Jade Imperium Character Creation

Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-04-16 22:56:02
This game revolves around the first manned mission through an alien Gateway, located in the bowels of Mesas Negras Army Research Facility, Arizona. You'll all be playing members of this away team. Since the facility is run by the US Army, any combat-oriented characters should be part of Delta Force, as they are the Army's elite (rather than Navy SEALs or Force Recon or whatnot). You can be Delta and have specialities besides killin' - cryptography, medic, science stuff, mechanic/electronics, languages, psychology, etc. You can also be an Army specialist who'd be escorted by Delta through the Gateway, or even civilian contractors with appropriate clearance.

So, highly skilled person with some background in or relating to the Army. Good. You may have already been working in Mesas Negras on one of the many other top secret research projects, or you may have been flown in just for this mission. Either way, you're a little confused because nobody's telling you exactly what's going on. You've heard rumors about alien tech - MN is Hangar 18, Lockheed's Skunk Works, and a resonance cascade all rolled into one - but this is your first trip past sublevel 8.

Fiddly Bits
Jade Imperium uses my Buskit system, where traits are measured by die type, much like, say, Savage Worlds. There are ten Traits, each of which covers several Specializations. Human average is d6. Traits range from d4 to d12.

All your Traits start at d6, and you have six Raises to increase them. You may reduce d6 Traits down to d4s to gain additional raises, if you feel the need.

You also may choose three Specializations. Specializations give you an additional Trait die to roll, taking the highest of the bunch (or offsetting one penalty)

Traits and Specializations:

Strength, Toughness
Athletics, Reflexes, Stealth
Single Weapon, Dual Weapons, Weapon & Shield, Two-Handed Weapons, Unarmed
Handgun, Rifle, SMG, Support Weapons, Gunnery, Archery
Driving, Pilot, Boating, Riding
Area Knowledge, Business, Culture, Medicine, Science, Tactics, Specific Knowledge Not Already Listed
Entertain, Languages, Persuasion
Computers, Demolitions, Electronics, Repair, Systems Operation
Awareness, B & E, Streetwise, Survival, Tracking
Intimidation, Leadership, Willpower

If you are going to play a Delta operator, you must have at least a d8 in both Fight and Shoot.

I suppose everyone's had a Star Wars character, so I'll be brief. Aspects represent elements of your character that might not be reflected by Traits, including things like the character’s advantages, disadvantages, connections and even attributes. A lot of players take them to double-up on things that they're good at or compensate for weaknesses in their stats.

You may either:
Choose ONE Aspect at d10; or
Choose TWO Aspects, each at d8; or
Choose ONE Aspect at d8 AND TWO more at d6 each.

Questions are welcome. :)
Dieter 2007-04-16 23:50:09
[size=15:f6b2c70848]Dr. Maxwell "Max" Kilgore, PhD[/size]


Schtick: Wise-Ass Action Scientist (Played by Nicolas Cage)
Age: 36
Hometown: Lost Wages, NV, USA

Traits and Specializations:

Might: D6
Move: D8
Fight: D6
Shoot: D6
Drive: D6
Think: D10
Talk: D8
Tech: D10
Wits: D6
Will: D6


Jury Rig:d8
Quick Learner:d8

Dr. Kilgore was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. When he wasn't aceing physics tests, winning science fairs, or scoring 1600 on the SAT; he spent most of his time scoping out Area-51 and going on night hikes around the Trinity Test grounds. To say the guy liked both dangerous situations and nerding-out is an understatement. Max obtained his undergrad degree (Mechanical Engineering) and Doctorate (Astrophysics) from Stanford University. After an extensive tour as a government contractor on various experimental Top Secret projects in Washington (DARPA, Pentagon) and points elsewhere (Antarctica), Max was offered a "more stimulating" job at the Mesa Negras facility overseeing the project of a lifetime. Presently he is chief researcher on the "Earth Gateway."

Max fluently speaks half a dozen languages, being able to read and write ancient Greek and Latin. He is currently studying the finer aspects of Sanskrit, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and Sumerian cuneiform.

In his spare time, Max is a voracious comic book reader, karaoke singer, and experimental aeronautics enthusiast. He was instrumental (though completely uncredited!) in the SpaceShipOne program in addition to several other unauthorized uses of government property and funds, including a scram-jet-powered Segway and a cold-fusion operated margarita blender.

Max drives a 1956 Pink Cadillac convertible and yes, he is a HUGE Elvis fan. His rendition of "Love Me Tender" has made more than his fair share of women swoon.
fanchergw 2007-04-16 23:59:15
Like Gatac, I'm thinking of reprising my character from Dieter's nano-second Stargate game - if that's okay? It shouldn't be too hard to switch him to the Buskit system.

Speaking of which, ADS, I see you've doubled the number of Traits. I take it the system is still a work-in-progress?

