Jade Imperium - Afghanistan, Pt. 3

CrazyIvan 2017-07-21 01:21:02
Angel pauses for a moment when he enters the room, tapping the rim of his glasses to begin recording - the stream not only going to onboard storage, but a number of servers in a number of countries with a complicated series of data integrity laws that Erika - or more accurately, very expensive lawyers under Erika's supervision - assure him would take years to unravel with subpoenas.

"Someone else is in the import-export business I see..."

He makes sure to get a good view of everything, and several unobstructed images of the Chinese characters in question.

"I had a bad feeling about those ambushes but this...fuck this."

The video shows Angel nodding to Garrett's comment. "Yeah - it's too damned shiny to be scavenged. And a few loose toys I could understand being diversion from the Bashakra'i but one doesn't just misplace a half-dozen sun mines and a cogitator."

Picking up one of the spearbombs, Angel goes through the motions of arming and priming it, stopping when he hits the "High pitched whine and lots of red-runes" stage. "Not a prop..."

Angel spends the rest of their limited window recording as much as he can of the various IDs, serial numbers and other identifying information before picking up one of the spearbombs. "Let's see where you're from..."

Pinging the RFID chip built into the device, he frowned at the results, displayed on both his screen and the recording. "Akwhela's Eye; C Block; Armory".

"Well...either the Imperium is officially backing this and feels no need to hide it, some smuggler has a massive pair on them, or someone's being a little on the nose with their fake ID chips. Not sure which one of those I prefer. But it's time to hoof it - grab some samples and lets go."
punkey 2017-07-27 00:42:26
Garrett already has a chamakana and a quiver full of rods slung over his shoulders, and a spearbomb in his hands. "Way ahead of you."


From their perch on the rooftops across the street - more accurately, on their backs on the rooftop across the street as Angel watches the sconce feed through his ever-useful Imperial shades - Angel sees a caravan pull up outside the still-smoking arms bazaar. Two pickup trucks with machine guns mounted in their beds, one minivan filled with armed men, and one small economy sedan. The van unloads its passengers, who immediately take up a perimeter around the convoy, and then one of them opens a door on the sedan, out of which steps an old, wizened Afghani man in traditional garb.
e of pi 2017-07-27 23:41:04
Luis cocks a head at Hug'sh's message, then turns back towards the village and tunes to the command channel, "Arlana, we should get settled in, that sounds like we might want to make sure we're definitely good for a few hours and maybe for a bit more. Besides, if we're going to have any personnel issues, everyone will be more distracted if they're busy digging in."
Admiral Duck Sauce 2017-07-28 12:13:17
Front Towards Enemy speaks up. "I think I'm sorry your friend got shot. What you have... it's not really consensus, as easy as it is to fall back to that analogy. 'Oh look, the Sheen's talking about consensus again'," FTE sing-songs, its voice coming out autotuned. "Each side just headbutts each other until someone gets tired, embarrassed, or hurt bad enough they can't headbutt. Do you ever wonder about what you'll do if the other side has a tougher forehead this time?"
Gatac 2017-07-29 04:22:36
A deep chuckle reverberates over the vox. "I like your approach, FTE," Hug'sh says. "Have you ever considered a career in diplomacy?"
CrazyIvan 2017-08-11 21:32:52
Angel grunts, half-amused, half-concerned.

"Well, we certainly pissed someone off."

He turns to Garrett. "Alright. We've got the evidence, we've got at least a good image of the local player...what's your play?"
punkey 2017-08-11 21:48:30
Garrett rolls over and peeks over the top of the roofline before sliding back with Angel. "Well, as rewarding as shooting him right here and now would be, I think the two .50 cals might make getting out of here alive difficult - and I think that everyone else needs to get a look at these as soon as possible."
“I’m going to take this as a sign of healthy, personal growth on your part Garrett.” Angel settles down, somehow looking visibly more comfortable despite being on a rooftop. “I say we wait until these guys get bored then head back to the 815, assuming there hasn’t been another international diplomatic incident by then.”
Garrett slides the purloined chamakana under his head. "Time to take a nap, then."
punkey 2017-08-14 00:16:01
"Moving to relieve them now, Samal," Hale says.
Jimmy checks the rod on his beamer, and notices Zaef noticing him doing that. "Always be ready for the worst," he says.


"Please!" Kitty shouts, standing on a chair near the opposite door from Zaef and Jimmy's entrance. "We are here to help!"
Marta, her own beamer in her hands, echoed her words in the local language as the other two Turai flanked her, helms down and beamers held ready.
A older man, in his fifties, shouts something at Marta.
"What did he say?" Kitty asks.
"That we've brought the Taliban to their village, that they will cause trouble for them unless they kick us out," Marta replies.
"But we won, didn't we?" Kitty asks.
"This time," Marta replies, not taking her eyes off the crowd. "There's more of them in the hills, and they're patient. They'll just wait for us to leave, and then come down and start shooting. I was hoping we'd get in and out before they noticed, but with all that's going on..."
"Is there anything we can do?" Kitty asks.
"Yeah," Jimmy shouts over the din. "We can leave." He looks to Zaef. "Samal?"
punkey 2017-08-14 00:34:04
"Cut the chatter," Arlana barks over the vox link. "Let's pull everyone into the village and get set up. And Arketta?"
"Yes, Samal?" Arketta asks.
"If you could be a dear and come set my ribs before we kauka them, that would be very kind of you," Arlana replies.
Arketta shakes her head, and Luis can picture her smile under her helm. "Yes, mother."
skullandscythe 2017-08-21 22:41:33
Zaef doesn't need much time to make a decision here.

"Leaving is the only good option we have here. We can't hold out in a siege, especially not one from the civilians. Kitty, get everything packed and ready to go. Jimmy will help for now, since he's so keen to leave. Marta, please communicate to the people here that we will be leaving calmly and peacefully, and ask them to act the same. When we've dispersed the crowd here, I need to coordinate with Hale, get everyone out of here quick and quiet. And ready for trouble on the road."