OOC: Shaked, Not Stirred II - Brilliant! So now we got a Hug

Dieter 2002-05-06 17:27:15
Do the two other guys (ie. the bad guys) look like they're going to live, or are they pretty much gone?
Dieter 2002-05-06 17:33:53
The passenger is pretty much toast...he's got multiple gunshot wounds.

The driver's leg looks like hamburger, but if you rush him to a hospital they may have to only amputate.
threadbare 2002-05-07 03:44:33
I'm going to use first aid to appraise my leg and Gavin's whole body, figure out the best way to make things good. Also, I'm going to make a call to headquarters, asking if they can send a "clean-up crew" to the highway.
threadbare 2002-05-07 04:06:53
I've got 22 personal budget points left. Any chance of me getting to spend those?

Also, I'm gonna burn an action die to get some vitality back.

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Dieter 2002-05-07 15:05:55
IP, soon I'll give you a chance to use your bp's.

You "used" 20bp to get the vest liner. I hope you don't mind.

(Edited by Dieter at 9:09 am on May 7, 2002)
Gatac 2002-05-07 21:10:06
Um, lowering the gun would be a start...I'd also like to take a good look at our new comrades, and maybe see if I can get some mileage out of my First Aid skill.

Gatac 2002-05-07 21:42:47
Um. Harry would probably be the best to talk, because me and Jess didn't see anything but the resolution to the combat. So I'll be helping Gavin into the back of the SUV.

Dude, don't punish IP and Threadbare just because they post at night. :)
Dieter 2002-05-07 22:09:49
Ok, through some clever editing I've resolved some plot issues.

Sorry for getting a bit impatient, it's been a slow day here at work. :)

Game on.
Gatac 2002-05-08 14:54:41
I guess that 1000 will be deducted from my mission budget...

Dieter 2002-05-08 17:35:14
Re-edited my last IC post with some more info.

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Dieter 2002-05-09 15:22:54
So where the heck is everyone? There hasn't been a post ANYWHERE on the board since yesterday...there's a creepy quietness going on. :shocked:
Gatac 2002-05-09 15:47:44
I'm still here, it's just that I don't have any smartass remarks for Jessica to say right now.

threadbare 2002-05-10 03:07:15
Urm, I announced my intention to search the would-be highwaymen. Did I find anything?
Dieter 2002-05-10 03:30:25
The highwaymen had the following:

A Walther-PPK, full clip plus an extra
A Desert Eagle, .50 cal. no ammo
75 Euros
Cel phone
threadbare 2002-05-11 03:00:43
I suppose we could trace the other cel phone, but we'd probably get the same result. I'll hold onto that PPK, tho.
threadbare 2002-05-11 07:46:06
Say, what are some of those style feats it says on the chart? For instance, what's "political favors"? I should get that later on. What's "Talented"? "Card Shark?"