Gatac 2007-04-17 00:07:33
[size=18:7d65a8a8e9]Captain Hubert "Hugh" Verrill, US Army[/size]


Might d6
Move d6
Fight d6
Shoot d10 - Specialisation Rifle
Drive d6
Think d8 - Specialisation Tactics
Talk d8 - Specialisation Persuasion
Tech d4
Wits d10
Will d8

Cautious d8 - Hugh's command style has been called "Defensive" in favorable reviews. He's seen his share of ambushes on hostile ground and doesn't hesistate to call a tactical retreat if a fight looks hopeless. He'll never score a "Valor" award, but firefights under his command do sport a very above-average survival rate.

Allergic to Bullshit d8 - Hugh tells it like it is, and he expects no less from others. It doesn't endear him to some people, but he can smell a setup from a mile away.


Captain Hugh Verrill's from Bridgeport, Connecticut, but don't let his polished New England looks fool you - he doesn't fight fair. He was Army ROTC when he went to college - Bachelor in Communications, you know? - and began his career as 2nd Lieutenant a year before Operation Iraqi Freedom started. He served two tours in the Middle East, earning a fast-track promotion to 1st Lieutenant after personally leading his unit through a major insurgent ambush without suffering any casualties. He was prominently featured in video material from embedded reporters that showed Iraqi citizens cheering his unit. A few days later - as (bad) luck would have it - he was riding aboard a Humvee when a roadside IED went off a few meters away. Everybody aboard the vehicle escaped unharmed, except for Hugh, who suffered a complicated leg fracture from being thrown out of the vehicle.

Shipped back to the US, he spent two months in recovery, but was reassigned to doing recruitment videos instead of serving another combat tour. He managed to keep at it for three years, earning his Captain's bars, until he decided that he was through with that and put in a request to be transferred back into a combat unit. Instead, he received a reassignment to Mesas Negras as Deputy Security Officer.

Without much of a private life to fall back on, Hugh has spent the time since using the base's training facilities to keep in shape and refine his marksmanship - he's already made quite a dent in the base's yearly shooting competitions. However, he knows that there's something slumbering in the base that he hasn't been told about - and he knows they didn't grab a combat veteran like him to babysit a patch of desert.

Only a matter of time before they ship him off again...
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-04-17 00:39:56
fanchergw wrote:

Like Gatac, I'm thinking of reprising my character from Dieter's nano-second Stargate game - if that's okay? It shouldn't be too hard to switch him to the Buskit system.

Speaking of which, ADS, I see you've doubled the number of Traits. I take it the system is still a work-in-progress?


Sumo'll be a fine addition, Gordon. Just change his branch to Army and his reassignment to Mesas Negras, Arizona, rather than Cheyenne Mountain. :)

The trait doubling actually came out of two things: the Vandal Squadron game and some games at home with more than 5 players. When you only have 5 Traits, even with Aspects added in there it becomes hard to maintain any sort of niche protection. With 8 players we ended up with a few situations where a couple people were left out of the big scenes just because their traits happened to overlap with more vocal players. As for the Vandals, it only really came up with Mandall but because the dude was a great pilot, he was also a great ninja. From there me and my brother broke it down further and decided that although 5 traits is nice and simple, 10 allows you to have a more defined character without getting into too much GM fiat about who can do this and who shouldn't be able to do that. We also nailed down the Specializations into an official list. So, yes, work in progress, but the basic ideas behind the system have been in place for a couple of years now.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-04-17 00:55:32
To add: Hugh and Max's numbers (and Hugh's background) look fine to me. I'm waiting with bated breath on Max's background. :)

Tangentially, here are some extra little tidbits that you may find useful:

1. Throwing things is based off of Move->Athletics, whether they be grenades, knives, baseballs, or rocks.

2. Wounds (how many points of damage you can take before dying) is equal to your Might die type. d6 Might = 6 Wounds.

3. Shock (how much damage you can take before you're incapacitated) is equal to your Might die type + Will die type. A d6 Might and d8 Will will get you 14 Shock.

4. Weapons tend to deal either 2d6 or 2d8 damage (take high, NOT additive). You roll your Might->Toughness and take any difference in Wounds. The TOTAL damage is always subtracted from your Shock.

