OOC: Shaken, Not Stirred III

Gatac 2002-08-07 21:51:08
Well, shit, that's gonna get tricky.

Jess will try to blow out a tire (they can't dodge, can they ?), then retreat to cover and reload.

Dieter 2002-08-07 22:02:28
Actually, you'd have to get a critical and only then might you hit the tires. You could blow a few action dice to up the chances.

A vehicle's Defense is pre-determined, but the the driver adds his DEX bonus to the Defense. That said, the SUV has a Defense in the upper teens.
Gatac 2002-08-07 22:08:13
And that applies to *standing* vehicles too ? Damn, you'd think immobile objects of all kind would count for skeet shooting...

Since the P90 will not go through the car, the most Jess will be able to do is some supressive fire then.

Dieter 2002-08-07 22:18:36
You have a point...we'll say a stationary vehicle does not gain the driver's DEX bonus until it is actually moving.

Unfortunately, Decker will be going before you do and will most likely have the SUV in gear when it comes time
for Jess to shoot.

HOWEVER...that doesn't mean someone else who goes BEFORE Decker (Gavin & Harry) can't do that.
Gatac 2002-08-07 22:26:00
Then Jess shall spray the car in the hopes of keeping Decker a bit too preoccupied with saving his own ass to actually get the car started.

Gatac 2002-08-07 22:53:49
I think I'm going to take full cover and call up Interpol or someone (the Agency, someone who might stand a chance of actually intercepting them before they ditch the car) on my phone and give them Deckie's license number and description.
Gatac 2002-08-07 22:56:49
CRAP, I just remembered that my gun can't do autofire, anyway. Oops.

Whatever. If I've got ammo, I'll just shoot at Decker.
Gatac 2002-08-07 23:48:08
Hrm, first of all, how come Hanna can aim at my car's tires? Or was that just dramatic interpretation?
Dieter 2002-08-07 23:51:02
Crap, I just realized I posted that IC in the OOC. Heh..heh...I'll fix that. :)

As for Hanna "aiming" for the tires, that's what it looked like she was doing since called shots aren't in Spycraft.

However, Jess did manage to score a critical on the Rover and smack Decker for some real damage.
Dieter 2002-08-08 04:29:11
I believe that's a new round. The Rover is pretty much out of its confines, so this round it will be considered a moving target.
Gatac 2002-08-08 08:47:13
Hm, so not all hope is lost yet...

I guess it would be best not to push our luck now. I petition to get us behind cover.


(And I'll be bringing along some grenades next time, I swear...)
threadbare 2002-08-08 10:12:26
Does anyone have a sidearm or something? anything in the Volga? What about the stuff from my personal budget? is that stuff in the Volga, 'cause that would include a 9x19 SMG.

Harry will resist the urge to hurl the empty gun at the SUV, and delay his actions until someone gives him a gun, asking for one as a free action.

On the bright side, we are holding our own against two armed, armored, experienced, and highly dangerous criminals.
threadbare 2002-08-08 15:50:31
I think that we would have brought Harry's stuff along in the car.

I'll pass my gun to Harry, and just in case they fire back as they drive away, I'm going to full defense/tumble over to the Volga.
Dieter 2002-08-08 16:08:59
Combat is effectively over (again), so you guys can pretty much do whatever at this point....that is, if you're not chasing after the Deckers.
Dieter 2002-08-08 18:13:12
I have Evasion, if I made my Ref save, I take no damage. If not, I'm glad you rolled low damage.

Although, I would hope I was smart enough to NOT run in FRONT of the car, rather waiting for it to pass and running behind it. ;)
Dieter 2002-08-08 18:28:51
Crapola...I forgot about evasion. No damage for you! :)

Decker was aiming for any/all pedestrians as the Rover left the parking lot, so Artis didn't necessary have to be in front of the SUV to be hit...no matter, it's a moot point at this rate.
Gatac 2002-08-08 18:52:28
If the Volga can still drive, maybe we should follow them and relay updated info to Interpol, to make it easier to catch the two. I'd hate to see them get away.

Dieter 2002-08-08 20:16:41
Aside from some minor cosmetic damage, the Volga is tip-top and could easily catch up to the Land Rover.