Birds of a Feather

Gatac 2002-04-18 19:50:54
"Actually, I was planning on reeling in some practice with a G36K, I just saw no way to carry it around with me. Maybe next mission."

Noticing his more-than-obvious looks, I smile back at him.

"See you later."
Gatac 2002-04-18 20:05:10
I suppress a smirk. "I'm not wearing this jacket cause it's cold outside." I gather up the gear and motion to Tommy. "Let's go. Does Garza know when and where we're coming?"
Dieter 2002-04-18 20:10:08
(Barely able to maintain his already weakened composure, but with a "right back at ya" look)

"Riiight. That's some hefty hardware for a gal of your stature...but I'm sure you're used to having somthing large in your hands....As I was saying, Tommy's waiting out front. You best be leaving, you have alot to do."

Kyle meanders out of the room, with the Carlos returning to his shoulder-arms position in front of the door. The evening sky was turning a pinkish-purple as the sun began to set behind the long-since extinct volcano.

"You should be able to get to Madrid by journey."

As you descend down the gangway, you see Tommy at the end of the walkway, his back leaning against a late-model Mercedes.

Tommy is reading the newspaper he had when first seen. He notices Jessica and Artis, tucks the paper under his arm and proceeds to open the rear door.

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Gatac 2002-04-18 20:13:28
"Remind me to get in touch with that guy again. Could prove useful."
Gatac 2002-04-19 16:39:15
"I hope you drive better than the guy in the cab I took earlier," I say, getting in after Jessica.
Dieter 2002-04-19 17:32:26
Tommy, jogs around (a bit labored) to the driver's side door and get in.

"Oh, that's Marcel...the resident nutcase on the island. The freaking guy thinks he's Mario-fucking-Andretti. Don't worry about my driving, before I got this gig, I driver for a few folks in New Jersey."

Tommy starts up the car, it turning over with little more than a light hum. A blast of cold air hits Artis and Jessica as Tommy puts it in gear.

"You guys getting enough air back there? This Kraut engineering leaves a bit to be desired. I'll take a Caddy any day of the week."

Arriving at Jessica's hotel, she runs upstairs long enough to put on a business suit and librarian glasses. While she's changing, Tommy talks to Artis.

"Eh pal. You got yourself a prime piece of ass as your partner...but as my father always told me, Never lose your head over a piece of tail."

When Jessica returns to the car, Tommy gives her a once over and says

"Beautiful, now you look respectible. We can have you trapesing around Spain looking like a $20 Jersey whore."

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Gatac 2002-04-19 17:46:35
He's gonna regret that remark...

"Say that again and you'll be shootin' through an angled barrel."
Dieter 2002-04-19 18:02:49
"Eh, *shrug*...I just call 'em like I see 'em. You're a very beautiful lady and no self-respecting lady would go out in public like you were dressed. No me a bit old school for you kids."

Other than the discourse of proper social etiquette, the ride to the airport is uneventful. The Mercedes drives up to a private hangar and parks just short of tarmac. Tommy get out the car and opens the door on Jessica's side.

"Your chariot awaits melady."

(motioning her the idling jet's doorway.)

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Gatac 2002-04-19 19:48:53
"Thank you."

Lady ? Those people never read the dossiers, do they ?
Dieter 2002-04-19 19:52:49

Quote: from Gatac on 1:48 pm on April 19, 2002
"Thank you."

Lady ? Those people never read the dossiers, do they ?

(OOC: Substitute the word "broad" for "lady" and you'll know what Tommy was really thinking.) :)
Gatac 2002-04-22 16:12:54
I bow over to Artis.

"If this trip will relate to parachutes in any way, I'll sign up for desk work."
Dieter 2002-04-22 16:24:54
"Parachutes?!", coming from male voice exiting the plane.

"You don't need parachutes when Jack Dalton's flying your plane."

Tommy interjects,

"Yeah, only when you're trying to get out of Uzbekistan and the local militia shoots out both engines at 3000 feet."

Jack runs down the stairway and over to Tommy.

"Shhh, you wanna spook the rookies. How 'bout showing a little confidence in ole Jack?!"

Jack then walks over to Artis and Jessica, bracing Artis' hand with a sturdy handshake then delicately lifts Jessica's, kissing it.

