Spice, Guns, and Credits - Episode 2

punkey 2003-11-05 08:52:12
"Just water for me, thanks," Reyes says. He scopes the bar out for security monitors and exits. Always have a backup plan, Reyes thinks.
Gatac 2003-11-07 16:20:56
Erit orders an entire bottle of water, meanwhile trying to gauge if anyone in the bar has hostile intentions.
Dieter 2003-11-07 16:31:03

Quote: from Gatac on 10:20 am on Nov. 7, 2003
Erit orders an entire bottle of water, meanwhile trying to gauge if anyone in the bar has hostile intentions.

Wayde picks up on Erit's cautiousness.

"Quit looking so damn suspicious...that goes for all of you. You're about as inconspicuous as a dewback on Hoth. People sit in bars to forget about what's going on outside and that's what we're going to do."

The merc pours a shot of rum and slams it back, then proceeds to refill his flask.
Gatac 2003-11-07 16:53:12
"With all due respect, Mr. Wayde, but I think it suffices to say that our recent descent has left me a bit agitated. I'm not in the mood to relax."
Dieter 2003-11-07 17:00:36
"That's Mr. Stryker to you, storyteller. And the whole point of drinking is to get into the mood...nothing does that better than a bottle of the hard stuff. Have a shot, will ya? I think you're spooking the locals."
fanchergw 2003-11-07 17:21:42
Jileeza sits back, sipping at her drink and watching the interplay between these people whom she seems to have linked her fate with. Hopefully they can get along long enough to get her off-planet and well lost in the galaxy.

Her beverage, reputedly named after a particularly unpleasant Twilek, is not one that anybody slams back without consequences. Two of them are enough to floor even a Wookie. Jileeza has perfected the art of making one last for hours, while looking like a steady drinker.
punkey 2003-11-07 19:19:41
Reyes turns around in his seat. "I don't drink," he says. "Bad past experiences."
CrazyIvan 2003-11-07 21:57:27

Quote: from Dieter on 1:34 pm on Nov. 7, 2003
"More for me..." Wayde says as he tops-off his flask.

Aurelia winks. "You still have to share, remember. Pour me a glass."
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-07 22:13:21
More drinking and more suspicious eyeing go on. Erit picks up on a large, but not altogether surprising, amount of latent violent thoughts in the bargoers. Not directed towards Erit or his companions, they're just sitting there on the surface.

Jileeza sees a Rodian walk into the bar. Granted, there are lots of Rodians and no small number of them frequent establishments such as this, but 'Za has seen this Rodian before. It's Zug, one of Gulgo's henchmen - presumably one of the people meant to offload the tibanna. He sees the group and Jileeza makes out a poodoo from Zug when he sees that she sees him. He nods and starts walking over to the table.

"So, um, we've been waiting for you to land. Didja forget what docking bay it was or something?"
Dieter 2003-11-07 22:20:42
Wayde scratches the back of his head then casually moves his right hand towards his side...unclasping his holster and returning his hand back to the table, palming his lighter in the process.
fanchergw 2003-11-08 00:32:15
Jileeza stands up near Zug. "Hello, Zug. A pleasure to see you again," she says softly, her voice oozing sensuality. "I'm afraid my friends here encounted a slight difficulty. It seems they were shot down by some entirely-unfriendly TIEs. We were just thinking about how to resolve this little problem.

"Would you like to join us for a drink?"
CrazyIvan 2003-11-08 02:09:31
Arnae, perhaps not "well" into his cups, but at least halfway there, says, "Please join us for a drink." There's a definite hint of desperation in his tone. More than a hint, perhaps. Maybe a clue of desperation.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-08 03:06:17
Zug's apparently not bright enough to realize that 'Za is a tricksy seductress and that the sex in her voice is only a ploy. He is bright enough to realize that failure to sit down for a drink may result in his immediate death by blaster. Zug sits down and orders a Stinky Fett.

"So... there's no more tibanna then? Is your ship still around? Gulgo's gonna be pissed ya know, and not just at you guys."
Gatac 2003-11-08 08:39:50
"It is most unfortunate. But I believe we can come to an...agreement."
CuteMotherFucker 2003-11-08 09:12:11
"One that will keep all sides happy. And alive, very much alive," Mak eyes the Rodian for any suspicious movements, but then stops and relaxes as he realizes the poor bastard is outnumbered seven to one. Even vague threats are doubtful on this situation.

Still, a couple of green friends can change all that. Mak gives the doorway a glance every once in a while.
fanchergw 2003-11-10 18:28:31
Jileeza smiles at Zug when he sits down, and she unwinds into the seat next to him. "I'm afraid the ship is in a twisted lump out in the forest being dismanted by the locals. I wasn't on the ship at the time, so I don't know about the tibanna, but I doubt we'd have left it behind if it was still contained."

She considers the direction of the conversation for a minute. "So, Zug, any idea what might help square us with Gulgo. Anything else we might be able to get for him to mollify his anger?"
Admiral Duck Sauce 2003-11-11 16:49:31
"Well, it's my head on the line too if you don't get some tibanna, any tibanna, back here quick. Bespin, Gamdoaan, it doesn't matter."

Zug smacks his face. "Oh, that's right. You lost your ship. We're all dead, all of us."
Dieter 2003-11-11 17:07:29
Wayde repeatedly flicks his lighter open/closed in protest to Zug's "pussy-out" response to the tibanna situation.

Some agent this Rodian has turned out to be...

"Yeah, thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm surprised your devotion (or lack thereof) has kept you alive as long as it has. It is reassuring to know that the bounty Gulgo will (no doubt) put on your head will probably just as much (if not more than) ours."

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fanchergw 2003-11-11 17:59:30
'Za looks over at Wayde. "Well, looks like we're back to acquiring a ship."

She turns and smiles at Zug. "You know, it may be to your advantage to come with us, at least until we find a new load of tibanna for Gulgo." Never hurts to have another man on your side when things get sticky.