Birds of a Feather

Dieter 2002-07-31 16:38:18
Grand Hotel Europe, 2:12am local time

The equipment looks tip-top, if one overlooks the fact that most of the serial numbers have been burned off with an arc welder.

Everyone files out of the room, Gavin taking his golfbag to maintain the subterfuge while walking out in public. Artis signals the valet parking attendant to get the Volga and it pulls up a few minutes later.

The drive to the suspected place of Harry's captors is a bit surreal, looking more like something out of a bad post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie rather than the suburbs of the second largest city in Mother Russia. Those facts are consoled by the notion that everyone is surrounded by 1-inch ballistic glass and military grade armor.

Following the Agency intel map, Artis gets the team to what looks like the last vestiges of an industrial settlement. The buildings appear to circa. 1950, with the paint long since peeled off and nearly every ground floor window busted out. Few street lights are working, with most of the settlement's illumination coming from numerous 50-gallon oil drum fires in which the not-so-fortunate are huddled around for warmth.

The K31's navigator was right on with the weather, as a slow but steady rain begins to fall from the dark night sky overhead.

Decker Hideout, 2:50am

Harry's attempted escape plans are continuously foiled as he realizes that the locks and chains are of better quality than he originally anticipated. He does manage to sheer off the rivets of the right arm of the chair. But as he does so, the two lovebirds return from their mating rituals.

Decker opens the door, carrying a bottle of vodka in one hand, pulling Hanna into the room with the other. Neither appear to be intoxicated, but definitely in a jovial mood.

"You see, my pet. He's still here, right where I left him."
Dieter 2002-07-31 17:00:27
Artis drives the Volga around the neighborhood, it being the only drivable vehicle on the streets for at least a mile in any least until they came to a building with a gated parking lot adjacent to it.

The SUV sitting at the far end of the lot is new, its rims still unmarred by the potholes and city grime.
threadbare 2002-07-31 17:08:55
Harry tries to hold the chair in its original position as he tries to distract them with penetrating questions. "Yes, right here where you left me. Say, I may not be an expert on torture and information coercion, but isn't it probably not the best strategy to tell your quarry he's going to die no matter what? That seems like it wouldn't be too effective."
Dieter 2002-07-31 18:48:47
Artis uses binoculars to scan the rooftops, nooks, crannies, etc for surveillance gear. He sees two obvious cameras. There is one on the corner of the 2nd floor, which scans the entrance to the parking lot. There is also another braced on the roof of the building (5 stories up) which probably scans the entire parking lot.

The lot itself is maybe 50' x 50'. The Rover is its the only inhabitant. Around the perimeter of the lot is a 10ft. tall steel-meshed fence with a double ring of concertina razorwire going around the top. As it starts to rain heavier, you notice sparks arcing off the doubt electrified. The gate to the lot is of similar construction, on a wheeled track with some sort of electronic locking mechanism.

The only apparent door into the building is of steel construction, with another camera mounted to observe anyone leaving or entering the building. The windows have long-since been bricked up.

Meanwhile, back inside the Decker hideout

Decker looks at Harry, then smiles...followed by another punch to his already battered face.

"You're funny...but in no position to question my style or purpose. Any other witty comments...or should I just start having fun hearing you in agony? Hanna, get the car battery and jumper cables..."

Hanna smiles then leaves the room.
Gatac 2002-07-31 19:04:35
"What's the verdict, Goose ? Can you get us in there ?"
threadbare 2002-07-31 20:01:38
Harry spits out a wad of bloody phlegm as he responds. "You know, I just wish I'd die at the hands of a professional. I see plenty of things you could do better, and it pisses me off. Oh, and poppyseed gives me the shits. I'll probably need some facilities in a little while, or it'll be almost as unpleasant for you in here."
Dieter 2002-07-31 20:44:29
Hanna comes back with a bag and large pair of rubber gloves and apron. Decker dons the gloves and apron while Hanna unpacks the bag. It's contents are one large car battery and a pair of rusty jumper cables.

"Now, you're either really brave or really stupid. But I suppose we'll found out shortly, won't we?"
Dieter 2002-08-01 01:05:54
"I don't know. This looks kinda hairy... heh. Sorry. OK, I figure those cameras are the least of our problems. If we take 'em out, they know we're here. If we leave 'em, they know we're here. Maybe we can get to a generator or something...", I say, trailing off as I try to follow where the fence might be sucking power from.

"On the other hand, maybe we should just swipe a truck... a big Ural or something, drive it clear through that fence and through that steel door. It's pretty clear we'll be lacking the element of surprise."
Dieter 2002-08-01 02:55:29
Gavin chuckles. "I've got their suprise right here," he says, cracking open the golf bag. He meets the team's unimpressed glances with a shrug. "Look, Harry could be getting the shit kicked out of him right now. So what if they see us coming? Then they stop tickling Harry and come to greet us, at which point we shoot them dead. Problem solved."
Dieter 2002-08-01 16:29:23
Artis appraises the situation and the alternatives...

Eh...fuck it!

With that, he takes a trip around the block to build up sufficient speed to bust through the gate. As the Volga approaches the gate, going roughly 40MPH, everyone braces for something bad to happen...and it does!

The car busts through the gate as planned, but as the front of the car breaches the lot...the front tires blow out, sending the car into a perilous skid. While everyone grabs on to their respective Jesus-bars, Artis decellerates and yanks on the parking break. The end result is a successful entry into the lot with no harm done to driver or passenger. The Volga, on the other hand, is a bit worth for wear. The run-flat tires are intact, but don't expect to make such an expeditious retreat. The windscreen is spider-webbed with cracks from the impact with the gate, but it is otherwise are the other window.

