And Now For Something Completely Different

a1776 2006-05-12 15:51:05
As Ty goes around a corner he bumbs into Shas coming out of the 'fresher
"Hey, you looking for something?"
e of pi 2006-05-12 16:48:32
Ty nods, rubbing his knee and head where he banged it on a console crawling out of an access conduit. "Yeah, actually, I'm looking for you. We need the Dragon Shipping General Manager to sign for a cargo hold full of thugs in stasis pods. Looks like some heavy artillery too. But if anybody asks, you don't know, okay?"
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-17 00:26:01
Shas is shown to a nearby sensor panel and sees the AT-ST components along with the sedation pods and blaster weaponry, all obscured by their containers' shielding.

The goons out on the skiffs comm the Dragon again. *That'll do it fer us, boss. You're good to go. Open a channel for yer coordinates for the drop off, all right?*


Mandall grunts and blasts the Gran again before he can lay a hand on the agile pilot. This time the bruiser doubles over, a brief fireball evaporating from his chest. No time to check if the three-eyed goon is still alive.

(Mandall: 6; Gran: 5 - not a solid hit, but dmg is 4 vs. Gran's Physical roll of 1 = 3 Wounds, 4 Shock. He's down and done.)

Farther back in the dark alley, the Rodian flattens against what meager cover the alley walls afford him and fires a fusillade of bolts at Calsera. She ducks as two sail over her but a third kicks her in the shoulder, searing her blast vest and nearly knocking her to the ground. She snarls, aims, and returns fire - her blast blows a ragged hole through Rodian's cloak but misses anything vital.

(Rodian makes 3 attacks: 1, 1, and 4 - Calsera's range roll is a 2, dmg is 5, Calsera rolls a 3 on Physical and burns an armor die to tie the damage with a 5 = 0 Wounds, 5 Shock. Her return fire was a 6, the Rodian has d6 cover and between it and the range die gets a 6. Defenders win ties.)

The Kubaz straightens up and shoots Ganet again - or he would have, had Ganet not blocked his shot with the holochess table. Sparks shoot from the packing container and it hits the ground with a clang. Ganet draws blaster and cutlass, darting in for the Kubaz along with MDK-911, who shoves the dying Gran aside. The gunhand drops prone to avoid Ganet's blasterwork but makes an easy target for the noble's sword. The vibrocutlass sweeps into the thug's midsection and comes out blooded. MDK simply crushes the Kubaz's legs with his heavy metal feet. The alien screams, a rattling buzz from its proboscis that's cut short by Murdoch's second stomp.

(Kubaz rolls a 5, Ganet rolls an 8 with the benefit of his impromptu cover. Bad news: Kubaz drops prone for double range dice and his 6 beats Ganet's blaster roll of 6. Good news: you get a bonus if your melee target's on the ground. Long story short, Kubaz takes 7 Wounds and 17 Shock. Dead as dirt.)
fanchergw 2006-05-17 07:31:09
The rodian fires one too many shots for her to duck them all. Only her catlike reflexes save her from being flattened, and perhaps losing the arm. Still, it hurts like childbirth...

Between a shot past her ear a moment ago and taking one in the shoulder - thank God for body armor! - Calsera just can't quite seem to connect.

Snarling, she tries to get closer to the rodian, using whatever cover she can find to help avoid any further hot plasma he sends her way. If an opportunity arises, she'll see if she can't return the favor.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-18 21:08:10
Before Calsera or anyone else can draw down on the Rodian, MDK fires a pinpoint shot into the gunslinger's left arm. The Rodian falls out from his alleyway nook and one of his pistols clatters on the ground.

(MDK takes a penalty and still gets an 11, vs. Rodian's 6. The damage is 6 vs. Physical of 5 = 1 Wound, 6 Shock. As concession, the Rodian lets a weapon go.)

Mandall and Ganet try for extremities but their shots go wide, blowing firey craters into Leeko's side wall. Calsera's had it with this Rodian, though. She squints down her gun barrel and plugs the thug in his other arm just as he fires back. The Rodian's bolt slams into MDK's upper torso, sending a spray of sparks and oil into the air. The big robot staggers back against the wall, wounded but still in the fight.

(Rodian snags a 5 vs. MDK's 4. Likewise, dmg is 5, MDK's Physical + Armor Plating is a 4. 1 Wound, 5 Shock. Initiative penalty, which is a throwaway concession at this point.)

Cat's shot blows blackened green meat across the alley floor. The hand, still attached to the smoking blaster, fires two more errant shots simply from reflex on its way to the ground.

(Cat gets a 5, Rodian sucks it hard with a 1. Damage is six, Rodian scores a measly 2 and take 4 Wounds, 6 Shock. He's well over his Shock threshold and goes down. He's barely holding on, but he is alive.)

