Birds of a Feather

Dieter 2002-05-30 15:11:12
As the discussion what to do and what not circles around the dinner table, Artis notices the screen of the the otherwise discreetly placed TV in the room.

The pictures are something of a massive fire consuming a large complex. It appears that a reporter is speaking live at the event, standing at a safe distance away...flames and thick clouds of black smoke billowing in the the background.

"I'm Silvia Delgado reporting live from the scene of a terrible conflagration taking place at the El Molar military installation just outside of Madrid, Spain. It it too early to state what has happened, but preliminary reports indicate some sort of explosion in the main facility. I have with me Lt. Colonel Simon Fuentes, second in command at the El Molar installation. Simon, could you tell us what happened here?"

SF-At this time, the only thing I can say is that there was an explosion of some kind. The origin is also being investigated at this time.
SD-What do you think may have caused it?
SF-Uh, like I said. We can't determine that at this time. It could be any number of things. (explosions in background)
SD-Could this be related to the stolen rocket fuel?
SF-Um, I'm not at liberty to speak about that at this time. I'm sorry, I really must be seeing to this fire.

SD-Well, there you have it. This (more explosions are heard in the background) situation looks like it's only going to worsen (more explosions with fragments landing in the immediate background of the reporter). Alright, that's it. (looking at the cameraman) We're out of here. Silvia Delgado reporting live from the El Molar military installation, back to you in the studio.
Dieter 2002-05-30 16:24:56
Barely a minute after the newscast ends, everyone's Agency text messengers sound off.

Shrike to (insert Code Name). Are you there? What happened? What is your current location?

(OOC: everyone tell me in the OOC thread what you're going to say.)
Dieter 2002-05-31 20:43:05
Appraising the current situation, Shrike sends everyone a message.

Hold position until further ordered.

Thirty minutes go by...nothing. Then an hour...still nothing. As the team begins to wonder how deeply screwed they are, Artis notices the peculiar sound of helicopter blades in the distance.
threadbare 2002-06-03 12:15:08
"On the bright side," Harry interjects, "we aren't chunky salsa on the asphalt. And with that helicopter on the way, it's either a quick and deadly airstrike, or a friendly pickup. Either way, there's not a lot of pain involved."
threadbare 2002-06-03 15:08:11
"Practical thinking. Let's go see who it is," I say, moving to the front door (but not outside, stupid doggies).
Dieter 2002-06-03 15:36:18
Doctor's Villa, Madrid outskirts. 8:47pm

As Artis moves towards the front door, he hears the doctor...who is standing on the back terrace smoking a cigarette and looking at the dusky skyline of Madrid.

"Eh....I know I'm not one of you, but I think that helicopter is coming from this end of the house."
Dieter 2002-06-03 16:47:24
As everyone became spectators on the back terrace, they could feel the wind of the chopper wash gusting toward them. The helicopter was now outlined by the purplish tint of the late dusk skyline.

A slight muzzle flash and smashed window pane later, the team knew this wasn't the home office paying them a social call.

The bullet had struck the doctor squarely in the forehead, penetrating his skull and going through the glass of the terrace door.
Dieter 2002-06-03 16:53:59
As I dive for cover, I yell to Harry: "Hey, you were right! That didn't look painful at all!"
Gatac 2002-06-03 17:22:33
Jessica reaches for her gun and throws herself to the ground, waiting for a command or a good idea.
Dieter 2002-06-03 19:43:54
As Jessica hits the ground, another muzzle flash is reported from the helicopter. The hypersonic bullet hits its mark...her left shoulder blade, momentarily pinning the fair-haired agent against the wall behind her.

Between the clunk to head by the impact of the wall and the excruciating kiss of the rifle round, Jessica is rendered unconscious for the time being.

(OOC: Jessica is down to zero VP, but the vest prevented any actual WP loss. You can spend your action this round burning an action point to get back up next round.)

Harry's nightvision specs show two figures rappelling down a static line off the helicopter.

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Dieter 2002-06-04 15:27:32
The team makes their way inside the Villa, with Artis pulling the curtains on the terrace door.

