It's Not My Fault

CrazyIvan 2004-10-26 01:46:57
Arnae does his best to hold the ship steady and the ramp as close to the shattered viewport as possible.
Dieter 2004-10-26 04:09:17

Quote: from Aihal the Silent on 7:04 pm on Oct. 25, 2004
As the new and more familiar noise of a starship engine greets his ears, Lent shouts "Is this your ride? Got room for one more?"

"Sure." Wayde says, as he goes to climb aboard.

(About-facing to Lent, pointing at him an accusative manner)

"But so help me, if you turn on us, I'll hunt you down and kill you and your friends and friends' pets and your friends' friends pets....Got it?"

(Turning back around to continue)

This poodoo ends here.
Admiral Duck Sauce 2004-10-27 15:36:22
Lent's big dark blur becomes slightly brighter as he and the others emerge from Greebu's building window and climb onto the Chance's gangplank. 'Za's the last one up, prodding Greebu along with a blaster. Beneath the ship, the Rancor roars in frustration before turning to look for another meal.

Greebu's hog-tied and belted into a seat as Arnae opens up the engines and takes the Second Chance skyward.


The grappling hook scrapes against the open hangar bay doors as Joss rappels down into the dimly lit space. She lands heavily on her injured leg but suppresses a cry of pain, instead crawling towards the silver shuttle parked in the hangar. A nexu's spade-shaped head appears silhouetted at the top of the hangar doors. Joss reaches the shuttle and with some blaster work manages to get the access hatch open as two nexu slink down the hangar walls.

The felinoid predators are joined by a third as Joss falls into the pilot's seat with a groan. Joss keys the engines, smirking at the ways she's going to wreak her vengeance once she gets out of this mess...

And a mynock, startled by the movement inside the ship and the predators outside, flaps skyward, frayed power cable still dangling from its mouth. The engines remain silent.

One of the nexu growls expectantly.