The Rodian's succumbed to the understandable shock of taking several blast bolts at short range. He's breathing, but he'll need medical attention if he's to reveal anything aside from the gear he was carrying - two slim blaster pistols, not identifiable as Imperial or Alliance make; a standard commlink, tuned to its last used frequency; the Rodian's cloak is singed and holed but it's a nice piece of clothing otherwise. The rest of his clothes are upscale but grimy (and now ruined).
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-20 03:47:31
With the slightly damaged holochess table and the seriously damaged Rodian in tow, the Vandals quickly make their way back to the Dragon for takeoff. The Rodian's stabilized without too much trouble, but he'll be unconscious for a while.

As for the commlink, the frequency the Rodian was using might be abandoned before too long if his superiors don't get a report/he doesn't show up/some other unknown tipoff. Of course, it's more than likely the Rodian would be willing to give that information up given the right encouragement.

In either case, Naga's suppliers float skyward in their skiffs, leaving the Action IV ready to make for Mygeeto.
threadbare 2006-05-22 05:43:07
"Next time I run an errand in Nar Shadda," Ganet muses, "I'm taking MurDocK as my protocol droid."

He sets about installing the holochess board and fixing some of the idiosyncracies a few blaster bolts will impart--for one, the little holo-rancorbeast keeps twitching spasmodically.
Gatac 2006-05-22 05:52:02
Mandall walks by the holochess table, grinning like a madman. The adrenaline rush has pushed his mood into the stratosphere.

Inspecting the cargo manifest (both the official version and the scan logs) leads Mandall to raise an eyebrow.

"I think I can see the bad things we'll be doing to this from here."
e of pi 2006-05-22 16:56:38
Ty grabs his bagful of tools out of his storage locker next to his cramped bunk and sets to work repairing Murdock's damaged components.
fanchergw 2006-05-22 17:28:22
Once back on board, Calsera reports in to Ganet. She doesn't think it's serious, but her should is still sore and she'd like it looked at. Plus, it gives her an excuse to look in on their rodian friend.
Aihal the Silent 2006-05-23 19:13:06
As the battered Vandals make their way into the cargo bay, Jorm takes a quick look at Cat and MurDock. Once he's sure that they haven't taken any severe wounds and they've moved on to receive appropriate treatment/repairs, he takes note of their Rodian prisoner.

"So this is our troublemaker? Will someone please grab me an empty cargo container and a blow torch. We're about ready to blast off and I want to secure this piece of trash before we hit space."
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-24 02:28:15
(I closed my goddamn window and lost my post)

The Rodian remains blissfully unconscious throughout Jorm's rapid "brig-ifying" of a cargo container. Meanwhile, Calsera's wound is seen to and MDK gets patched up with ease by Ty. The blast craters in his chassis aren't the first and they won't be the last.

There's nothing to take Mandall's edge off except for testing out the holochess table with Ganet and taking quick walks whenever it's not his turn. The Dragon's soon ready for liftoff and blasts skyward, trading Nar Shaddaa's blue dawn for constant black.

Up in the quarters, Aurelia is still "walking like a commoner", as Eritram puts it. It must be the damn shoes. She's a fair hand with a sword, though, and Eritram's dedication to precision makes him a harsh but good teacher.

The Dragon is enroute to Mygeeto when the Rodian stirs. His tortured moaning echoes off Jorm's "brig" as he comes to without a hand and without any idea what just happened to him.
e of pi 2006-05-25 21:02:33
Ty is having a grand old time kibitzing the two holochess players while he waits for a turn to play. Just as he points out a possibly game-ending move to Ganet, moans begin echoing up from the cargo hold. Having missed the prisoner's presence in the organized choas of the loading and launching, he goes to investigate.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-05-31 16:38:32
Ty and Shas head down to the "brig". Learning from some previous mistakes imprisoning people in cargo containers, Jorm has outfitted the Rodian's box with a holocam and rudimentary porthole. With the porthole closed, the Rodian's holding his stump close to his abdomen, hunched over and feeling around the cargo container with his good hand, trying to get an idea of where he is. His ears perk up and rotate towards Ty and Shas' movement, and he feels his way over towards the cargo container door.

"Is anyone there? Where am I?"
Aihal the Silent 2006-05-31 17:46:05
Jorm decides to have only a minimal part in the interrogation. He spends most of his time fixing and fine tuning the ship's systems.
fanchergw 2006-05-31 20:30:30
Noting the movement, Calsera glides in behind Ty and Shas. Quiet as a Cat, she leaps up onto the top of the cargo container to observe.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2006-06-01 17:19:28
The Rodian starts hammering away at the cargo container hatch with his good hand, throwing in a kick every now and then.

"Let me out of here!"
e of pi 2006-06-01 23:44:03
"I'm afraid we cannot do that, friend, unless you give us some information. Tell us who you were working for, and why, and you may escape this alive."