Birds of a Feather

Gatac 2002-06-06 22:41:16
Hearing the sirens, Jessica has only one thought.

*Finally. Cops. Everything'll be alright. Serve and protect, right ? Well, cover fire would be a start...*
Dieter 2002-06-06 23:32:01
It's time for Harry to reload, so he'll only get off one shot this round. The hastily prepared shot goes wild and skitters off the roof of the Range Rover.

Artis tumbles down in front of the Rover and gets off a shot at the gunman's legs.


Artis pulls the trigger again,

*click*...Dammit! I -thought- I loaded eight shells

Gavin gets up and pursues the other gunman out the door and on to the terrace. The helicopter that started this whole mess is now hovering over the house (about 100ft. high) and the gunman is being winched up on a line. Gavin takes a shot at gunman, but as he slides the bolt back, Gavin notices he's out of ammo. He drops the rifle and readies his pistol for next round.

Back in the garage

Jessica lets off a burst at the kneeling gunman, the bullets impacting his armor but not penetrating.

He replies in kind with a full-auto spray against his three assailents. The first burst hits Artis with quite a fury, riddling him with 9mm slugs. He gets hit hard.
The next burst misses Harry and the final burst strikes the now thrice wounded Jessica but her vest stops them.

(OOC: Artis got fucked-up this round. He's down to 6VP's)

The police sirens are getting louder as the prop-wash of the hovering helicopter above sucks out any remaining smoke in the garage.
Dieter 2002-06-07 16:15:06
Winding the combat down

A strange series of events takes place, involving both gardening implements and actions straight out of Police Squad.

Harry, seeing that his enemy's resistance (at least in this case) is all but futile, throws his pistol at the gunman in an attempt at a WTF?! distraction. It strikes him in the leg, but it is enough for Harry to get over to the table with the gardening gear.

Taking his cue from Harry, Artis moves over to the wall of the garage and grabs a pitchfork. Artis then charges at the gunman and impales him with agro-justice. Both men are in awe...the gunman, not believing he was just run through with a pitchfork and Artis not believe he just ran someone through with a pitchfork.

Jessica holds her action, with her also trying to make sense of what just happened.

The impaled gunman, in a feat of sheer (literally) intestinal fortitude, pulls the fork out of him and expeditiously retreats for the helicopter.

Jessica, seeing her chance...squeezes off a few rounds at the gunman, this time hitting him in the arm with a noticable mist of blood.

Meanwhile...back on the terrace

The gunman is winched closer to the helicopter, Gavin looks at the rope and says.

Ach, only got one chance for this.

Gavin takes careful aim at his mark and shoots. The rope is hit, but it isn't severed. However, it is rapidly unfurling. Just as the gunman is being hauled up onto the helo's deck...the rope snaps, and the gunman plummets a good 90ft. He smashes into the stone terrace with a blood-curtling crunch as most of his bones are snapped like twigs on impact.

The helicopter speeds forward and drops another line, this time in front of the house. As the line drops, flashings lights are seen but the sound of the sirens is drowned out by the deafening roar of the helicopter above.