Birds of a Feather

Gatac 2002-03-29 15:28:44

Salad. Bleh. Judging by what the agency defines as steak or tomato soup, my stomach tells me that I'm NOT hungry.

Dieter 2002-03-29 15:34:30
From the outside, the yacht has to be at least 200ft. long. From the conning tower, you see a wide array of radar, satellite, and other electronic devices. Painted on the bow of the ship is the name Let her ride.

As the trio walk up the gangway, they past two bonifide goons guarding the path. Tommy greets them.

"Eh boys, how's life treating you? Sal, have you lost weight?"
Dieter 2002-03-29 15:51:33
It's just like back home, except hotter...

I smile at the goons and otherwise keep my mouth shut and go where I'm directed.
Dieter 2002-03-29 16:07:26
Tommy leads Jessica and Artis into a large room about 10 paces from the gangway. The room is furnished in what could be described as the "old world style". If you didn't know you were on the water in the Mediterranean, you'd be fooled into believing you were in the great hall of a British hunting lodge.

It is paneled in dark oak, probably a few inches thick. Interspersed between the panels are large windows, also a few inches thick. Agency training 101 could tell you that this is the place to be if bad things start happening outside.

When it appears you've sufficiently soaked up your surroundings, Tommy says:

"You two make yourself comfortable, there's a wet bar near that window over there. The boss will be in shortly."

At the far end of the room, through some sliding doors and near the stern of the ship, you see two men talking near the railing. One is probably in his early 30's, the other in his late 50's/early 60's.

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Dieter 2002-03-29 19:41:46
Jessica begins to scan the room, noticing all the subtle nuances (natural 20!).

Hmm, the arm of that chair over there looks like it could probably house a pistol in a secret chamber. Yup, there's the hinge.

The desk over there, judging from the large bulge under the open space, probably has a sawed-off 10ga. hidden below.

Is that a picture of that guy out there playing golf with John F. Kennedy?

As Jessica peers closer to the framed picture hanging on the wall, her concentration is interrupted by a deep-voiced Scottish accent.

"He had a terrible backswing, though his taste in woman was quite remarkable."

The older man enters through the sliding door, immediately followed by the younger gentleman. The older man walks over to Jessica.

"But it seems that beauty always seems to find me."

For a second, Jessica had flashbacks of her experiences earlier in the day, then the older man steps back and kisses her hand.

"John Patrick Mason, at your service. You may call me Windhover. Do you know what the Latin name for it is? Falco tinnunculus, from its habit of remaining almost motionless while it searches for prey. But enough with the ornithological lessons. Good to finally meet you, and (looking over to Artis) you as well."

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Gatac 2002-03-29 20:57:35
"The pleasure is entirely on my side, Mr. Mason. However, I'd prefer to not waste too much time on inconsequential things. I think we all agree that the sooner we're done with this, the better."
Dieter 2002-03-29 21:36:24
"Rather precocious, don't you think, (looking over to the younger man) Kyle?"

The younger man (looking like Billy Baldwin), pulls his head out of some tome he grabbed off the shelf.

"Ah, to be young and ambitious...these recruits seem to get more naive every year."

Mason looks back at Kyle

"I believe you were just as full of piss and vinegar as these two are when you were recruited years ago, but anyway. Artis, Jessica, let me introduce you to the Mission Commander for the Western European Theater, Kyle Harper. Code Name:Shrike."

Kyle puts the book back on the shelf and grabs what appears to be two palm-pilots out of the table drawer. He gives them to Artis and Jessica.

"These are your lifelines, They're an experimental micro computer/messenger/phone. The cases are made from the same stuff that NASA uses on the space shuttle. Pretty cool stuff. Oh, one thing...lose them and you're life will probably follow. Ok, now that I've dispensed with bad news, here's the good news. Your first assignment isn't too far from here."

You are to investigate the theft of several thousand pounds of rocket fuel, taken from a joint European military installation in El Molar, Spain. Only the precision with which the heist was conducted — obviously the work of professional thieves with substantial resources — warrants their attention. The reason the Agency is sending you on this mission has everything to do with timing and politics. With the International Space Station (ISS) a not-so-distant reality and the test of a new global satellite data feed planned in three days, the theft of rocket fuel has the Agency worried that someone intends to interfere.

Kyle gives you the names of all the personnel employed at the El Molar installation (see below), along with a blueprint of the interior. Kyle also tells you not to attract attention during your investigation and that only the Security Chief, Alejandro Garza, knows who they are and what they are doing.

Finally, the Agency asks that you leave daily updates of your progress via a secure uplink and gives you a code word to use if they need immediate assistance (“Halloween”).

You should work the code word into their message if you run into trouble.

Should you use this code word, The Agency contacts you by secure cell phone communication within 5-10 minutes.

