Birds of a Feather

Dieter 2002-05-07 21:22:06
Jessica tries to help out Gavin and Harry.

"Can I help....eeew!?"

The sight of the knife stuck in Harry's leg is one thing, but the nasty gunshot to Gavin's mid-section slightly revives Jessica's fear of the morbidly grotesque. She looks at Harry's wound and says,

"Hey?! (looking out towards the highway) What's that over there?"

Harry looks as Jessica yanks the switchblade out of his leg with one hand and puts a pressure bandage on it with the other.

"EeeeOwww! Errrm...thanks!"

Jessica then looks at Gavin's bleeder,

Can't do much for him here.

Then the tuxedoed man appears from out of nowhere and almost instinctive responds to her inner monologue.

"You certainly can't, young lady. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Mr. Wolf...I solve problems."

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Dieter 2002-05-08 01:29:48
Noticing that he's now comfortably in the hands of trained professionals and that he's probably not good for much, Gavin conveniently passes out.
Dieter 2002-05-08 01:37:37
"Good, 'cause we got one," I say to the Wolf. "I need to drive these two guys somewhere to get fixed, and I'm thinking the local hospital isn't the most discreet location for that? Plus, I don't even know where the hospital is in the first place."

Then, to Harry: "How'd those turds pick you guys out on the freeway? We got hit in the airport parking garage."
threadbare 2002-05-08 03:10:10
"Sonofabitch!" Harry shouts as she pulls the knife out. "Are you even a trained doctor?"

"Anyway, they just fucking rear ended us. Maybe they knew our car make. I got out to yell at them, and they tried to ambush us. Just a good thing these guys fucked it up. Gavin over there brought his fists to a gun fight, resulting in this condition here.[indicating the chest and stomach shots] You think we could set up construction while we clean it up, and then pass this off as road rage?"

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Dieter 2002-05-08 04:19:43
Gavin's eye's roll back and he falls unconscious...he's not in shock, but will soon be without prompt medical attention.

The Wolf briskly walks around the crime scene for a few moments then comes back to the SUV and speaks:

"Ok, let's get down to brass tacks, shall we? You have two dead bodies roasting on the shoulder of the road. You (pointing at Artis), pick 'em up and put them in the trunk of their car. Miss, (looking at Jessica) that's fine work you did...but these two (pointing at Gavin and Harry) are going to need more than a band-aid. In the back seat of my car is a trauma kit, get it and do the voodoo that you apparently do best. (Looking at Harry) Cheer up son, an inch or two in either direction and we'd be putting three dead bodies in the trunk of that car. Keep that foot elevated."

Artis finishes disposing of the two goons in the trunk and comes back to the SUV. The Wolf dials a number on his phone. Moments later, a tow-truck (the flatbed kind) pulls up.

"Don't worry kids, he's with us."

A burly man with a wife-beater t-shirt and hawaiian shorts steps out of the truck. He and the Wolf exchange pleasantries then the Wolf comes over to the SUV.

"You're lucky Jose was in the neighborhood, otherwise we'd be paying off the Federales...much more expensive than Jose's services. Now I'm assuming at least one of you has some cash handy...I try to not carry too much...besides, you fucked this one up real good."

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threadbare 2002-05-08 05:39:40
"How much will this run us?" Harry asks, limping over to search the bodies before they're carted off to god knows where.
Dieter 2002-05-08 14:14:08
The Wolf yells back to Jose as he's winching the Mercedes onto the back of his truck.

-Jose, cuanto cuesta?
-Ah, mil euros.

The Wolf looks over to the SUV.

"A thousand, on the barrelhead."
Dieter 2002-05-08 15:07:52
Jessica reaches into her purse and whips out a wad of euros.

"A thousand, eh? Here, but make sure I get a receipt for it...I'm accountable you know."

The Wolf looks at her, then back at Jose, then her again.

"Young lady, while the Agency would appreciate your honesty...Jose is not one for formality. I'll be sure to tell your boss and he'll no doubt re-imburse you if need be."

The Wolf looks around at the crime scene.

"Looking good...looking good. Alright, Jose is seeing to the disposal of our friends and their car...that leaves us with getting those two (pointing at Harry and Gavin) to a doctor. Follow me."

The Wolf walks back to his car as Jose pulls off with the Mercedes in tow. He honks and waves at the SUV as he drives by.

Following the Wolf, he takes you to what looks like a Spanish Villa just beyond the Madrid city limits.
Gatac 2002-05-08 15:18:57
"By the way, could you call a real doctor ? Peace corps training is nice and dandy, but I'm not getting paid to get my hands dirty THIS way."
Dieter 2002-05-08 15:31:54
Pulling into the villa, you see on the mailbox.

