Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

punkey 2017-12-26 02:20:47
Ngawai nods. "After that, we move in as four pairs, sweep and clear the exterior ring, and then move in to clear the interior ring and square."
"We blind them, bottle them up, and then clear everything out," Garrett summarizes. "Questions?"
e of pi 2018-01-01 22:29:39
"Sounds good to me," Luis says. "Blind their sensors, bow them in, and roll them up before they make more trouble. Do we know any places we anticipate to have extra trouble, or do we just roll in hard and hit it as we find it?"
skullandscythe 2018-01-03 17:01:12
Not just blind, but cut them off from reinforcements. Can't call the cops on the take. Good move.

"What sort of Imperial gear are we prepping for, besides sensors?" Zaef asks. "We know they have access to quite the arsenal."
CrazyIvan 2018-01-03 19:14:53
Angel nods at Zaef's question. "From what Garrett and I hit yesterday, stickbombs, beamers and chamakanas. They had a couple spare sunmines too, at at least one cogitator. So...I'd assume pretty much anything a heavily supplied infantry unit would have. Plus it's Afghanistan. The old man's not dumb enough to blow up his own compound, but all you need is a true believer or two."
skullandscythe 2018-01-15 11:24:03
Zaef grimaces as a few stories he's heard about desperate pirates and overloaded drive cores invite themselves into his head. Until we learn where their armory is located, nothing we can do about it.

"In that case, we should be prepare for drone use, as well. They're definitely something a well-supplied unit would have, and we shouldn't count on ignorance or...personal distaste to keep them from showing up."
punkey 2018-01-15 12:39:22
Garrett nods. "The EMP should fry any they have in the air, and if they try to put any others up, well, we'll be cloaked and that should give us time to get eyes on and take them down."
"Only if we get them on their way up," Arketta says. "Once they're up there, spotting them will be almost impossible."
Ngawai smirks at Angel. "Sounds like a challenge." She turns to FTE. "Heard about your shot at the ambush from Arlana. You gunning to take over Angel's spot as top shot?"
Admiral Duck Sauce 2018-01-15 16:12:01
"We wouldn't want him getting complacent, would we?" FTE replies, "smiling" at Angel. "But I think giant piles of money and the ability to uplift an entire planet's technological baseline is pretty good consolation."