OOC: V - The Final Frontier

Dieter 2002-11-01 21:43:19
I'll have BP/GP totals for everyone hopefully by the Monday.

But before I can do that,What I need to know is what everyone's choice is for next level.

Post that decision here and (if you know what you're doing) post your levelled-up character on the Character Sheet thread.

threadbare 2002-11-01 21:46:13
Sweet. I suppose I should up my perform a little more.

[bubbles with anticipation]

Vegas, baby, Vegas!
Gatac 2002-11-01 22:11:37
I'm currently very split between three classes - soldier, wheelman or pointman. I suppose crosstraining to pointman would make the most sense, seeing that Jess will quite obviously always have problems in combat. Wheelman comes in as second because history-wise, it comes out of nowhere, with soldier only being considered for the practical benefits - it actually seems to go against established characterisation, as far as I can tell.

So I'm pondering whether to sacrifice character integrity on the altar of increased kick-assingness. I'll get back to you on that when I'm finished listening to the voices in my head.

Dieter 2002-11-01 22:37:04
I'd stick with pointman. The bonuses you'd get for Wheelman and Soldier wouldn't really offset Jess' uncanny ability to not be able to hit a damn thing. ;)

That's MHO. Besides, to have Jess not be able to hit the broadside of a barn is now it's practically part of the game. We (at least I do) expect nothing less.

Jessica is like Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies. She means well, but ends up being infinitely better with social skills (YIKES!) than behind the barrel of a gun.

This adventure will have alot more interaction and less epic gun fights. The biggest artillery you'll see is probably a pump-action shotgun...and those will almost be used exclusively by law enforcement.

As for Harry, yeah...I'd up his perform skills. I believe at 5th level you can have up to 8 ranks.
threadbare 2002-11-02 08:31:23
I think I'm going to add a level in Faceman. I need a bit more finesse for this mission, I think. It also gives me Cold Read, which is cool. I'll also probably change my personal budget, if that's okay. I'm feeling like I need something a little less blunt, but still with some punch. What kind of handguns or machine pistols does the MAG have, or for that matter the spycraft main guide? From the Lite, I'm thinking something like the .44 magnum or the .45 ACP, with a silencer

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Gatac 2002-11-02 09:25:22
I guess it's time I also adjusted my personal budget. Too much junk I never use in there.

I guess I'll take the level in pointman then.

Dieter 2002-11-04 17:54:19
Ok..to sum up.

Jess: Pointman
Harry: Fixer
Gavin: Soldier
Adam: Fixer
Dieter 2002-11-05 16:03:59
I still need to work out my stuff... but for now I'll be content to watch and wait. Introducing yourself to the people around you is OK on a plane, but it's kinda weird to do so in an airport terminal (assuming the flight hasn't been delayed a significant amount of time).
Dieter 2002-11-05 16:17:10
Hmm...I see your point.

We'll just jump ahead to the plane. ;)
Gatac 2002-11-05 16:30:18
I guess it's time to stare out of the window longingly and sob every once in a while.

Dieter 2002-11-05 19:17:36
Top notch performance...you'd at least get a Golden Globe (TM) nomination. ;)

Having seven ranks in "perform" also helps alot.
Dieter 2002-11-05 21:37:58
Well, I'd feel absolutely stupid jumping into the middle of that. I have a few questions, though. I assume that we don't have our personal weapons with us on the plane. Will they be waiting for us at our destination?

I'll open up one of those complimentary travel magazines that's always in the seat pouch next to the barf bags and strike up a conversation with Harry about venues. No sense in us being suspiciously quiet while our two young lovers pour their hearts out... ;)
Dieter 2002-11-05 21:49:47
Nope...no personal weapons on the plane. They will be waiting in Las Vegas along with you mission stuff (Yeah, I still gotta tell you what your BP/GP's are...I know that.)

If things get nasty on the plane, you'll have to resort to good ole' fisticuffs.

The airplane scene is pretty much just a quick segue' to get everyone on the same page. I don't predict it will go much further. Of course, that will depend upon Jess and her acting abilities. :)
Gatac 2002-11-05 21:54:23
Woo, this is gonna be a *long* flight - but at the end, Steward will be ready to take advantage of Jess, which means she will be able to take advantage of him. :)