Birds of a Feather

Dieter 2002-07-30 03:13:50
"She's got a supercharged V-8 with a reinforced body and runflat tires. Don't go over 6000 RPM's, the engine block has a small hairline crack in it. Vladimir has been meaning to fix it, but the parts he needs are backordered. Along with the reinforced body, the windows are ballistic glass. They'll stop anything short of rifle rounds. Additionally, I managed to scrape up enough parts to get a small rear-mounted oil slick projector. The only trouble is that the mechanism is a bit twitchy, so it may or may not work at the opportune moment."

Jack gives Artis the keys to the Volga and says to follow him to their hotel.
Dieter 2002-07-30 03:18:13
Gavin lets loose with an uncharacteristic frown. "It looks a wee bit on the small side," he says. "I call shotgun!"
Dieter 2002-07-30 03:22:14
"Hey, it's the best I could get on such short notice. I gave out the last of my armored humvees last week to a group of Finnish tourists. We're in St. Petersburg son, not San Antonio. Things are a little harder to come by in Mother Russia."
Dieter 2002-07-30 03:24:14
"I understand. We're plenty-well trained to make the best of what the situation allows." The smile comes back. "That's why I called shotgun."
Dieter 2002-07-30 03:34:58
"Speaking of your other gear, it's waiting for you at the hotel. Ask the concierge for your golfbags when you check in."

With that, the two cars speed off towards the hotel. Upon arriving at the Grand Hotel Europe, the prim and proper valets open the doors and take out the team's baggage. They look at the car, Artis and Gavin flashing back an appropriate "Yeah, it is what you think it is...don't fuck with us" look and the one of the valets expeditious takes the keys and saying,

"Don't worry. We take very good care of car", shaking Artis' and Gavin's hands.

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Dieter 2002-07-30 12:20:05
"At least they speak English. Let's go see about those golfbags."
Dieter 2002-07-30 15:23:40
The team enters the hotel and head for the concierge desk. A portly looking fellow appears to barking orders at bellhops and the ilk.

(OOC: I forgot to mention your rooms are booked under the name Jamieson)

As the fat man smacks one of his underlings in the head for insubordination, he notices the team, straightens his tie, and approaches the counter. He dresses down the team and thinks least Westerners, then stammers slightly for the appropriate phrase to say.

"Eh....good evening. How are you? Can I help you?"
Gatac 2002-07-30 15:37:26
"Good evening to you, too. We had a reservation and would like to check in."

Jessica repeats the names of their cover identities for this mission, then adds

"I take it our golf bags have already arrived ? My brother " - she points to Gavin - " would like to make certain that his clubs have survived the travel without any dents. He's a bit on the obsessive side of the sport, if you know what I mean."

She then puts on her best friendly smile.
Dieter 2002-07-30 16:13:37
The portly man enters their names into the computer.

"Ah. Yes. Your brother's golfclubs arrived here early this evening. I see you have requested a suite. Your bags and sporting equipment will be brought up to your room immediately."

With that, the portly man snaps his fingers and the bellhops assemble around the team's luggage like a Formula-1 pit crew, stacking it on a large cart.

"Sergei will take you to you room. Enjoy your stay."

Sergei moves with lightning speed to the bank of elevators, making typical bellboy small talk...nothing of any significance. He shows you to your room, a 3 bedroom suite on the top floor overlooking the street below. He unloads the cart and appears to be fronting for a gratuity.
Gatac 2002-07-30 22:50:00
(OOC: Then we'd better not let poor Sergei wait, eh ? :) )

Jessica reaches into her handbag, pulls out a 5$ note and slips it to Sergei with a smile.

"Sorry for the inconvenience, but we didn't have time to visit a currency exchange yet."
Dieter 2002-07-30 23:24:11
Sergei seems a bit peeved at the paltry sum of money dispensed by Jessica. He scoffs at her and gives off the look:

Ma'am, room service gets a bigger tip than that!

Jessica reminds herself that she's in a 5-Star Hotel, not the Holiday Inn off the turnpike in Jersey.
Gatac 2002-07-31 01:02:09
*Now we're done with the change, let's get down to payment.*

That done, Jess reaches into her handbag again and pulls out a 50$ note.

"You wouldn't know any potential golf partners for my brother, would you ? Or some people who don't play golf ?"
Dieter 2002-07-31 02:37:37
The bellboy's scowl turns abruptly into a smirk.

" Yes, I play a little on the weekends. It can be arranged, for a price of course."

He hands Jessica a card.

Nikolai Rochenko

"I am available 24 hours a day. Call me if you, your brother, or your friend need anything."
Dieter 2002-07-31 03:37:41
Gavin waits for the bellboy to leave, then says, "Let's make sure the room is clean. I'd like to check the clubs in private, if you catch my drift. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd like to tee off as soon as possible. I mean, our friend is counting on us to-" he searches around for an appropriate golfing euphamism, but fails. "Fook it, we need to find Harry."
Dieter 2002-07-31 05:14:00
The Team searches the room, it appearing to be devoid of bugs and other surveillance equipment. Gavin then begins checking his "clubs"

(OOC: Basically that means everything that the team ordered is there.)

Inside the golfball compartment is a detailed grid map of the area when Harry is suspected to be in. Looking it over, it appears to be in one of the many downtrodden industrial areas on the outskirts of the city. It will probably be about a 30 minute drive from the hotel.
Dieter 2002-07-31 08:16:16
"Do we have any sort of medical team, in case we hit the ball in the rough... or something.... ? I dunno, I never liked golf."
Gatac 2002-07-31 12:47:08
"What's the matter, Goose ? Do you have problems with my bedside manners ?"
Gatac 2002-07-31 16:06:10
Jessica eyes the P90, trying to determine if this baby has even been fired once previously, then puts it back into her bag and shoulders it.

"I'm ready if you are."