5. Metagame resources: Everyone starts with five Wild Dice. When you spend a Wild Die, you roll a d6 and can take the highest of either that d6 or your original roll. IF you roll a SIX on the Wild Die, you roll another d6 and ADD it to the first, thus generating a result from 1-12, weighted towards 1-5 of course. Since this is a forum game, not a tabletop game, I'll need to have some idea of how you want to spend your Wild Dice:

a. You'll explicitly inform me when you want to use them.
b. I'll spend them automatically ONLY to avoid horrible injuries until you have 0/1/2/N left over.
c. I'll only spend them to turn a failure into a success if both you and the difficulty dice come up 1s all around.
d. I'll spend them to try to turn a failure into a success if that Wild Die has more than a 66% chance of success.
e. I'll spend them to try to turn a failure into a success if that Wild Die has more than a 50% chance of success.
f. I'll spend them to try to turn a failure into a success if that Wild Die has more than a 33% chance of success.
g. I'll spend them for you whenever I think it'd be useful for you.
fanchergw 2007-04-17 04:56:34
Sgt. Semo "Sumo" Putupu, USMC

Schtick: Big Ass Bruiser
Might: d10
Move: d8
Fight: d10
Shoot: d8 - Specialization: Support Weapons
Drive: d6 - Specialization: Driving
Think: d4
Talk: d6
Tech: d4
Wits: d8
Will: d8 - Specialization: Intimidation

Tough MoFo: d8 - Sumo is nearly as big and tough as the wrestlers he's named after. It takes an amazing amount of violence to put him down. And he recovers so fast that just when you think he's down for good, he picks himself up and keeps going.

Military Intelligence: d8 - Neither bright nor attractive (far from it, actually), Sgt. Putupu is steadfastly loyal and believes in the military way with all his heart. He eats, sleeps and excretes by the book, and this does not go unnoticed by his superiors.
Sergeant Semo "Sumo" Putupu (shortened by some wags to "Poopoo" ) is a US-born Samoan. His parents moved over to the US seeking 'the good life' and ended up as migrant farm workers in California. Shortly thereafter, Semo was born, and he grew up knowing little other than that life.

Not particularly bright or talented, Semo turned to the military as a way off of the farm circuit. The Marines have found good use for his size and strength, primarily in the use of heavier weapons. Semo has earned a reputation for following orders and not asking questions - something his superiors tend to appreciate. He has fought in a handful of wars around the globe, earning several commendations as well as promotion to Corporal. Having already "re-upped" once, it is beginning to look like Semo will end up as "career military".

Some months ago, Semo rotated off a combat duty assignment in the Middle East and returned home to a stint on guard duty in DC.

Recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant and assigned to the Delta Force detachment, Mesas Negras Army Research Facility, Arizona. He doesn't know the specifics of his current assignment, and doesn't particularly care. All he knows is that this base is wrapped in layers of security and secrecy, and it's his job to keep it that way.
I'm assuming "Support Weapons" means the kind of big luggable squad weapons that are generally assigned to the biggest and strongest members of the platoon. If that's the wrong term, please recode.

As for Wild Dice, since I'd prefer if the meta-game were as transparent as possible, I'll go with Option G.

The picture that was linked to in the old game appears to be gone, so I haven't carried the link over.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-04-17 15:06:04
Support weapons is exactly what you think it is. SAWs, M60s, M240s, grenade launchers, RPGs, etc.

Everyone looks good. Ivan and e of pi expressed interest, so we'll wait for their characters before we start.

I found a picture of Peter Tuiasosopo, but it's really small.

e of pi 2007-04-17 20:56:56
Here’s what I’m thinking, tell me what’s good and what’s not or if it all needs to be changed. I’m thinking of playing a soldier/technician combination. He’d be perfectly capable of handling a gun in a firefight, but also capable of fixing things. Not exceptionally smart or quick-thinking, but good with his hands and doing what he’s told to. He can run a device, and rewire it if something shorts out, but not able to build one from scratch.

Might: d6
Move: d6
Fight: d8
Shoot: d10
Drive: d8
Think: d8
Talk: d4
Tech: d10
Sp: Systems Operation
Sp: Repair
Wits: d6
Will: d6
*I have one more specialization left to use, thinking of picking up something in Shoot.

*Don’t know yet, could use suggestions. Thinking of jury-rig (like the good Doctor), and something else, maybe more combat related.

Oh, and I’m in favor of option g as well. I’m still pretty new to RPGs, and I’d rather have someone more experienced make that call.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-04-17 21:36:12
E, I recommend away from "Jury-rig" as an aspect, precisely because Max has it. Max is the Action Scientist, he figures out HOW stuff works. You'd be the mechanic, who can fix something once he KNOWS how it works. We're four characters in, though, and I just want to make sure that we're not duplicating ideas already. :)

Systems Operation is a good choice, as is Repair. I would go with your instinct here and take up (whatever your weapon specialty is) under Shoot. Sumo's the automatic rifleman, so you're either a normal rifleman or a grenadier. Grenade launchers are the Support specialty, rifles are the Rifle specialty. You'll also likely be in charge of the radio.

As for Aspects, if you wanted something combat-related the cheesiest, most all-ecompassing Aspect I can reasonably accept would be something like "Delta Force Training". :) So take that, and if you really needed something technical-related (with your specializations, I would actually wonder if you did), take something like, I dunno, "Gearhead"? It sounds passably military-industrial to work.

