Birds of Prey

Dieter 2002-11-19 15:36:23
Mandalay Bay Casino, 6:00pm PST

The team is getting ready for perhaps the pivotal moment of the mission. Jess is all decked out in her Vera Wang dress, which totally blew her mission expenses but probably will be well worth the $600 she spent on it.

Harry is warming up his singing voice with a karaoke version of Sinatra's greatest hits with Jess joining in at her spot.

I've got you under my skin
I've got you deep in the heart of me
So deep in my heart, that you're really a part of me
I've got you under my skin

Meanwhile...Artis, Gavin, and Brian go over their gameplan just in case things get ugly.
Dieter 2002-11-19 21:58:01
Mandalay Bay Casino, 7:45pm PST

Outside 3950

Artis and Brian get to the restaurant early, staking out for themselves strategic places at the bar. The two positions afford almost complete views of the restaurant, save for the restrooms and kitchen area.
They order drinks, mingle with the local meat market, and wait to see what happens with Jess and Andrew.

Jess arrives fashionably late. She sees Andrew waiting outside the entrance with a slightly impatient demeanor. He checks his watch, then his hair, back to the watch...rinse repeat.

House of Blues, Backstage

Harry's cold sweats have turned into dry heaves. Gavin tells him to get with the program. The intimidation seems to work as Harry's bout of nervousness is replaced with the fear of Gavin's wrath if he was the f-this thing up. Two hours till showtime....cue hurling noise in background.
Dieter 2002-11-25 18:19:46
Jess approaches Andrew with some apprehension.

Alright Jess, this is your first big undercover job...try not to get yourself killed.

Andrew looks up from his watchminding to see Jess in her glamor.

"Hello my dear. I was beginning to fathom the idea of dinner for one. Shall we go inside?"
Gatac 2002-11-25 19:44:11
Jess smiles.

"We should, unless you've invited me to the most expensive picknick I've ever been to."
Dieter 2002-11-25 19:57:15
Artis sees Jess and Andrew walk in. Andrew says something to the hostess and she leaves. Moments later a rather large fellow (think Gary Busey from Lethal Weapon I) greets the couple.

Jess and Andrew are seated with another couple at a four-person table in the corner of the restaurant. Soon after a waiter brings them a bottle of champagne and menus.

Jess immediately recognizes the other couple.

Small world...It's Samantha and her jet-set millionaire boyfriend from the dress shop.

Samantha notes the irony of the situation, not by words but with a subtle acknowledgement.

"That is a wonderful dress. I think we shop at the same store...."

The banter proceeds for the next few minutes. Andrew introduces Samantha and her man, James Sedgewick. He goes on to say that the two used to be in The Service together and are now partners in a corporate security company, Newcastle Security. Samantha feigns interest in the matter and turns to Jess.

"Let's give the boys a little time to wallow in their success. Care to go to the ladies room? They have a perfume counter that is to die for."

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Gatac 2002-11-25 20:38:57
"Who am I to meddle in war stories ? Have a fun time, gentlemen."
Dieter 2002-11-25 21:00:30
Artis sees the two women get up and head for the bathroom. About 20 seconds after they leave, Andrew pulls out a phone that bears a striking similarity to that of his own Agency issue. Sedgewick looks at the screen for about a minute then nods with a grin to Stewart. The two men begin to converse.

Shit. It figures the only one who can read lips worth a damn is getting reading for a lounge act.

The waiter comes back to the table, placing Martinis in front of Stewart and Sedgewick. the ladies room

Samantha goes up to the row of sinks and begins to fix her make-up. She doesn't say anything to Jess, but is watchful of the other women who enter/exit the room. A few minutes go by and the place clears out. Samantha checks the empty stalls for good measure then turns to Jess...

House of Blues, 8:15pm PST

Harry is doing his soundcheck as Gavin scopes out the place for possible trouble. The house security, while a bit lax and lethargic, appear to be on the level. The lighting in the joint is a bit incooperative as the place pretty much goes dark when Harry hits the stage. Gavin does note the location of the party's table. It's a large round table with seating for eight.
Gatac 2002-11-26 16:28:03
Jess starts the conversation with a smirk.

"I hope you have since considered more practical means of concealed carrying."
Dieter 2002-11-26 17:24:44
Samantha gives Jess an equally deserving smirk.

"Still in the same place...never leave home without it. So what's a nice girl like you doing with a creep like Andrew. You know he's a womanizer, don't you? I think he has one in every city. But that's not really any of my business. My business deals with you happening to be at the same place at the same time as myself and James. If you're investigating James, I can tell you that his biggest problem is a sometimes over-inflated ego. He is a respectable businessman. His past is just his past. So what are you...FBI?...CIA?"
Dieter 2002-11-26 18:38:37
Artis and Brian noted the time the ladies left the's been about 10 minutes. We all know that's not uncommon, but it's a bit odd since they just got there.
Gatac 2002-11-26 19:22:30
"Well, I can say as much: I have no interest in James, neither personally nor professionally."