Meanwhile, in the Decker Hideout

Decker and Hanna shout in unison.


(OOC: Threadbare, if you're going for a surprise action, this is you one and only opportunity. For everyone else, it's initiative! Tell me what you'd like to be doing next round in the OOC thread.)
Dieter 2002-08-01 16:37:55
1000th Post!

Harry, almost on cue, frees his right arm and knocks the cables from Decker's hands. Being off-balance from the Artis' daredevilness, he is spun around with enough force to get his gun within reach. Harry grabs it (Colt .45) and prepares for bad things to start happening.
Dieter 2002-08-01 21:29:44
Moving along...

Jess and Gavin exit the Volga while Artis parks it in front of the SUV.

While Artis prepares for an almost certainly interesting escape, Gavin and Jess move forward towards the steel door. They notice one of the many intrusion countermeasures in the parking lot. The first being the spring-operated tireshredder placed in front of the gate. The second, only somewhat less obvious countermeasure is in the guise of two waiting dobermans that attack.

Being the first to see them, Gavin is able to get off shots before being mauled. He fires off two, one into each, putting both down without much ado.

The trio move in towards the door as Artis prepares for some lockpicking.
Dieter 2002-08-01 22:33:23
Harry pulls the trigger on Decker's Colt...

The deafening sound click is immediately followed by Harry having a flashback to his handgun training seminars with Agent Buzzard.

Now if yer using one of these here single-action jobbers like good ole' Colt M1911, you gotta pull the slide back before firing.

Flashback to present-day. Harry pulls back the slide with the bent portion of the chairarm, cocks the hammer back, then shoots Decker.

There is something satifying about seeing a Hydroshock(TM) .45 slug tear through someone at close range. The lone shot hits Decker squarely in the back. It hurts...alot.

Decker angrily goes for a hold-out pistol while barking orders at Hanna.

"We're fucked. Grab the gear and lets get out here!"

With that, Decker fires a shot at Harry from his PPK. It hits Harry, taking a big hunk of flesh out of his shoulder.

While Harry and Decker exchange fire, Hanna gives one of the ceiling planks a whack, revealing a hidden cache of illegal assault weapons and equipment. She chucks Decker a flak-vest a helmet then begins suiting up herself.

Meanwhile, Artis pops the door camera and begins working the security lock. It looks pretty hi-tech, at least for this neck of the woods.
Gatac 2002-08-01 22:37:37
"I'm beginning to think I should dedicate some of my mission budget to shaped charges next time."
Dieter 2002-08-02 05:13:27
Gavin tops off his magazine while Artis toys with the doorlock. The lock is a multinumeric with a mag-lock seal...kinda like the one in the heist in Amsterdam, minus the armed militia behind the door. With a bit of creativity, the lock should be open in a matter of seconds.

Back downstairs, all is not so enthusiastic.

Harry begins shooting his way out...literally...from his bonds. With a couple of good shots, he gets out. Harry then proceeds (albeit with VERY stiff knees) to take some cover.

Decker seems uninterested in his captives escape, favoring his own welfare over some guy he met just hours ago. He dons a kevlar helmet and flak vest, grabbing what appears to be a AK from the equipment stash. Decker looks at Hanna,

"Go up and secure the floor then meet me back down here."

Hanna heads for the door upstairs while pulling back the receiver on her on assault rifle.

"Time to fuck some shit right back, honey."
Dieter 2002-08-05 17:09:03
Grrr....this is third time I've tried to post this...damn I.E. :angry:

This is the short-short version.

-Gavin readies
-Artis will be finished opening the lock on his turn
-Harry goes full defensive and picks up the knife
-Decker moves towards the hidden hatch in the floor, shooting a narrow burst at Harry, but misses.
Dieter 2002-08-05 23:48:53
Artis gets the door open as laser beam traces a path over him and Gavin behind him, followed immediately by muzzle flashes. It appears someone has been ready for such an intrusion.

The bullets strafe the agents, hitting Artis full-on while Gavin is able to take refuge behind the steel door. Artis is squarely hit...a grievous wound, but not life-threatening. His vest-liner did little more than give an open invitation for the bullets.

(OOC: Artis took 13VP)

Gavin fires back, raking Hanna in the shoulder with a burst of his own.

(OOC: 13 damage, you're not sure how much of that she actually took)
Dieter 2002-08-06 02:07:12
Gavin charges past the wounded Goose firing two short bursts into Hannah, the bullets impacting Hannah in a flurry of muzzle flashes and cordite...but with no noticable effect on the crazed she-bitch.

Gavin immediately notices she's wearing tactical body armor, looks like Red Army surplus.

(OOC: Two solid hits IP, it's just that your damage kinda sucked this time. The first did 12 and the other only did 6...keep trying you're bound to get through eventually)
Dieter 2002-08-06 16:43:31
Lots of things happening this round.

Harry chucks the table in the general direction of Decker, affording a bit more cover as he heads up the stairwell.

Decker activates his helmet headset.

"Dear, one coming up the stairs with pistol and knife"

He releases the hatch's locking mechanism then spins around for a wide burst at Harry. The bullets tear into Harry, stitching a nice line of holes across his back. (7VP damage)

Hanna ducks around the corner of the stairwell and sees Harry coming up. She sprays a narrow burst at him, striking everything in the stairwell but Harry, then sweeps back to cover the corner.
Dieter 2002-08-06 18:01:22
Jess goes for a two bursts at Hanna. Between her cover and the kick of the P-90 the shots go wide, pock-marking the interior of the building.