skullandscythe 2019-06-30 12:37:34
So I can use some Network to get us in the airshow and maybe not let the CIA know, or use it to get the Four Stooges in, but probably not both. It depends, I guess, on whether (a) we do or do not care whether the CIA knows we're on site, and (b) we trust the Four Stooges to not do anything stupid.

Figured you'd want to weigh in before we move.

EDIT: talked with Kasey, we're bringing the Boyz. If they can't get in free with CIA passes, we can use a Contact to get them in.
Gatac 2019-07-03 16:51:53
Okay, create a suitable contact to do it with, a spend of 1 point there will get Clayton's team past security and at your disposal.