Hedion 04

Admiral Duck Sauce 2011-01-24 21:38:51
Tor whispers some well-needed advice into Segal's ear. The noble grimaces but nods. "All right. Keep him then, and call me when you tire of him. Kill him, however, and I will see you all dead." He turns to leave.
Gatac 2011-01-24 21:47:30
"It's a deal," Hugh says. "I figure I owe you that much. And for what it's worth, Segal, I really do like working with you. Maybe we can figure something out after I'm done with the dropchief."
Admiral Duck Sauce 2011-01-24 22:44:43
"Hah," Segal lets a short laugh escape. "Yes, we'll talk."

Once Segal is in his skimmer, his goons pile into their vehicle and the Iyuzos proceed out of the hangar. A tense moment here and there, but all in all, everything's coming up Milhouse.


Hugh and his group meet Luis returning from a likewise successful meeting with the Quoronas to find Buck McLean, Maq's son, waiting in the Kesh foyer.

"We gotta talk," he says when you all enter. "Throne agents nabbed Davis and they're bringin' in a Truthseeker for him."