IC 5 - Hamburg - Day 2

Admiral Duck Sauce 2018-09-20 16:35:45
"Looks like," Tim agrees. "I don't like relying on the elevator - I'd rather tackle the staircase problem."
skullandscythe 2018-09-21 15:47:26
Blake nods. "Safety inspectors may need to inspect a variety of systems due to damage from the ongoing riots...including the emergency stairwell.

"We should also prep for the possibility of throwing down with security and especially the Prizak operative." Blake taps his pencil against the cover of his pocket notebook. "If we can get access to the secure server closet, we could erase the evidence of our passage, and even plant some implicating someone else."
Gatac 2018-09-29 14:15:14
Gallerie FreiGeist. Oh boy. Where do we begin?

The only thing that remains of its gilded age manufactory origins are the dull red brick walls, but by golly we're gonna save every fucking last one of those walls and don't you dare touch a single brick, don't you know this is an INDUSTRIEDENKMAL? So the walls are not painted, nothing is attached to them, people even seem afraid to touch them. Accordingly, the whole cabling for the event runs in thick strands suspended from the ceiling, snaking through doorways and branching off down the multitude of hallways. You've heard of cable drops, but this is just ridiculous. The lighting outside the "performance space" consists exclusively of LED spots aplenty, fully half of them shining upwards from the heavy plywood floors. Don't trip over the space heaters, either! The Gallerie does have a full wing of "found art" but only one room of "flat art" (i.e. paintings). Much of the building is "taped off" tonight by rented metal bollards with extending ribbons, airport security style. A wood shack out front sells Guinness, fritz-kola (of course) and bottled water to the waiting crowd, while two food trucks serve kebabs and fish sandwiches, respectively. The trees nearby are hung with lightbulbs and post-ironic miniature disco balls. The waiting crowd looks like mostly walkins off the street, though you do spot a few metalheads in the crowd, wearing ratty black t-shirts with slogans like "Don't Get Mad, Just Shred", plus one dude with a truly ancient "Stratovarius - Sonata Arctica 2000" tour shirt and a beard of roughly the same vintage.

Also relevant, here's tonights armbandology: green is underage admission (no alcohol for you, buster!), yellow is general admission, purple is crew, blue is VIP, black (of course) is the band. As hired-on security, you get your purple all-access armbands in place and head in, wheeling in a heavy case of "sound equipment" with you. Still in the background, you manage to spot Sydney Barstow, the Sorceress herself, negotiating with the Gallerie's manager(?) - a dude with a little beard and a ponytail to go with his no-tie suit - about getting the whole show moved outside to accommodate everyone who's shown up. Negotiations concluded, she hurries backstage for the soundcheck, grabbing a thermos of chamomile tea on the way.

While Tim glances at a sign with a just-legally-distinct silhouette of Scrooge McDuck showing the way to Hans "Dagobert" Baumgarten's exhibition room, Alira nudges Mason.

"I walk the crowd, you go backstage?" she asks. "Feel like you'll stick out less back there."


While the others are off having fun at a concert, Blake has fun by himself with his computer.

Wait, that came out wrong. He's preparing the heist of K Group. Not whatever you were thinking. (Okay, maybe a little bit, those paperclips won't make themselves OR WILL THEY)

Finalizing conjectural floorplans, preparing spoofed RFID chips, going over SIGINT WiFi captures again, that kinda stuff. It's just when he's deep in the zone that the Fractal phone left by Tim activates. It doesn't ring, it just goes straight on, with Valentina deSilva(?)'s voice on the other end.

"Hello, Leonard Blake," she says. "I was waiting for a chance to speak to you alone. Do you have a moment?"