"Jack Dalton, your service."
Dieter 2002-04-22 19:02:59
Camera fades out on Artis and Jessica boarding the jet.

-fade in, same day, 7:00pm-

Two figures sit in a small european sedan stuck in traffic on Highway A-2, en-route to Madrid's Barajas Airport.

"Argh, what the hell is taking so long? We should be there already."
"Shut yer hole Harry, I told ya we shouldn't have stopped at that record store...but ya had to see if they had that damn Frank Sinatra canta en Barcelona record."
"Awww, come on Gavin, it's a classic....and when's the next time we're going to be in Madrid?"

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Dieter 2002-04-23 05:42:04
"Shit, I can walk faster than these Spaniards are driving. You don't have any of that Sinatra on CD, do you?" Gavin gestures at the car's CD player.
Dieter 2002-04-23 16:05:56


Jack emerges out of the cockpit and finds Artis and Jessica going over the gameplan and making equipment checks.

"Ok folks, just to let ya know, we should be in Madrid in about an hour. Hey, is that one of those new USP's? Nice weapon, but call me old fashion...but I'm sticking with my Colt..."

As Jack goes to unholster his gun, the plane shudders slightly and warning sounds and lights go off inside the cabin. Without a second thought, Jack speeds back to the cockpit.

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Dieter 2002-04-24 00:34:42
"Dalton! What the hell is going on?!" I yell, fastening my harness and searching for anything marked "Floatation Device" or "Parachute".
Dieter 2002-04-24 01:21:33
As Artis looks around for a means of safe landing, Dalton's voice comes over the intercomm.

"Uhhh, everyone remain calm seated. Strap yourselves in. It appears we having some trouble with the starboard wing. The flap is jammed in the downward position, I'm taking her down below 10,000ft., the turbulance won't be as bad and if they're decompression, everyone stands a chance of surviving a parachute landing. One of you operate the outside surveillance this angle I can't tell what the hell is causing this.

Warning lights and sirens continue to go off left and right. If you've never experienced a rapid descent in a jet, you have now.

Artis, looking for the parachutes, instead finds a panel with some sort of a "flight ops" menu display.
threadbare 2002-04-24 03:10:14
[meanwhile, in a safer and soon-to-be-swankier location]

Harry reaches into his bag and pulls out his "emergency jams" cd, a mix of his favorites, and pops it in. Soon, the strains of "my way" saturate the Madrid streets.
Dieter 2002-04-24 04:21:06
Harry pops in a mix of Sinatra and Dean Martin, lounge hits mostly from the Vegas hey-days. Harry made sure the rental car had a decent sound system and as the sounds of Luck be a lady tonight blare across the Madrid countryside, Gavin's irritated nature worsens into sheer frustrations as he regrets his suggestion to the crooner.

As Gavin contemplates which is worse, hearing Harry sing a bad rendition of Sinatra or getting out of the car and suffering the blistering heat of summer in Madrid...the stop and go traffic is further punctuated by the jarring feeling of being the victim of rear-ended at 20MPH.

(PS, You guys are in a 4-door VW Jetta)


Artis sees on the screen what looks like various thumbnail views of different camera angles around the plane.

Over the caption Starboard Wing Cam 1, it looks like...wait, it can't be!...Yes, two figures each wearing some sort of pressurized suit and mask. One is securing something to the wing while the other is slowly creeping on his stomach towards the fusilage.

Relaying the info to Jack, he tells Artis and Jessica to make sure the harnesses are in place then starts counting down from 5.


The jet, rolls at a terrible rate....up is down, down is up. Both engines seem to be screaming as a equally terrible noise is heard coming from the starboard wing. It sounded as if the wing was sheering off.

Only having the cursory flight in zero-g manuevering, Jessica wretches as the jet begins to level off after numerous rolls. Artis faired a little better, holding his lunch in, but probably wishing he hadn't.

The warning lights cease flashing and the sirens quiet.
Jack comes on the intercomm as the plane settles back into its original flight pattern.

"You guys ok back there?

(FYI, Jessica is 8 shades of green from nausea and Artis is very dizzy, but no where near as bad as Jessica)

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Dieter 2002-04-24 04:47:41
"Good God. That's... urp... why I get around ... eggh... the way people were meant to - in a car!"