EDIT: I also should mention that if you're looking for "roles" in the team, a Pointman type, someone with high Wits and Move (for Alertness and Stealth) would be useful (though Hugh can handle it if need be with his high Wits and Cautious aspect). You don't have a medic type yet, although Max can do a pretty good job in a pinch. I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how well-rounded people are coming out. When we play at home people always just jack their favorite traits up to d12 and drop whatever they think will be covered by the rest of the group to d4.
Gatac 2007-04-17 22:51:50
If I may suggest something, E, I'd say go for a Combat Engineer. Specialise in explosives and communications.

Dieter 2007-04-17 22:54:49
Gatac wrote:

If I may suggest something, E, I'd say go for a Combat Engineer. Specialise in explosives and communications.


I have Tech at d10 which should cover that quite adequately. We need either a ninja or combat medic.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-04-17 23:19:14
Actually, demolitions is something I forgot to mention. Props to Gatty. I'd swap Repair (because with Max's Science & Jury-Rig traits, you're blurring the line between scientist and mechanic anyway) for Demolitions. It makes more sense soldier-wise anyway.

I'm not gonna tell anyone to play JUST a medic (JUST medic is boring). If you've got a Think of more than, say, d8, you'll do OK for patching people up. Consider adding Medicine as one of your specializations, or taking an Aspect like "Medic" and then spending your raises in whatever else you want.

For a good ninja/pointman/scout/sniper, you'll want a high Move with the Stealth specialization, so you can sneak around. A good pointman needs a high Wits with Awareness or possibly Tracking. A good assassin might take the B&E specialization. Then spend your last specialization on whatever it is you do to people once you've ninja'd them. Unarmed Combat, Rifle, Demolitions, what have you. A pure scout type might take Survival or Tracking instead of a combat-based specialty.

Note: The "yous" in the above paragraphs are really meant to "whoever doesn't have a character yet, Ivan." :)
e of pi 2007-04-17 23:40:47
I think I'll take a switch to demolitions under advisement, and pick up "Delta Force Training" and "Medic" as Aspects. So like this:

Might: d6
Move: d6
Fight: d8
Shoot: d10
Sp: Whatever gun type you think I ought to. I really don't know.
Drive: d8
Think: d8
Talk: d4
Tech: d10
Sp: Systems Operation
Sp: Demolitions
Wits: d6
Will: d6

Delta Force Training- not really incredibly sure what should be here, other than this.
Medic- Thanks to being good with his hands and putting things back how they ought to be, (character's name) serves as the teams medic, leading to a (stale) line about being fully able to blow you into pieces and put you back together.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2007-04-17 23:50:28
Looks good. He/she needs a name and some modicum of background. Just remember that they're not going to send a rookie on this mission, so make sure your character has done commando stuff before now. It'd be real easy to link yourself to Hugh or Sumo's backgrounds if you were so inclined.
e of pi 2007-04-18 04:10:17
Still thinking of a name (and could use some advice on a proper rank), but how's this for a start:

Character Name Here Once I Think Of It
Details will go here.

Traits and Specielizations
Might: d6
Move: d6
Fight: d8
Shoot: d10
Sp: Handgun
Drive: d8
Think: d8
Talk: d4
Tech: d10
Sp: Systems Operation
Sp: Demolitions
Wits: d6
Will: d6

Delta Force Training- Delta Force accepts none but the best, and they don't let them get off easily once in. Delta force's training programs leave it's members ready for just about anything.
Medic- Thanks to being good with his hands and putting things back how they ought to be, (character's name) serves as the team's medic, leading to a (stale) line about being fully able to blow you into pieces and put you back together.

(Character's Name) enlisted in the Army at 21 after several years of uncertainty about his future in college, following a few years in technical fields and a (short-lived) switch to pre-med. Following basic training, he showed experience with technical aspects, he was assigned to demolitions training, as well as recieving enough boosting of his knowledge from his premed courses to serve as a medic if needed. When he was shipped out to the Middle East shortly after completing his various training courses, he was deployed to a unit under the command of one Hugh Verill, and had only been in that unit for a few weeks when a major insugent strike was avoided thanks to a lot of quick thinking and smart actions on the part of the soon-to-be 2nd Lieutenenent Verill. The unit all felt they owed their lives to Hugh, and were truly shocked when, in an IED detonation several days later, he was trown from their vehical. It was (Name) who performed first aid and kept the Lieutenent stable, if not concious, until more experienced medical personell could be reached, and (Name) never forgot the face of the officer to whom he owed his life. He continued his service, but was transferred back to the home front after two years, where he was assigned to Delta Force, recieving additional training in first aid and demolitions. Following this, he served for another year with Delta force before being reassigned to the Mesas Negras facility. Like the rest of the team, he suspects that something is up, but doesn't know what.