Birds of a Feather

Dieter 2002-08-06 18:47:27
Artis fires with 2 bursts from his USP then pops back behind the door. The shots spatter against the corner of the wall Hanna is using for cover.

On the bright side, the wall Hanna's behind will be reduced to rubble in the next round or so.

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Dieter 2002-08-07 05:09:28
Gavin charges down the corridor attempting to smack the bitch up...and succeeds. Applying his patented martial arts style of Fach Yoo, he lays into her. The flurry of blows does little in the way of damage, but prevents Hanna from getting off a clean shot with her AK.

Harry, seeing the opening he was hoping for...I mean really hoping for, moves up the stairwell and just past Hannah.

By this point Hannah is basically just looking to get the hell out of dodge. She slings her rifle and grapples Gavin with some weird manuever, knocking him off his feet in the process. Hannah's next action is to retreat down to stairway, clearing the last 5 steps with some crafty tumbling.

(OOC: To expedite things, we'll assume Artis and Jessica are covering Harry and Gavin's retreat back to the door)

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Dieter 2002-08-07 17:48:32
The Team files out the front door and makes their way to the parking lot. As they get in view of the parking lot, they see Hannah exiting what appears to be some sort of escape hatch while Decker is standing at the SUV.

He's got the door open for cover, brandishing an AK and ready to fire. He first sees Artis and Jessica, strafing them as they hit the breaks on their advance. Both agents get hit, taking fairly substancial hits to center mass with their armor taking the brunt of the damage.

(OOC: 5VP to Artis, 6 to Jessica)
Dieter 2002-08-07 21:31:40
Let the Mexican stand-off begin.

Everyone is uncertain of what to do at this point, but Jess decides that she's not going to let Hannah win today's award for Alpha She-Bitch, so she lets loose with her P-90.

"I'll pin Hannah down so someone you guys can shoot her before she takes cover."

As she begins to fire, Decker lets off another barrage as does Artis...and Harry...and well...EVERYONE.

The grisly scene unfolds with Decker laying down some cover fire for Hanna by shooting at Jess. Hanna in turn, makes an acrobatic dive through the gunfire, making an astonishing display of rolls and flips that would make Jet Li applaud.

Meanwhile, on the giving end, Gavin sprays for effect at the cartwheeling Hanna. His bullets seem to stitch a perfect path of where she had just been nanoseconds before.

Artis decides to go for Decker since everyone else seems to be going for the she-bitch. He puts several shots into the door of the SUV, but none manage to hit Decker. Harry obviously wants a piece of Decker, so he also fires at him with his shots futily impacting his helmet and vest.

At the end of this orgy of gunfire and combat tactics, Hanna is now safely on the other side of the SUV and Decker appears to be preparing to get into the driver's seat.
Dieter 2002-08-07 23:51:31
Gavin takes aim at the driver's side, doing two bursts with his rifle. The bullets strike the door and divot the front quarterpanel.

Harry opens up on the Rover as well, but realizes why most people don't use the M1911 anymore. Out of ammo. He also notices that this particular M1911 has isn't your average .45 semi-auto. Emblazoned on the slide is the USMC logo along with the words "Semper-Fi".

Decker attempts to get the hell out the parking lot, ramming the Volga in the process. The Rover seems to get hung up on the mighty Volga's bumper, but Decker manages to throw it into a low gear and muscle his way out.

Hanna takes the opportunity to try and put the Volga out of the commission, aiming a burst at one of the tires. The shots aren't quite on the mark, but nevertheless punch holes into the Volga.

Jess fires at the Decker, shattering the heavy ballistic glass and raking him with a fury of 5.7mm bullets. Blood spatters against the windscreen. Decker appears to still be kicking, but definitely wounded.

Artis puts his back to the wall of the building an dials "I911" for a direct line to Interpol. A firm yet soothing female Irish-accented voice answers.

"Good evening, Interpol emergency hotline. How may I direct your call?"

"Uh...hello? I'd like to speak with the Agent in charge."

After a brief exchange of passwords and callsigns, a different woman's voice comes over the line.

"Good evening, Agent Goose. How can I be of assistance?"
Dieter 2002-08-07 23:52:02
"I need some units down in industrial St. Petersburg to intercept a Land Rover, license number NL03 344. Suspects are Hanna Fischer-Decker and her husband, armed, armored, and dangerous. It's the only car that runs around here, get a chopper overhead or something."
Dieter 2002-08-07 23:57:02
As soon as Artis mentions the principles, the otherwise calm agent goes apeshit.

"The Deckers?!!. Fuck! Get out of there immediately! They are wanted in 23 countries and 5 territories. Shit! Um...err...I'm sending a strike team out there immediately. I have your location on the satellite GPS. They should be there in 10 minutes. Get out of there! Repeat...get...out...of...there!"
Dieter 2002-08-08 16:08:03
Harry grabs Artis' gun with him and Gavin providing cover fire for Artis as he makes his way towards the Volga.

The Deckers seem uninterested in prolonging the firefight with them peeling out of the parking lot and toward the busted gate. On their way out, they try to make Artis into a hood ornament. Artis manages to only get brushed (for 3 VP) by the bull bars on the front of the Rover.

As the Deckers get the hell out of Dodge, Artis gets to the Volga and behind the wheel.