Heading for the garage, all the lights go out suddenly. The next thing that is heard is the sound of crunching glass under foot, most likely from the shattered remnants of the terrace door.

|terrace |
| |
| A |
| H J |
|G |
| D garage |
|_____DD____| |
Dieter 2002-06-04 19:18:47
Gavin fails to see one of the members "X" of the assault team enter the room, but does hear the ricochet of suppressed bullets spraying the room.

The spray covers the entire open area...and what a mess it makes.

The bullets hit the stucco wall that Artis had been using to guide him to the garage, raining plaster of paris on him...but otherwise only turning the undacuva brotha a lighter shade of brown.

Bringing the weapon down and adjusting for the recoil, the bullets destined for Jessica rake her across the neck and upper chest areas...covering Harry is a mist of her own blood. For the second time is as many rounds, Jessica goes down...this time much worse than before.

(OOC: You're currently at 5 WP)

As Harry grimaces at the sight of his friend getting mowed down, he sees his hat had been knocked off by a stray bullet.

Oh look, my hat!

(bending down to pick it up)

Just then, more bullets whiz over him, destroying more walls and taking out a few potted plants along the way.

The shell casings continue to pour out of the assaulter's weapon as it moves into sight of the ailing Gavin...striking him in the chest and adding (pardon the term) more insult to his injuries.

(OOC: Gavin's currently at 9 WP)

|terrace |
| X |
| |
| |
| H J A |
| G D garage |
|_____DD____| |

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Dieter 2002-06-05 14:49:51
Ah...what a mess! :)

Artis helps the wounded Jessica through the door and into the garage. Inside, they see a Mercedes and a Land Rover. In the far back of the garage (maybe 10ft. away), they see a large safe-like object.

While Harry provides cover fire for the exiting Artis and Jessica, Gavin takes the liberty of introducing the gunman to his two friends....Smith & Wesson.

He fires a burst of .40cal justice into the gunman, but it seems to have no effect on him. Images of the shootout in L.A. come to mind. The gunman must be wearing some heavy-duty armor.

(OOC: The bad guys go first, so I'm just going to include the gunman's actions for next round)

The gunman seems distracted by both the suppressive fire of Harry and the gunshots of Gavin. He sprays two short bursts in their directions, missing Gavin but connecting on Harry, sending throbbing pain into his leg.

(OOC: Harry took 5pts of VP damage, he's hurt but still mobile)
Dieter 2002-06-05 16:32:02
Artis makes his way around the SUV to the safe "S". Looking it over for a quick second, he pulls out his lockpicks.

Well, here goes everything.

He puts his listening device up to the lock tumbler and begins twisting away. Moments later, he thinks he has it licked. One hopeful pull on the doorhandle and the door springs open.

(contents of the safe to be revealed in the OOC thread)

As Jessica and Artis ponder his dumb luck, they are reminded of the gravity of the situation as more gunshots are heard from just beyond the door.

Harry, seeing that his friends are safely in the next room, fires directly at the gunman, firing a burst, grazing the gunman's arm.

Seeing the uselessness of pistols thusfar, Gavin looks at the gunman...

Ach...fook it!

Gavin charges at the gunman and attempts to tackle him. Unfortunately, the gunplay in the room has left tons of debris strewn about the floor. Gavin misteps as he goes for the grapple and slips slightly.

(OOC: Gavin didn't fumble, he just rolled poorly)

The gunman seeing his chance, clocks Gavin upside his head and pushes him out of the way. Dispatching Gavin for the time being, the gunman drops his nearly expended clip and reloads.

(OOC: Gavin, who was already off-balance, is now on his ass. It will take him a half-action to get up)

|terrace |
| X |
| G |
| |
| H |
| D S |
|_____DD____| J A |
| Rover/ Mer |
Dieter 2002-06-05 17:06:27
Artis slings the rifle over his shoulder and racks the shotgun.

Pushing the door open enough to appraise the situation... Artis sees that Harry is now wounded, Gavin is on the floor near the gunman looking slightly dazed and the gunman is cocking back the receiver on his MP-5.

Shit! This is not good.

