Intro and Opening Scenes

Admiral Duck Sauce 2013-05-01 14:01:27
Trojan wrestles his Beretta free from his jacket as the Hammer puts slugs into his former girlfriend and her father's bodyguard. They scramble, Dick scrambles, there's nothing but muzzleflash and recoil and noise for several frantic heartbeats. Trojan rolls behind one of the mossy old gravestones as rounds ping off the heavy marker.

"Your blowjobs are definitely better than your aim, Reiko!" he goads her.
Community Lotion 2013-05-01 14:07:57
Grunting, Hammer squeezes off a few rounds at Takematsu's goons, and runs for cover behind the coffin. "If you could shoot with your johnson, everyone here would be dead already" he yells at Trojan.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2013-05-02 09:01:14
"Dick Trojan never misses!" he shouts back, before missing with half a dozen quickly-aimed shots that chip marble and send bereaved bystanders running for cover.
Dieter 2013-05-08 13:21:06
The situation rapidly going downhill, Hammer runs for cover behind his squadcar with the robust Oddjob in (what amounts to) a slow-jog pursuit.

Reiko holds her ground, lighting up the squadcar as Hammer dives through the open back window.

Meanwhile, Hammer lands on the benchseat and finds his bat in the floorboards as nearly out of breath is Oddjob finally arrives at the car, and Hammer comes out swinging! Hammer batmans Oddjob with the vintage Louisville Slugger, grabbing his rapidly fading carcass as a human shield as Reiko's shots plug the portly manservant.

Shots fly in all directions as Dick takes his shot just as Reiko shoots at Hammer, the shot spinning her around, her aim moving to Dick as she empties the rest of her mag into Trojan as she falls to the ground, BLEEDING OUT in a bloody mess.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2013-05-08 14:00:44
"Uuuugggghhh..." moans Dick, lying on his back in the close-cropped green grass. He pulls his shirt open and winces as he slides his hand underneath the puckered and battered kevlar vest, rubbing bruised ribs with masochistic curiosity.

"AGGH" he manages louder as he finds at least one of Reiko's bullets had the audacity to miss his vest entirely. The bloody wound in his right shoulder only burns worse as he gets to his feet, wobbles, and trudges a few steps, leaning on a gravestone. He passes his pistol to his left hand and lets his right drop.

Trojan makes it over to where Reiko fell and half-heartedly nudges her weapon away, almost falling over with the effort. "Hey, so the good news is we're already at the cemetery. We can just toss you in on top of your brother."
Dieter 2013-05-08 14:26:54
Reiko reflexively reaches for the nudged-away pistol, flailing about and coming up with only a fist-full of grass as she coughs up an alarming amount of blood.

(grabs Dick's wrist with her bloody hand, looking at him in the eyes)

"This will only get worse for you. I *cough* was the...only thing that was going to keep you alive after this day. You and your partner are dead men." remarks Reiko, her head rolling to one side with one last gasp of air before dying.

Hammer drops the pin cushioned body of Oddjob, stumbling over to Trojan standing over the body of Reiko.

Admiral Duck Sauce 2013-05-08 14:51:26
"Yeah, well, you're a..." Dick trails off when he sees Reiko has expired and would be unable to benefit from his scathing comeback.

"I'm hungry. You wanna get a taco?" he asks Hammer.
Dieter 2013-05-08 15:43:29
Having spent the remainder of the day at the hospital, with intermittent interviews with the local news and Internal Affairs, Trojan and Hammer finally arrive at Tico's Taco Shack just in time for last call, the counter clerk turning over the SORRY, WE'RE CLOSED sign on the front door as the beleaguered line cook grumbles through the detectives' last-minute orders.

Dick and Hammer sit down at their table as the hiss and smell of grilled carnitas fills the tiny establishment.


Hammer smirks at his order number; Dick twisting off the cap on his beer, passing the cold bottle over his forehead before taking a long swig, thinking things can only go up from here.

"Number Sixty-Eight! Number Sixty-Nine!" shouts the line cook a few minutes, their orders already bagged for the employees' convenience.

The detectives grab their orders and begin to walk out as five asian men in dark suits and black costume masks enter the restaurant, the last pulling down the door shade and locking the deadbolt as his colleagues pull out shotguns and assorted other small arms.

"The late Mr. Takematsu says hello again, wide-eyes!" growls the lead gunman, racking his shotgun and firing....

....fade to black