Birds of a Feather

Dieter 2002-08-12 20:21:05
The K-29 lands at a military installation about 25 minutes later. Waiting for the team on the heli-pad is Anja, close behind her is ever stalwart Jakob.
Gatac 2002-08-12 20:23:51
"I think we need to talk about the Agency's threat level allocations, and what's terribly, terribly wrong with them."
Dieter 2002-08-12 20:32:10
Anja looks at Jess with a sympathetic guise then holds her hands out in a calming manner.

"I know...I know....just relax. I see you've already been bandaged up, but let's get the base doctor to check you out to see if the medics missed anything. I want to personally extend an apology from Agent Nightengale. Had any of us known what to expect, we would have sent you in armed to the teeth. The Deckers were not supposed to have that kind of hardware laying around. All intel suggested that they were just held up there for only a short time, but apparently the building was one of their many safehouses. With that said, we have some pressing matters to attend to after you're examined at the hospital."
Gatac 2002-08-12 20:35:54
"It's alright. I'm just saying that next time, I'll go in with an M14 and a box of armor-piercing ammo. I mean, if these people can soak up hits by a weapon that's *designed* to defeat armor, you know you have a problem."
Gatac 2002-08-12 20:39:11
"Hey, we got Harry back, and we're all alive. I call that mission accomplished."
Dieter 2002-08-12 20:49:29
The agents are taking in to the medical facility. Much to their relief, the doctors here are Agency staffers, not the local quacks. Wounds are sutured, bones are set, and aspirin is administered.

A few hours later, the team is escorted by Anja and Jajob into a briefing room. Anja speaks up.

"I am glad to see all of you still in one piece...some more that others. Agent Nightengale will be in momentarily for your debriefing."

About 5 minutes later, Philpott walks into the room, slowly taking stock of his field agents' conditions then sits down. He begins to speak, but then hesitates.

" know, ninety-percent of an agent's experience comes from being out in the field. I'd say you have had at least a few years compressed into the last 24 hours. First of all, let me apologize for sending you in a bit under-equipped. I must also congradulate you on recovering Agent Nighthawk and flushing out two of the Agency's most-wanted. I have noted the proceedings in your records and have put you all up for special commendation. Now, what can you tell me?"

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Gatac 2002-08-12 20:53:59
Jessica retells the proceedings of the rescue operation as calm as possible, trying desperately to avoid calling Hanna "that bitch".
Dieter 2002-08-12 22:27:29
"So, the reports I've been ready have been true. It is truly fortunate that some or even all of you are here right now. The Deckers' threat rating has been reassigned to Black for all future operations. These people are going down the next time we have a shot at them. That said, good work."

Philpott takes a sip of tea, then gets up from the table, stirring the cup as he walks about the room.

"Anja, lights and display please."

The lights in the room go out as a projection appears in the center of large oval table.

"You new assignment is a scouting mission into Uzbekistan. Field agents in Rostov, Russia have uncovered a smuggling ring that could have connections with Gonzalez. You are to go in as businessmen looking to establish a cotton supplier in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is the world's third largest cotton supplier. It is also believed that a cotton cartel has been established which supplements its trade in cotton with the smuggling and sale of heroin to the West. We have good belief that Gonzalez's men have a firm hand in that market and we also believe this is his primary source of income for his terrorist organization.

You are to meet up with Hamid Nayizov, our local contact in Tashkent. He will make the necessary arrangements for your trip inside the country. This is only a fact-finding mission...getting contact names, locations, drop-offs, etc. Should your identities be compromised, you should leave the country immediately. While Uzbekistan is considered metropolitan in Central Asian circles, espionage is a high treason offense...whether it be for benevolent or not. If you are compromised, your best best is to link up with one of the many U.S. military operations in the area. We'll update your phones with the latest U.S. Army Ranger transponder codes...just in case. Questions?"
Gatac 2002-08-12 22:37:00
Jess waits for a second, then takes a look at her notebook and raises her voice.

"I understand that this will hopefully not result in a firefight. But since I'd prefer not to go there entirely unarmed, would it be possible to organise a concealed weapons permit or something of that vibe ?"
Dieter 2002-08-12 22:51:57
"Uzbekistan, while being a bit...shall we say archaic in its judicial system, has no such restriction on firearms. You'll be travelling as businessmen, so leave the heavy hardware at home. The Agency has designated this mission with a Yellow threat rating. You should not be taking on heavily armed forces, but at the same time you may need to eliminate certain obstacles as they come up during the operation. I have on good authority that the Rangers can send an extraction team to any part of the country in under 2 hours, but let's not be quick test the preparedness of our American friends...understood?
threadbare 2002-08-13 08:58:35
Harry perks up from the residual effects of the drugs they set him up with.

"They speak mostly arabic there, right? I can handle arabic. I can handle turkish and russian alright, among others, but turkish's probably not as useful there."
Dieter 2002-08-13 15:32:24
"Uzbek belongs to the family of Turkish languages, so you shouldn't have much trouble with the local tongue. Thanks to the former Soviet Union's dominance in the region, nearly half the population also speaks Russian."

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Gatac 2002-08-13 20:41:49
"Something tells me that we should avoid speaking Russian, though. I know the Bulgarians don't take too kindly to stuff like that, and I'd assume that this is not an unique sentiment among the ex-members of the Soviet Empire. Mr. Philpott, could you provide us with some audio learning cassettes for Turkish ? I'm fast with languages, and it wouldn't hurt if everyone else atleast knew the basics."
Dieter 2002-08-13 21:23:06
"I will have some audio files uploaded into your notebook."

Anja re-enters the room then walks over to Philpott, saying something indiscernable to him. She then takes a seat near the entrance.

"Indeed. Thank you Anja. Anja has just informed me that Lt. Isakovic has graciously offered to ferry you from here to Moscow. That's all for the best since it wouldn't be till tomorrow morning before we could get you out. In Moscow, you'll meet with Vasili Nemchek. He'll have your travel documents and visas for your trip to Tashkent. There you'll taking the Trans-Kazakhstan train to Tashkent. In case you were wondering why you're not flying, as you may know, the flight records of the commercial airlines in the region are not up to par to with the Agency's safety standards. Look at it this way... you'll have time to rest and bone up on your Uzbek."

Everyone notices Jakob walk into the briefing room. He's toting several duffle bags in each hand. Anja knods to him then glances at her watch.

"Um...sir. The team's helo leaves in 10 minutes"

Philpott knods back then looks at the team.

"It appears our reunion will be cut short. Be sure to take a duffel bag on the way out. Inside you'll find fresh clothes, provisions, and some equipment (to be disclosed in the OOC thread) just in case your trip gets a little rough. Safe journey, come back alive."