wants to fly a two seater w/ a co-pilot, go ahead. Also, the Transport works well with our crew so far.
CrazyIvan 2005-06-06 00:15:31
I think Arnae would be interested in Rebelizin', actually.

To back things up to a hundred pages ago, the Quasar Fire was in Truce at Bakura, the book to establish the tradition of Skywalkers being 1337 with the Force, but bad with the ladies.

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CrazyIvan 2005-06-06 14:36:23
I'd be interested in reprising the role of Aurelia Connroy. I was rather fond of her build and character, and I figure a good off screen stint brought about by her time with the Chance would have hardened her somewhat.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2005-06-06 15:25:27
Dutch's specialization of "command" should actually be under Spirit. Other than that I guess I explained things well enough, 'cause everybody looks fine to me.

Daton, Eritram would be at his best probably in an A-Wing, where the ship's natural agility would augment his piloting skill, or in a Y-Wing, where he could soak up a few hits and not worry about it. Judging from his character, he'd probably want the A-Wing; it's not considered to be an ugly pig like the Y-Wing and he wouldn't want anything less than the best, right? :)

Cross-posted from the other character thread:
Arnae Maddock
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Corellian)

Physical: d6
Combat: d6
Knowledge: d8
Wit: d10 (Specialty: Piloting)
Spirit: d6

Great Pilot d8
Devil's Own Luck d6
Contentious Bastard d6

Aurelia Connroy
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Corellian)

Physical: d6
Combat: d8
Knowledge: d8 (Repair)
Wit: d8
Spirit: d6

Jury-rig Expert d8
Adept Mechanic d6
Easy Going d6

Both Aurelia and Arnae would need to either add a second Specialization or raise one of their Traits. Or you can completely change the stats around, they're your characters.

So that gives us ... six PCs thus far.
Mandall Daygon, fighter pilot
Jorm Taban, systems officer
Dutch Tragen, commander
Eritram van Istom, weapons specialist
Arnae Maddock, pilot
Aurelia Connroy, engineer

The way Arnae is currently configured, he would be at his best in a ship with dedicated gunners, hopefully in turrets (much like the Chance). Dutch is actually at home anywhere he can speak to his troops, over the radio or in person.

Gordon; if you still wanted to play a weapons officer/commander type, an interesting way to do it might be to pump up your Combat a bit and specialize in Tactics (or specialize in shootin' stuff and just rely on your natural ability or use an Aspect). Then you would assist Dutch (or vice versa), allowing him to hand out larger bonuses to the rest of the PCs. And when the situation doesn't call for your assistance, you'd be blasting jive turkeys.

With Gordon in, that'll be seven players - unless someone who hasn't piped up yet really needs to play Star Wars, we'll cut it off there and I'll prepare to start after the last PC is up here.
DatonKallandor 2005-06-06 15:48:03
A-Wing it is then. Gonna have to talk to head mechanic about raising the missile count though.

CrazyIvan 2005-06-06 15:55:21

Quote: from Aihal the Silent on 8:51 am on June 6, 2005

Do we have a mechanic?