Her smile loses intensity.

"Anything else is of no consequence to you."
Dieter 2002-11-26 19:52:14
"That's good to hear. I'm tired of the Feds raiding our house everytime an explosion kills innocents in a foreign country. The men are probably wondering where we are, let's go."
CrazyIvan 2002-11-28 00:51:21
Brian split his attention between the door to the ladies room and the two men...something was most definitely wrong. Women, regardless of how attractive, how many and what makeup they were wearing, were in the bathroom for that long without something serious. His mind begins running through the options, most of them involving a 9mm bullet to Steward's gun arm...
Dieter 2002-11-28 07:18:56
The women file out of the bathroom and come back into sight of Brian and then Artis. It seems whatever transpired in the bastion of femininity went without much screams, no apparent loss of blood from either lady.

They sit down at the table as Sedgewick and Stewart finish up their conversation about whatever the hell was on that phone's LCD screen.

" we'll sell it back to Russia, keep the design and make a fat profit. Not bad for two boys from Newcastle."

The two let off a roar that would go well in any Sport club in England. Sedgewick then turns to Samantha.

"My dear, by this time next week the two charming lads you see before you could quite possibly be the richest Englishmen this side of Prince of Wales and Richard Branson."

Samantha seems unamused at the notion, but dispenses with the required grin and show of enthusiasm.

"Well, can we have dinner or do you have to call the London first?! I'm starving. Where is that damn waiter friend of yours?!"

"He's not a waiter...he's the maitre d."


Sedgewick then signals for his friend.

"Miles, champagne for everyone. A '29 Cuvee' Dom Perignon if you will."
Dieter 2002-11-30 23:27:58
Gavin heads backstage and into Harry's dressing room, where he locks the door and pulls out his Agency phone. He dials up headquarters and prepares to code in.
Dieter 2002-12-02 17:03:18
After the usual spiel, Gavin gets through to a human being at HQ. He relays the gathered info so far and he is told to expect either a voice or text message in the next 15 minutes.

The minutes go by and during Harry's solo of I gotta be me, Gavin's messenger system signals.

*Receiving transmission*

James Patrick Sedgewick
DoB: 13.05.53
PoB: Yorkshire, UK

Spouse: Irene Fitzgerald Sedgewick (deceased 1997)
Current Romantic Interests: Samantha Illingworth(Illiavic). DoB 24.03.74: Prague, Czech Republic.

Sedgewick came from meager beginnings, but his scholarly aptitude earned him a place at the prestigious Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. Sedgewick graduated with honor, joining the SAS in 1981. After 10 years in the SAS and rising to the rank of Commander, he was recruited for wetworks operations for Mi6. In 1997 his wife was killed by an ex-KGB while the couple were on holiday in Istanbul. Sedgewick left Mi6 shortly thereafter to establish his own private security firm, Newcastle Security. It caters to governments with a need for reform in its state security, care of ViP's, etc. He has offices in London, Istanbul, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.

Current Estimated worth: 20(?) million GBP
Dieter 2002-12-02 18:14:52
Just as Gavin relays the info to the rest of the team, out of the corner of his eye he spots a couple of shadowy-looking figures. They seem to be going over a similar set of security procedures.

There must be some ViP's attending the show tonight

As soon as that notion hits Gavin, the two figures come into full view. Both are female, one looking like Charlize Theron the other like a buffed-out 30-something Sharon Stone...neither looking too pleased at seeing Gavin snooping around the joint.

Meanwhile...back the restaurant.

Artis notices a woman taking a keen interest in Brian's surveillance. She approaches him and two men immediately fall behind her.
Dieter 2002-12-02 20:19:32
I'll whisper a warning into my mike (or whatever we're using to communicate) and order a beer or something that comes in a nice sturdy bottle. I'll do a sense motive thingy on the people approaching Brian as well (by Brian, you mean our SAS friend, not Buzzard, correct?).
Dieter 2002-12-02 20:32:25
(OOC: Brian=Osprey...Buzzard will just be Buzzard from now on.)

Artis is getting the "gonna hurt someone" vibe from the goons behind the aforementioned female as the bartender serves up a longneck Budweiser to him. The female look intended on talking to Brian. From her appearance (business suit, buttoned all the way up) she doesn't look like she's about to do a Chow-Yun Fat on him. (i.e. put a bullet on the bar-rail and commence with two-gun action)