Sr. Roberto Villalobos M.D.

The villa overlooks the sprawling metropolis of Madrid. The Wolf parks near the entranceway and he is immediately greeted by two dobermans. Upon recognizing him, they heel and sit.

The doctor greets The Wolf as if they were old friends. In his hand he has what looks like a doctor's bag. They walk back to the SUV.

In a very western, yet still Spanish sounding accent, the doctor greets his guests.

"El Lobo tells me that you're friends are not well. Let me check them over."

The doctor looks at Harry and Gavin's field dressings.

"Who did this?! Because whoever it was should be working for me at my hospital."

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Dieter 2002-05-10 06:03:21
Gavin stirs in his seat. The first thing he notices is the pain. Pain, check. He tries to flex his diaphragm a little, then decides it was a bad idea as a fresh wave of pain hits him. Bullets in my torso, check.

He takes brief stock of the people around him. Addressing Roberto, he says, "I assume you're the doctor." Whoever he is, he ought to have something stronger than acetimenophin on him.
Dieter 2002-05-10 13:54:47
Roberto looks at Gavin's wounds, then speaks in perfect English.

"Don't worry my Irish friend, you'll be kicking back pints of Guinness at the pub soon enough."

With that, the doctor reaches into his back and grabs a syringe and small container of fluid marked morphine.

Gavin feels the intravenous narcotic go into his blood stream.


The doctor asks Artis to drive the SUV into the garage.

"No worries my friends. El Lobo and I are old acquaintances."

Artis pulls into the spacious garage filled with a Mercedes, two Jaguars, and a vintage Porsche.
Gatac 2002-05-10 16:04:28
Jessica walks up to Roberto.

"Can I help you with something ?"
threadbare 2002-05-13 06:20:38
Harry turns to the doctor.

"So this won't have any permanent damage, will it? The Agency's beer softball league is starting again this spring, and I'm my department's shortstop."
Dieter 2002-05-13 15:18:19
"Don't worry, you'll be fine...just remain stil."

Gavin is put on a stretcher and carried to a room in the house. The din of halogen lights and sterilness of the room denote some sort of make-shift hospital. Gavin is placed on a bed and the doctor opens up a cabinet of medical supplies.

"Senorita, if you can...please start and IV for your friend."

The doctor cuts off Gavin's shirt, revealing a bullet wound near his 7th rib.

" exit wound. This is a very good sign. You're a very lucky man. This should not be a problem."
Dieter 2002-05-13 16:46:05
I catch up with Mr. Wolf. "Um, Mr. Wolf, you didn't have any more information from base, did you?"
Dieter 2002-05-13 17:24:07
Artis catches up to the Wolf as he's getting into his Audi.

"Son, I make it my business to solve problems...that's all. If you need to talk to your boss, I suggest picking up the phone and calling him."

With that, the Wolf closes the door and rolls down the window.

"A piece of advice. If you want to stay in the game, I'd tell your friends to be a little more subtle and a little less trigger happy. I've made arrangements with Roberto for you to stay here until your friend's wound heals. Stay out of trouble, you crazy kids."

The tinted window rolls and the Audi backs down the driveway, then peels out on to the open road.
threadbare 2002-05-13 18:58:37
Harry tries to use his PDA to access the dossiers of Jessica and Artis. He also tries to see if he can hobble over to the nearest newstand (or other periodical salesplace) and pick up the latest copy of The Unstoppable Tumor.
Dieter 2002-05-13 19:45:49
Harry attempts to hobble out the door, making it about 10 feet past the entrance when he hears a terrible growling sound. Turning 90 degrees to the left is a doberman, looking rather vicious and intimidating.

Swatting his hat at the dog's nose, it only becomes angrier. Harry does find that as long as he remains motionless, the dog only growls and does not advance.

As the notion that someone must have heard me yell runs through his head, the doberman is joined by his friend...Mr.Rottweiler.

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Dieter 2002-05-14 19:22:09
When Artis mentions the barking dogs to Roberto, he stops what he's doing (bandaging up Gavin) and speaks.

"Madre Dios! Senorita (looking at Jessica), finish wrapping up your friend wound. I have to attend to the dogs before we have another patient. You (looking at Artis) come with me. Pronto!"

Artis and Roberto make their way back to entrance and see a peculiar visage on the front lawn. Harry is cornered by two dogs, with a gun in one hand and his hat in the other.

"N-n-n-nice doggies. W-w-wouldn't have to shoot you now... Would I?"