Admiral Duck Sauce 2018-02-27 12:21:31
I upped Tim's digital intrusion, updated wiki.

I would prefer not to split the party (although primarily for game-handling/comprehending reasons, less so for fictional ones), and the Hamburg video gave the best impression of the city.

So far I think I get the system mechanics, which puts me one step up on Shinobi j/k. I like our group and PCs but I'm having trouble as admittedly a casual player trying to keep everything straight. While I can follow a technothriller as an observer, I let a lot of the details wash over me and passively allow the important bits to float to the surface because it's all too much. The problem is, when it comes time to participate and create, I don't grok those details and so find it extremely difficult to muster the same kind of verisimilitude. I'm tactical, not strategic, if that makes sense.
Gatac 2018-02-27 12:33:04
I hear you on keeping details straight. I tried (just as I did for Shinobi) to have at least a rough idea of what's going on documented in the Wiki, but it starts to slide really quickly and I don't get around to keeping it updated. That said, look at this (very in-depth) rules explainer for Night's Black Agents:


You don't need to read it, but it's great for looking up the "wait how does that work again" things.

Among a lot of other advice for players taken from the sourcebook, it describes "adversary mapping". This reflects the understanding of the overarching conspiracy by the player characters. (The actual shape of it is described by the so-called Conspiramyd, which is a GM tool and TOP SECRET EYES ONLY KEEP OUT.) Doing this does grant you tangible benefits in game via point pools you can use to target people whose relationship to the larger conspiracy you have uncovered. Nice, subtle bit of bribing the players to do the work. :) Perhaps someone would like to set up a shared mindmap or something of the sort?
skullandscythe 2018-02-27 14:40:49
I'll see what I can whip up re:conspiracy corkboards later tonight.

For Blake's points, I'm going to re-assign 1 point from Health and 1 point from Stability into Disguise, and add one more point for a total of 3 in Disguise, since I suspect we'll need to do more infiltration in Hamburg and Tim might be cracking the Cyber-Steranko or something. I'll spend two more build points in Surveillance and 3 more into Shooting to round out those two skills at 8. Lastly, I have three Investigative points I haven't spent since chargen, and I'll spend two to gain 1 point in Negotiation and 1 more point in BS Detect. Edited the wiki sheet to reflect this.
MikeS 2018-03-11 00:07:02
Added 4 points to Weapons, one point to Conceal, and one to Notice. Holding points in reserve as before.