Spice, Guns, and Credits - Episode 2

Dieter 2003-11-11 18:17:09
Wayde leans in to keep the conversation a bit more hush-hush.

"Where? That's the not the problem. There's a whole dockyard waiting to be pillaged. I believe the question is who's ship are we're going to get? Know any tramp freighters that are in need of a crew...or captain for that matter? At this rate, we'll take anything with a operating hyperdrive...we're not too picky." ;)
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-11 18:35:24
Zug sighs. "Well, I know that guy" - he motions to a tipsy-looking Gran, "has a ship docked here. You don't see too many Grans around here, and he was in the yard next to where you were supposed to meet me. Shall we?"
Dieter 2003-11-11 18:45:27
"Ok," eyeing the Gran.

"First off, how do you know that guy? No offense, but you really don't know someone in this kinda place unless you've had a some sort of shady dealing with them. I mean, that's fine and everything, but I'd just like to know that if we mess with him that he doesn't have a wookiee for a first mate ready to tear my arms out of their sockets..."
fanchergw 2003-11-11 19:33:56
Jileeza glances over at the Gran, then back at Wayde. "Perhaps I could keep him distracted for a while. Just tell me how long you need."
Dieter 2003-11-11 20:11:32
"The only problem with that idea (other than the images it conjures up) is that if we have to leave here in a hurry, you'd be stuck in the bar with that googley-eyed drunk. It's your choice, but if things go bad (and they will) we're not going to waiting around for the local authorities to show up."
fanchergw 2003-11-11 23:05:47
"Good point," Jileeza replies with a pout "As much as I love my home planet and all, sticking around isn't really on my agenda at this time."
fanchergw 2003-11-13 16:27:08
"Hmm... Okay, how about this: Give me an estimate of how long you think you'll need to secure a ship. I'll loiter outside and keep an eye out for him, then meet you at the ship after that amount of time.

"If he leaves early, I can either waylay him or come warn you - your choice. Or do you think you'll need my help to grab the ship?"

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Dieter 2003-11-13 16:41:25
"It's been a while since I've done this sort of thing...depends alot on how well the captain's rigged the ship for intruders. It could be as simple as bypassing his control over-ride or as difficult as monofilament traps and forcefields. Let's just get to the dockyard and we'll go from there."
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-14 18:51:27
The group leaves, with Jileeza loitering behind.

Zug leads them through the spaceport streets, bustling with cargo droids and scruffy crewmen of the various ships docked on Rodia. Every once in a while, a jungle predator's howl can be heard even over the walls and din of the port.

"Here it is," Zug says, presenting the group with a locked bay door. "Work yer magic, kid."


Meanwhile, the Gran staggers from the bar. Jileeza slinks over to him, and although nearly being knocked out by the combination of booze and the Gran's own peculiar scent, manages to catch his attention.


Reyes cracks the door code on the first try - either the system's outdated or he's better than he thought he was. With a hum, the door cycles open to reveal a rundown, but serviceable, tramp frieghter.

Two Gran are standing around smoking what passes for deathsticks around here. They immediately put their hands in the air when they see the various blasters, fists, and sticks (sticks?) arrayed against them. Two thumps by Mak later and the group is now a crew. Aurelia runs below deck to check out the engines, while Arnae... well, Arnae calls Reyes up to slice the launch code. Wayde comlinks 'Za just as the Gran, in his befuddlement, figures out that their... um... bits are incompatible.

Aurelia pronounces the engines fit as Arnae and Reyes are still trying to start the darn ship.
Dieter 2003-11-14 19:35:29
Wayde cringes as the sounds of hot inter-alien love are heard through his commlink.

"If you're uh...through there, your presence is requested at the dockyard...try and towel yourself off before leaving. Over?"
Gatac 2003-11-14 19:52:16
Erit, having no relevant skills to offer for the moment, simply takes in the view of the ship before he enters.

Perhaps we can manage to keep it in one piece.
fanchergw 2003-11-14 23:43:09
Jileeza intercepts the Gran as he starts toward the door. Fortunately, he isn't hard to redirect. They find a secluded place and begin to... interrelate.

A soft chuckle is 'Za's response to Wayde's message. She isn't being paid to kill the Gran and she doesn't feel like bloodying her clothes. While he's distracted by their... incompatabilities, she introduces the handle of her blaster to the back of his head.

Once he's down for the count, 'Za adjusts her clothing back into place, washes up quickly and heads for the ship. "On my way. Be there shortly."
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-17 22:22:17
Reyes is just about ready to kill the Gran captain, had he been here. The security system on the ship was state-of-the-art, probably the most expensive thing on the ship. Too bad they'd knocked the crap out of both the crew, then Reyes could -

*buzz SNAP*

With a burst of sparks and burnt wiring, Reyes slicing kit breathes its last but the blinking red on the freighters' systems turns to an accepting green. Arnae slides into the control seat and starts the pre-launch checklist.


Jileeza's on her way to the docking bay, smiling contentedly at a job well done. She keys the bay door and as it slides open, she's suprised as a Gran - one of the crew, no doubt - lunges from behind a loading lift. 'Za's fast, and snaps her blaster up but the Gran's faster. He grabs Za from the right side and slides behind her in a sloppy but strong chokehold, one arm around her neck and the other one grabbing her gun hand.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-18 18:58:02
Wayde sees the scuffle first and sprints for the access ramp. Meanwhile, 'Za's not one to give up without a fight. She slams the back of her head into the Gran's mouth and elbows him low in the groin. His arm comes loose from her throat and she turns to give him a blaster lesson, but he's on her again, wrestling for the gun. She gets shoved into a stack of crates but manages to push the Gran off her again.

Wayde comes down into the docking bay, blaster in hand, and the Gran spins and makes to run off.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-18 19:24:12
Wayde raises his blaster and fires as the Gran runs for the safety of the door. He hits him in the lower back and sends the Gran sprawling forward. He lies where he lands, his back smoking and carbonized.

With a roar, Arnae gets the frieghter's engines online. Steam and gas vent from underneath as the takeoff repulsors warm up.

Aurelia, down with the engines, notes to herself that they could've picked worse ships to take. The hyperdrive's more than serviceable and the engines are kept in pristine condition.
CrazyIvan 2003-11-18 21:48:23
Arnae keys the comlink. "Smoke 'em if you got 'em, my friends. This maglev is leaving the station."
Dieter 2003-11-18 22:14:18
Wayde motions for Jileeza to high-tail it to the entry ramp, firing suppressive bolts at anyone who may be getting in her way.
Dieter 2003-11-19 04:51:45
Wayde works his way up to the cockpit.

"Nice work, Cap'n. I recommend we immediately jump to hyperspace and sort things out a safe distance from here. Oh...and mind the Tie-Fighters."

With that, Wayde gets ready for some gunnery.