Jade Imperium OOC

Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-05-03 21:48:44
Just to clarify: the UAV isn't taken out - it's still in a fight! Luis made his System Operations roll and he's got control for the moment.
Gatac 2007-05-03 21:52:36
I know, but I think there's a very good chance it'll get eaten/destroyed/banged-up beyond repair before we can get it back to base.

Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-05-04 02:09:33
Actually, Stanhill's the best man for the job. He wins the "chase", but not without damage. The flight back to camp was just a ridiculous difficulty, and you only failed by 2 points.

It's probably easier to get a new UAV, but it's possible to fix this one once you bring it back.
e of pi 2007-05-04 06:38:32
I think the thing to do is use one of the Humvees to bring it back to base (drag it along behind with ropes or try and improvise a trailer [or even call one in from MN]), then ask for a new one with more manueverabilty and speed. It's okay if it's less effective if we get a prop driven, more durable one. Let's let the guys back at MN worry about what to do once we haul the Cypher back home.
e of pi 2007-05-04 21:29:00
On the other hand, since the Cypher is pulling a Lassie (or something), maybe we won't have to worry about it. What do you guys think, the locals bringing our stuff back or something else?
e of pi 2007-05-05 03:18:27
I assume we are recording the data from these, right? I didn't have to specify that, did I?
e of pi 2007-05-06 08:36:29
Got it, boss.

I don't know,
But I've been told:
These NPCs are getting old.

I don't know,
But it's been said:
Pretty soon they'll all be dead.

Everybody, chant it!
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-05-06 15:30:56
I will say one thing about NPCs in this game. I've run this setting at home before, and of the 6 NPCs I used in the first campaign, one lived through TWO campaigns over maybe 20 sessions or so. A second one made it until the third from the end. Of the four new NPCs I had to introduce for the second campaign, two of them lived through to the end.

That's a good song, though, and I thank you for at least making it easy on me to keep everyone together. Dieter, you wanna join the club and leave Tupolev and Cavanaugh back with the meat squad? :)
e of pi 2007-05-06 22:46:08
Yeah, sorry about that last post. I get funky when I stay up too late on too little sleep. Anyway, from looking at what their legend/story says, I think this is most definently still a hunter/gatherer culture, althought one that is approaching the tip over into agriculture (they need to do it soon or risk overpopulation, it sounds like. Not enough food to go around). It almost seems that what we need to do is send in a couple Iowa farmers to teach these guys how to grow their own food. Unless I'm totally off base, which is a possibilty.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-05-07 19:37:06
Just a note that you wouldn't have heard the Gate go off from where you are. It's brighter than it is loud. At night, maybe you could see the flash if you were higher up, but the sound isn't that big of a thunderclap.

Re: farming: Good idea in theory, but check out what they're eating first though. It could be a good long-term goal.
Gatac 2007-05-07 19:41:27
I'm a tiny bit confused right now: which gate has activated? Surely not the one in our camp, and presumably not one of those scattered about the wreck. Is there another gate in the village?

fanchergw 2007-05-07 19:43:07
Due to the sonic boom-like sound, I suspect they didn't come by gateway. perhaps a flying craft of some sort?
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-05-07 19:48:13
No, Gordon has the right of it. It was sonic booms caused by something moving faster than the speed of sound. :) You did not see a Gateway in the village, that's for sure, although there are more than one longhouse and you could perhaps lie a Gate down in one.
Dieter 2007-05-07 20:04:42
The glowing Widget seems more like an alien comm-link. In lieu of current events, Max is going to take as many pictures of the Widget itself and screencaps for future use. I'd venture a guess and say they would not be willing to trade shiny beads for it.
Gatac 2007-05-07 20:05:11
Ah. Corrected.

Filming/photographing everything is a very good idea.

e of pi 2007-05-07 20:09:40
admiralducksauce wrote:

Re: farming: Good idea in theory, but check out what they're eating first though. It could be a good long-term goal.

Yeah, that's definently what I'm thinking. I'm more sort of thinking what we have to offer them if we need allies or for them to switch over to help us instead of the Others. A way to stop needing to kill each other and surreder their population as slave warriors sounds good.