Harry continues to empty his pistol into the gunman, firing a bit wide...must be his nerves.

Artis looks at the bullets glancing off the gunman armor.

Well, allow me to retort


The shotgun rakes across the gunman's chest, putting a nice pattern of openings in his armor.

Gavin sits up and fires a burst into the gunman, to avail.


All the while, Jessica tends to her wounds in the garage.
Dieter 2002-06-05 17:22:45
The gunman, upon receiving his first noticable wound, sprays his MP-5 in Artis' general direction. The door takes the brunt of the attack, but probably won't last more than another round.

Harry looks over at Artis.

"Ah, I see you brought backup"

Gavin glances over to Artis as his continues to futily plug the gunman with his pistol.

"It's about about friggin' time. Toss me the rifle!"

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Dieter 2002-06-06 03:07:59
Harry grabs the rifle from Artis and chucks it over to Gavin. Getting down on one knee, Harry braces for a shot to the gunman's hands. He closes his eyes and squeezes the trigger. The next sound he hears is

*ping* *crack* FUCK!

Harry opens his eyes and sees the MP-5 on the floor and the gunman's three middle fingers on his right hand severed at the knuckles.

Gavin grabs the rifle and aims it at the gunman. The sights must have be joggled by the chucking as his shot goes wide, going into the wall.

Artis pops out from around the door long enough to blast the gunman again. A solid hit again to his center mass, putting more leaks into the gunman.

(OOC: This shot wasn't as good as the last one)

All the while, Jessica is binding her wounds.

Ach, I hope these don't scar! W-What the hell was that?

While glancing up for a second, Jessica notices a brief silhouette through one of the window panes in the garage door (the driveway/main door, not the one Artis is using for cover)

As for the bad guys...

The gunman inside sprays a full-auto burst at Artis, Harry and Gavin. It is apparent that the numerous gunshots are taking a toll on him since all three attacks go wide of their marks.

While the fun goes on, the party is just beginning in the garage...where Jessica sees an object smash through the garage door window (approx. 6inches square). The object explodes in a flash of bright light. The grenade is is followed by another object which Jessica can only assertain from the tin-like sound it makes while hitting the floor.

She's currently seeing spots and is deafened for the next 2 rounds, but she can detect a terrible smell.

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Dieter 2002-06-06 16:46:25
Upon seeing the smoke and noise Artis yells,"One in the garage!", pumping a few rounds into the roof.

Harry spins around to provide additional support for the impending break-in.

Gavin, rolls away from the gunman...shooting him (from the hip) twice. The first shot is well off-target, but the hit but is deflected by one of the metal shoulder plates.

Jessica struggles to regain her senses and stays low.

Seconds later, the main door of the garage is blown off it's hinges and falls to the floor. As it falls, a barrage of bullets pelts the interior of the garage, shredding the back of the Range Rover but otherwise nothing else is hit.

The gunman inside pulls out his secondary weapon and shoots at Gavin while retreating back out the terrace entrance from which he came. Gavin is struck by another burst, knocking him down for the count.

(OOC: Gavin's back down to zero VP. However, he's still at full WP)

|terrace |
| |
| G |
| |
| |
| HAD |
|_____DD____|J |
| Rover/ Mer |
-- --
Dieter 2002-06-06 22:35:17
Harry holds his action waiting for something to shoot at through the smoke.

Artis, vaguely catches a hint of movement through the haze.

"There!" (pointing for Harry's benefit)

They both let loose, not being sure if they hit anything or not.

Gavin pulls the bolt back on his rifle and continues to fire at the gunman.


One bullets skates off his armor and the second puts a nice-sized hole in his right arm.

The gunman moans in pain, exiting the house and back to the terrace. He has enough strength to pull the pin on a grenade and throws it into the room. The flash-bang goes off, but Gavin was able to look away and shelter his ears in time.

In the garage, Jessica's sight and hearing are quickly returning. She can see that visibility is low, but improving...and just in time to duck as more bullets come flying inside.

The rounds shred the back tires of the range rover, making it sink about 6 inches in the back.

As the round ends and all is momentarily quiet, police sirens can be heard in the far distance.