El Molar Employees:
Carmen Luna, Installation Chief
Fritz Christoph, European Union Representative
Jean-Pierre Baptiste, Lead Technician
Iago Salvador, Technician
Sara Milagros, Technician
Alejandro Garza, Security Chief
Emilio Salvador, Guard
Augustin Benitez, Guard
Mannie Modesto, Guard

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Gatac 2002-04-01 12:35:11
I take the PDA and have a short look at it, then stash it away. There are good reasons why I didn't sign up for electronic warfare, and things like this should better be figured out when there's nobody to laugh about you...

I then turn to Kyle.

"How will we infiltrate the installation ?"
Gatac 2002-04-01 16:12:29
"Do we have any agents already in place, either at the installation or in the surrounding area, or is it just us two?" I ask.
Dieter 2002-04-01 16:54:23
Alejandro Garza is a retired specialist of The Agency, and while he's not technically on the payroll, he occasionally passes necessary information our way. He's your best contact at the installation.

As for the insertion, you'll be flying out of here tonight on a chartered plane, landing in Madrid a few hours later. When you arrive in Madrid, one of our operatives will be waiting outside the airport with a car and sign marked "Esterhaus". He will drive you to your hotel and give you further instructions on how you will be getting to El Molar.

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Gatac 2002-04-01 18:41:54
"A retired agent ? What's that place anyway, the Bond-ized version of a Florida trailer park ?"
Dieter 2002-04-01 21:00:55
Mason interjects...

"Agent 007 was a cocky, lecherous relic from the Cold War. I never liked the guy. And you, Ms. Spiner, could only hope to aspire to be half as good as Garza. He retired from the Agency five years ago in an attempt at some normalcy in life. Garza wanted to go someplace warm and quiet, so we arranged with the Spanish government the position at the military facility in El Molar."
Gatac 2002-04-01 21:07:56
I put up a hurt face.

"I didn't criticise your ex-agent. But come on - having a contact like that in our target, as damn-near allmighty security chief ? That's"
Dieter 2002-04-01 21:19:00
Kyle beams,

"Well, what would you rather our contact be...the cafeteria lady? It just happens to be a very large coincidence that this out of place facility is in fact manned by one of our former agents. We can be thankful he was there when the fuel was stolen. Who knows what sort of response a government drone would have done? Better to hear from an agent than on CNN? Don't you think?"

Moments later, Tommy comes back into the room.

"Eh, boss. The kid's toys are ready to go. Should I show them down there to take a look?"

Mason looks back at Tommy.

"Kyle, go with Tommy and our new recruits down to the armory...they'll no doubt have more questions."

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Gatac 2002-04-01 21:21:43
"Yeah, it just happens to be a very large coincidence. Right."

I decide to shut up and follow Tommie.
Gatac 2002-04-09 19:03:20
"Kyle, are we the only two people on this thing, or do we have the cavalry ready to go? If so, do we get to meet them? Can you guys work up fake IDs for us, either with the equipment here or via Garza?"

I pause, sparing Kyle from further verbal bombardment, before finishing with, "And can I get some cold water? It's hot as hell on this damn island."
Dieter 2002-04-09 20:08:33
Kyle walks over to a refrigerator, grabs an Evian water bottle, throwing it over to Artis.

"Come, we have work to do."

As Kyle, Jessica, and Artis walk from the room from hell down some stairs into another room below decks, Kyle stands by a door guarded by a rather large and imposing figure with an equally large automatic weapon at shoulder arms. The large man stands aside as Kyle affixes his eye to what appears to be a retinal scanner mounted to the left of the door. As it scans, Kyle speaks.

"To answer your other question, Agent Goose, upon reaching the Madrid you'll meet up with Agents Nighthawk and Heron."

The door's various locking mechanisms begin to release as the large red light above the door turns green. Kyle then motions for the duo to follow him inside, the large man proceeding behind them.

"Don't mind Carlos, he's just here to make sure nothing unfortunate happens. You can never have too much security."

Inside the room, you see what appears to be the entire MI6/CIA Catalog of gadgets and weaponry. (think something on the line of the gizmo room in MiB). Kyle hits a button, activating a pop-up video screen.

"Let's see what the Agency has allotted you for this mission."

(OOC: Ok, I need to figure out how many budget/gadget points for everyone. To be posted in the OOC thread.)
Dieter 2002-04-18 19:15:29
Kyle proceeds with the requisitions, as an automated/robotic sound whirs away behind the walls of the room.

Minutes later, a hatch opens revealing your gear nicely stowed away in two backpacks, with Artis' kevlar vest stacked neatly ontop.

"You don't know how many bugs we had to work out to vests stacked neatly without being shredded in the process...Anyway, I digress. Your plane awaits you at the airport, Tommy will drive you there. I'm assuming that you're carrying?"
Gatac 2002-04-18 19:27:41
I fish my gun out of my handbag.

"I'd prefer to holster it, but my dress doesn't allow that."
Dieter 2002-04-18 19:34:20
(completely blowing his WIL check)

"Uhh...ahem so I've noticed. Agent Hummingbird, you might want to put on some more "discreet" clothes before you get on the plane. Tommy can stop by your hotel before you go to the airport."

Jesus, I hope Jack's not the pilot this evening.